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    From a very reliable source.

    OT8 Greg Layton update: his wife, Jane Layton, is receiving care for stage 4 metastasized breast cancer and is actively seeking marijuana use. Otherwise, still drinking the kool aid.

    Let's hope she gets well.

    No dox, you'll have to take my word on it. :p
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    From a very good source: still in Andrea Jordan did the original OT VIII and used to be LRH's personal chef on the Freewinds. Still in as of a couple of years go
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    Jeannie Deva died of cancer in Jan. 2016.

    Wendy Ettricks is also deceased.
  7. A few OT VIII's I have info on:

    Deanne Macdonald (no space in last name) is still in. Here's her current work bio.

    Andrea Jordan did the original OT VIII and used to be LRH's personal chef on the Freewinds. Still in as of a couple of years ago. Her FB page:

    Jeffrey Avrin passed away He worked at Mace Kingsley Family Center as the ED up to the very end. (Sorry I couldn't find a better link. But I worked with him and confirmed this with people I know in Clearwater.)

    Lisa Johonnesson - long term relationship with Don Hood (who audited for Mace Kingsley forever) FB page:

    Doreen Smith - still in. She is not aka Doreen Gilman/Gillham. She doesn't have much of a web presence, but this is her page:
    Doreen is married to Greg Smith (Snr C/S at Mace Kingsley and also an OT VIII)

    Marcy Sargeant - needs to be added to the list. She's also the new ED of Mace-Kingsley since Jeff Avrin's death.

    Theo Grant - still in. Field auditor in CW. His FB page: Still has lots of very IN Scientologists on it.
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    Thanks holy tigger!

    For anyone posting: would add to quality if you can provide links for what you say. I will immediatly add that I do not always do that myself, which every now and then cannot be avoided

    Sherry Katz is an OT 8, not on the list. She departed the cult soon after OT 8
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    Jean Brasel also has cancer but per her fb page she is still alive.

    Elizabeth Barron died of a brain tumor (or complications therefrom) in 2001.

    Megan Shields is deceased.
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    Maggie Condon is out, on the big list

    Kathy Merier passed in 2015, Suzanna Sudalnick passed in around 2009.
  11. Tony Falcaro- not listed but IAS & still in ... Facebook page lists his employment as fundraiser for Church of Scientology
    Patricia Mooney - Tony Falcaro's wife....still in
    Yael Lir - still in , Facebook page show most friends are scientologists
    Michael Baybak - come on!!! Why is this whale missing??? Still in...obviously
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    Megan Shields passed'
    Rebecca Chambers passed
    Pat Huff passed
    Doc Roland (not listed ) passed

    Dave Gibbons listed as indie but that is not right
    Exilda Pearlman ditto

    Barbara Levine is out.

    George Seidler has passed.

    Karen Brackett has passed.
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    Fred King and Frederick King might be duplicate listings.

    Dick Eastin might be deceased. He used to be SO at AOLA in the 80's.

    Debbie Ward is listed with the last name of "Ward." Patrick Ward is her ex. She later married Patrick Murray and uses the name Debbie Kagan Murray, Kagan being her maiden name.

    Izzy Chait brain damaged due to a heart attack

    Mary Dolan and Meri Dolan may be duplicate listings for the same person.
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    Alas no one around (for a few years now) to update the google spreadsheet.
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    From Razzline, OT-VIIIs Richard and Lynn Ferry are selling their lodge property. I'm sure that the regs will be circling.

    http://www.therazzline . net/classifieds/a_300_acre_self_sustaining_homestead_lodge_retreat_adjacent_to_yosemite_for_sale.html (That price seems low. I wonder what the catch is besides access?)
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