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  1. This was requested to be logged and put up, by IRC user "TFW". I cleaned it up (dropped irrelevant discussion and join/quits) and made it a bit easier to read so it's not just WALLOFTEXT. :text:

    pastebin plaintext

    <BHX>  why are you here?
    <OT4life> BHX - I HATE Scientology and hate what it did to my mind. 
              I was starting to believe all that Scieno
              shit for the four years i was [at the Delphian School in Sheridan, OR]
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     <Delphian_Sheridan> nice channel, glad i found it
                    * Delphian_Sheridan is now known as OT4life
          <<OT4life>> Anyone else have the honor of attending one of the 
                      Delphian schools? I was lucky enough to go to
                      the Sheridan one for four years
          <<OT4life>> Anonymous is nothing but a bunch pot smoking hooligans. 
                      Hubbard was the worlds greatest humanitarian
          <<OT4life>> lol
          <<OT4life>> Prduction is the basis of morale
          <<OT4life>> start
          <<OT4life>> flunk for not starting
                  <-- OT4life has quit (Quit: )
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          <<OT4life>> taken down?
          <<OT4life>> Hubbards was the worlds greatest humanitarian
           <Exabite>  OT4life: awww... *hugs*
          <<OT4life>> I went to the Delphian School, Sheridan for 4 years
          <<OT4life>> what a joke that was
          <<OT4life>> Hubbard was a good man
          <<OT4life>> anyone know a link to the COngress tapes?
       <ANonHubbard>  OT4life: Pirate Bay has some
          <<OT4life>> ty
       <ANonHubbard>  OT4life: no problem  :)
          <<OT4life>> L Ron Hubbard was the world's greatest humanitarian
          <<OT4life>> fyi
          <<OT4life>> I dont like the Black Pr that is taking place here
      <anonsoulless>  GENE RAY IS GREATEST HUMAN
          <<OT4life>> ethics chits everyone
               <BHX>  LRH was a psychotic con man
           <tamphex>  And a ginga.
          <<OT4life>> l Ron hubbard was rich and you are poor; the man was a 
                      business god
          <<OT4life>> props to him
               <BHX>  I want see yoor OT Powerz
           <tamphex>  He was a blood nut.
               <BHX>  fry my komputers wit you brainz
           <tamphex>  And he couldn't pronounce "galaxy" correctly.
          <<OT4life>> he was a very good business man
          <<OT4life>> made a killing, ultimate capitalist
           <tamphex>  Ugh. You're a boring troll. At least make it worth our 
               <BHX>  he was a repressed homosexual, if he'd just come out of 
                      the closet and let DM suck his cock we'd be living in a
                      different world
          <<OT4life>> survival of the fittest. if your mind gets warped you 
                      deserve it
               <BHX>  seems your in the shallow end of the gene pool there 
           <tamphex>  LRH is dead. I'm alive. I believe I win.
           <tamphex>  Oh I'm sorry, excuse me, "dropped body"
          <<OT4life>> Scientology is obviously a con but the poor people that
                      work there are not the target
          <<OT4life>> it is the management
          <stuwyatt>  LRH is NOT DEAD... He is studying the higher level OT's
          <<OT4life>> the people that are paying for it are just the poor 
                      fuckers that got conned
           <tamphex>  Yes we know that, OT4.
          <stuwyatt>  It actually makes me smile everytime I see LRH's 
                      office at the org
           <tamphex>  But one can't exactly walk into the local org and 
                      calmly lead a person out into the sunshine.
       <ANonHubbard>  ...when you go in for your auditing YOU SPAI
          <stuwyatt>  They are collapsing under the weight of bridge pub 
                      boxes, and there is an office that is never used
                      with the best furniture lol
               <BHX>  the REAL target should be COB, that bastard needs a 
                      good old country ass whoopin
               <BHX>  in jail
               <BHX>  for life
          <stuwyatt>  cob?
               <BHX>  Miscavige, Charman Of the Board
               <TFW>  dm
          <stuwyatt>  ah right...
               <BHX>  we should give him a nice theme for July
      <anonsoulless>  Miscavige = Frank Sinatra 
      <anonsoulless>  Charmander of the Board 
          <<OT4life>> What ever happened to Mike Rinder? Did he get declared?
                    * stuwyatt thought up a really bad slogan "Mrs Miscavige,
                      why didn't you miscarriage?"....
          <<OT4life>> or did he just leave
               <BHX>  don't confuse The Frank with that bastard
          <stuwyatt>  but that would be too poor taste for a sign
               <BHX>  he routed out I think, rel quick like
          <<OT4life>> It is hard for me to believe that a high ranking member
                      could just leave like that
          <<OT4life>> without some kind of ramifications
               <BHX>  he has family in, so it's shutup or lose em
          <<OT4life>> he probably did something illegal and they were like 
                      get the fuck out
             <Never>  Haha
          <<OT4life>> ah, that makes sense then
          <<OT4life>> he probably signed a bunch of shit too
             <Never>  That's twisted genius, Stu.
          <<OT4life>> gag order
               <BHX>  something? he's was part of or knows every fucking 
                      nasty, fraudulent operation they've done in the
                      past 20 yrs...
          <<OT4life>> i know, but they only consider it illegal if they are 
                      about to get caught. my guess is he was in a
                      position to get caught and they let him go
               <BHX>  besides, nothing he couls sign would allow him to 
                      commit perjury if he's ever subpeoned
          <<OT4life>> I doubt he become disaffected. He probably had too much
                      heat on him
               <BHX>  I have no doubt he was offered the RPF or GTFO for the 
                      Panorama debacle...
          <<OT4life>> whatever happened to Hebrew Jentxch (the president of 
          <<OT4life>> not sure of the spelling
               <BHX>  MIA
          <<OT4life>> is he still alive - heard nothing about him
               <BHX>  probably in SP Hall or Hemet, chained to a fucking bed
          <<OT4life>> He was pretty fucking old 10 years ago
          <<OT4life>> he could have dropped his body
               <BHX>  lots of upper management scilons have simply 
                      disappeared off the face of the earth
          <<OT4life>> I went to the Delphian School Oregon for four years so 
                      i got a good idea how everythign worked
               <BHX>  there WILL be an accounting on that too
          <<OT4life>> Wasnt in a scientologist family
          <<OT4life>> but the school has all scientologist teachers
               <BHX>  c;mon, all you learned was Study Tech...
          <<OT4life>> BHX - To be totally honest the school and education was
                      really good
               <BHX>  you get a High School diploma there?
          <<OT4life>> I dont want to say whether i graduated or not as like 
                      10 people do a year and it will narrow it
                      down for the spies
               <BHX>  heh heh
          <<OT4life>> But it was a good school. The scientology was kept away
                      for the most part except for the study tech, ethics
          <<OT4life>> Which is mostly common sense but pretty harmless
          <<OT4life>> however, a lot of students go there and become 
          <<OT4life>> and it was quite a recruiting ground for the Sea Org
               <BHX>  it's all bullshit, you'd have been better off learning 
                      algebra or science or something USEFUL
               <TFW>  OT4life: can we have a conversation about this?
          <<OT4life>> BHX - the study tech was just used to learn ALgebra, 
                      and all subjects -they saw it as a tool to learn the 
          <<OT4life>> like i said, the education was a really good one. I was
                      an idiot when i went it, then came out, got 1400 SAT, 
                      got into the college I wanted. The Scientology was 
                      always what i thought was crap
          <<OT4life>> sure TFW
               <TFW>  I'm just finding the article I wanted to compare you 
               <TFW>  *to.
               <BHX>  my understanding is that a 'diploma' from ASI will NOT 
                      get you into ANY university...
          <<OT4life>> A lot of Hubbard fundemental stuff makes sense, ethics,
                      study tech, etc. But that is really the trap
          <<OT4life>> BHX - it is a Non Accredited school so the SAT played 
                      a BIG role into getting in
          <<OT4life>> but colleges still accept them
               <BHX>  would that be scilon 'ethics' or ethics as the rest of 
                      the world understands?
          <<OT4life>> I would suppose if your SATS sucked you would have a 
                      tough time at it
          <<OT4life>> They did apply conditions there if you did something 
               <TFW>  (a) do you know what wog training the teachers had in 
                      teaching? (b) would your teachers notice you yawning, 
                      and interpret that as an MU?
          <<OT4life>> you had to apply them that is
       <Lrononymous>  hubbards ethics makes sense?
          <<OT4life>> The teachers were supervisors (they had no wog 
                      training) they were trained in checksheets and the
                      study tech
               <BHX>  compare how the dictionary defines ethics and how LRH 
                      defines them, I believe you will see a MARKED 
               <TFW>  (c) how did sea org recruiters get to students? 
                      posters, assemblies, tables at lunchtimes, talks in
                      class, via teachers?
          <<OT4life>> and yes, they would see you yawn and give you a 
                      "checkout" looking for MUS and what not- there was
                      a big thing about looking up words
               <BHX>  let me as you a question OT4life...
               <TFW>  (b+) did you avoid yawning because of that?
          <<OT4life>> The Sea Org Recruiters would talk to students who's 
                      parents were Scientologist and had permission
                      to do so. They didnt approach the WOG kids
               <TFW>  when would they talk to them? lunchtime?
          <<OT4life>> TFW - def did a bunch of hidden yawning
               <BHX>  why are you here?
               <BHX>  it's an honest question
          <<OT4life>> TFW - they would generally speak to them off course 
                      hours. A lot of the kids that were being recruited 
                      were staff kids so they had easier access to them
          <<OT4life>> BHX - I HATE Scientology and hate what it did to my 
                      mind. I was starting to believe all that Scieno
                      shit for the four years i was there
          <<OT4life>> and then i found out it was all alie
          <<OT4life>> a lie
               <BHX>  good on ya mate
               <BHX>  and I'm sorry they fucked with ya
          <<OT4life>> I was fucked up for a few years after. For four years 
                      you think you have something and then it gets thrown 
                      out the window
               <TFW>  thanks, this is interesting. what would happen if you 
                      tried to engage in conversation with SO recruiters?
          <<OT4life>> it is tough to take
               <BHX>  I'm glad you saw behind the curtain
               <TFW>  OT4life: in Scientology, "parent's permission" is 
                      never informed consent, if you see what I mean :)
               <BHX>  all will be well, you have your mind back
          <<OT4life>> I am not sure what would happen if a WOG student 
                      tried to talk to a recruiter. To be honest, the
                      recruiting into Scientology was mostly done just 
                      from being around Scientologists. You hear the
                      lingo and that is how you start to pick it up
               <BHX>  how the hell did you end up there anyway?
          <<OT4life>> There was not much active recruiting. But you are 
                      a High School kid, you hear words, your study
                      tech is from this LRH guy, you ask questions
          <<OT4life>> and then you think it makes sense 
               <TFW>  ok. did any teachers mention homosexuality and/or 
                      psychiatry and/or drugs?
               <TFW>  or even psychology as they tend to confuse them ;)
          <<OT4life>> We had this book on Form 7, Called psychiatry the 
                      ultimate betrayal
               <TFW>  what's form 7, sorry
          <<OT4life>> but that was all there reall was about psychs besides 
                      what you heard around campus
          <<OT4life>> They have Forms instead of grades. You start in High 
                      School at Form 6 entry which gets you caught up to HS 
          <<OT4life>> then you do Form 6,7,8 
          <<OT4life>> after Form 8 you graduate
               <TFW>  ok... was this like a real tech checksheet? no leeway?
          <<OT4life>> ALL study was done via checksheet. We would read for 3 
                      hours in the morning (they had a reading program) and 
                      then you would do your checksheet after that
          <<OT4life>> which was math, english or whatever
          <<OT4life>> standard High School courses
               <TFW>  I don't understand. surely the checksheet is a mixture 
                      of reading assignments and work to be handed in
          <<OT4life>> the study tech was just used as a tool to assist you 
                      to learn the subjects
          <<OT4life>> sorry, let me explain
          <<OT4life>> They had a reading program which was 1000s of different
                      books you could choose from. As you advanced through 
                      the reading program you moved up levels. So once you 
                      got to form 7 you were reading harder books than 
                      form 6. 
          <<OT4life>> This was JUST the reading program
               <TFW>  ok
          <<OT4life>> the checksheets were just lists of steps to complete 
                      a specific cource
          <<OT4life>> so there was reading, demoing, drills, etc
          <<OT4life>> that you did in the checksheet for that specific 
               <TFW>  in the reading course, did you have the option of 
                      reading non-hubbard books?
               <TFW>  I mean
               <TFW>  did you have the option of reading hubbard books
               <TFW>  of course you could read non-hubbard books :)
          <<OT4life>> In the reading program there were NO hubbard books
          <<OT4life>> not even a Battlefield earth
               <TFW>  :O
          <<OT4life>> The only Hubbard stuff was the study tech which you 
                      did when you first got in 
          <<OT4life>> and if you did something bad they made you go to ethics
          <<OT4life>> which was you just did your conditions 
               <TFW>  OT4life: did you clay demo? did you word clear?
          <<OT4life>> yes, Clay demos were part of the checksheet for the 
                      different course
          <<OT4life>> s
          <<OT4life>> I probably did 1-2 a day
               <TFW>  what sort of thing did you demo :)
          <<OT4life>> World clearing was a constant as you had a dictionary 
                      by your side at all time and every word you didnt 
                      understand you had to look up
               <TFW>  just a few examples out of the thousands please, heh
               <BHX>  was it a REAL dictionary or a Co$ dictionary?
          <<OT4life>> shit, i dont even remember.. umm, ie, maybe you are 
                      doing a course of Car Repair and they would
                      make you clay demo an engine and its parts
          <<OT4life>> so you would make the parts of the engine out of clay 
                      and label them
               <TFW>  I was hoping for something sillier, something 
               <TFW>  would you clay demo "metaphor" or "dramatic irony"
          <<OT4life>> i see. ok, Manifestations of an MU
          <<OT4life>> so you would clay demo what would happen to a person 
                      that passed a MU 
          <<OT4life>> yawning, bent over, etc
          <<OT4life>> In my opinion the study tech was actually a helpful 
               <TFW>  OT4life: did you think the clay demos were helping you? 
                      and what do you think now?
          <<OT4life>> it was the more advanced shit that was weird
          <<OT4life>> that is what i am telling you, that is how they get you
          <<OT4life>> the lower stuff makes sense and some of it works
               <BHX>  it's a TARP
               <TFW>  just seems to me that clay demos are completely useless
          <<OT4life>> so you get sucked in, especially if you are in a 
                      boarding school with it around you
     <probablyjesus>  yea I always thought it was like that
     <probablyjesus>  TFW
     <probablyjesus>  they believe it though
     <probablyjesus>  so it works
               <TFW>  at least the way that they apply it to everything
     <probablyjesus>  placebo
               <TFW>  probablyjesus: I know
     <probablyjesus>  thats good enough
     <probablyjesus>  therapy is very similar
          <<OT4life>> The Clay Demos I thought were useless and a waste of 
               <BHX>  they are
          <<OT4life>> the amnifestations were fuckign retarded
               <TFW>  OT4life: did you tell them?
     <probablyjesus>  they actually do therapy sessions on you
     <probablyjesus>  and make you hold cans
               <BHX>  they're conditioning exercises
          <<OT4life>> but clearing your words as they called it was a 
                      good thing 
     <probablyjesus>  I think maybe holding cans help you focus
          <<OT4life>> no sessons
     <probablyjesus>  on answering the questions
     <probablyjesus>  because your not idle
               <BHX>  only if they are REAL words not scilon definitions 
                      of words
          <<OT4life>> the M9s were the fuckign worse though
     <probablyjesus>  ya they try to turn everyone into a snitch
          <<OT4life>> that is when you have to read aloud and if you 
                      stumble look for your word
               <TFW>  OT4life: how often did you method 9
     <probablyjesus>  they're the religion of snitchy tattle tales
     <probablyjesus>  TATTLE TALE
          <<OT4life>> it would take fucking like 3 days to go through 
                      2 chapters
     <probablyjesus>  they worship snitching
     <probablyjesus>  they're rats
               <BHX>  no girlz on the internetz
     <probablyjesus>  by faith
          <<OT4life>> M9 was like a punishment if you "just didnt get it"
     <probablyjesus>  lol
          <<OT4life>> i felt it was a punishment
     <probablyjesus>  just didn't get WAT?
          <<OT4life>> A concept. Let's say you just cant figure out the 
                      algebra problem. they make you fucking m9 this
                      the chapter you are having problem with
               <TFW>  OT4life: what were "conditions"?
               <BHX>  refuse and you're PTS  lol
               <BHX>  sec checks, rice an beans 
          <<OT4life>> The Scientologists are good people. The staff at 
                      the Delhian school were great and I felt i got a
                      great education. The problem is that (unintentional 
                      or intentional) you do get sucked into the
          <<OT4life>> just because you are around people that practice it 
                      even if not actively on the wog students
     <probablyjesus>  so when does it switch?
     <probablyjesus>  when does it go... good scientologist.... XENU 
                      OMG OSA WARRIOR
               <TFW>  OT4life: I'll repeat the auditing question. ;-) 
                      what were "conditions"?
          <<OT4life>> conditions were steps that hubbard setup to fix 
                      people's lifes. I forgot the series but it was
                      something like Enemy, Treason, Liability, Danger 
                      Emergency, Normal
               <TFW>  but what would you need to do to work up them?
          <<OT4life>> and you were always in one of those states but 
                      through conditions or steps you could move up to a
                      better one
          <<OT4life>> TFW: ie, if you were in Liability (one i seem to be 
                      in a lot) one of the steps was "make up the
                      damage done" which could insist of working extra on 
                      the weekends on work crew
          <<OT4life>> or some other kind of labor
          <<OT4life>> or project
               <TFW>  work crew?
          <<OT4life>> work crew was something everyone had to do every 
                      sunday for 3 hours, like dishes, lawn work, etc.
                      If you were in Liability you might have to do 6 
                      hours instead of 3
          <<OT4life>> it wasnt like some kind of RPF slave force or anything
               <TFW>  so it's a boarding school? (sorry I don't know 
                      the basics)
          <<OT4life>> TFW: The Sheridan Oregon one was a boarding school
          <<OT4life>> that was the one i went to
          <<OT4life>> al the rest of them are just day schools
               <TFW>  ok... the one called "enemy", who are you an enemy to? 
                      enemy of the school? enemy of the world?
          <<OT4life>> They all apply to the "group" that you did bad acts to
          <<OT4life>> because i was on campus and my life revolved around 
                      that campus my group was the school
          <<OT4life>> for the most part
          <<OT4life>> so you would be an enemy to the school group
               <TFW>  ok... that is something a modern society would never 
                      say to a person
               <TFW>  what was the event that, you think, prevented you 
                      from becoming a Scientologist? or would you say
                      that the reality distortion field was not strong 
                      enough to pull you in?
               <TFW>  I mean, how did you realise the truth
     <probablyjesus>  ot4life it almost sounds like there first goal is 
                      to make you think about yourself as a enemy of
           <tamphex>  I keep getting a visual that OT4life has a ghetto 
                      tattoo across the belly of LRH and in the tupac
                      font "The Bridge" above it.
               <TFW>  probablyjesus: that is their worst punishment, 
                      essentially. and you have a path back up to normal
     <probablyjesus>  ok when you say worst punishment
     <probablyjesus>  does that mean most people aren't going to have to go 
                      through that?
               <TFW>  ask OT4life 
     <probablyjesus>  OT4life
               <TFW>  OT4life: was anybody declared enemy?
     <probablyjesus>  return damnitz
               <TFW>  where did s/he go
               <TFW>  somebody who has logged this, please post OT4life's 
                      section on enturb
  2. rof Member

    Re: "OT4Life" IRC Chatlog

    What is the general idea of what we might be expecting to read about here?

    The iframe it goes in as code is fucked up.
  3. Re: "OT4Life" IRC Chatlog

    I'm not sure what the point is, myself, but it was requested in IRC and some other people might like reading about Delphian.

    What's wrong with the iFrame? It looks fine to me, other than the nuisance of a side-scroll bar, but that's what the plaintext link is for. If I use
  4. rof Member

    Re: "OT4Life" IRC Chatlog

    Oh. Yeah the side-scroll is kind of a killer. It'd almost work without the datestamp but still be too wide on my widescreen.

    So it's about the cult's Delphi schools where young culties harvest rocks.
  5. Re: "OT4Life" IRC Chatlog

    Alright, I removed the timestamp and split up the long lines, so it should all fit now :wink:
  6. rof Member

    Re: "OT4Life" IRC Chatlog

    Nice work. It fits now.

    This is a log that some snarky anons had with a "recovered" cultie.

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