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    Thanks for the sentiment. I am really, truly a Wall Street moneyfag. I know from corresponding back-channel with them that there are at least a handful of other people on Tony Ortega's blog that have worked in investment management (retail brokers, E-Trade, etc.), and they have enough industry knowledge that I would have absolutely been outed as a fraud by now given many of the detailed stories I have told about my career exploits had I made anything up. That hasn't happened.

    I am not one of the "usual suspects" since I am a "never-in" and hadn't actually met a real live Scientologist, either current or former, until Pooks's party a year ago. I am honored that some imagine me as another incarnation of WBM, since I would aspire to be all that is good and wise about him, but alas, I am not. For one thing, I lack the "B" that is an essential part of what makes him "WBM."

    I stumbled into Marty Rathbun's blog and then branched out when I was looking for background on a bizarre domestic cult that could become a terrorist organization, for a novel that I was working on in my spare time. I got hooked. The rest is history.

    As you might expect, though I have ridden on the corporate jets (and even done co-pilot duties including just about everything but the landing using my non-current single-engine IFR pilot's license as the basis for my mad cockpit skillz), I don't actually own one. An individual owning a jet personally is such a colossal waste of money that I would never do it, even if I had a spare $40 million I couldn't find a better use for. Flying is tedium no matter how big a private jet you own; I find it better to try to cut down on useless business trips than to increase the airborne comfort factor. I spent far too many years on the "Monday - London, Tuesday - Amsterdam, Wednesday - Munich, Thursday - Zurich, Friday - Luxembourg" sort of business trips. Private jets save time during the trip but they don't leave you any less brain dead from that kind of schedule when the wheels touch down back home.

    And I am a serial monogamist; I only date one supermodel at a time. You don't have to have some sort of telepathic super power over women to have dated the amazing people I've met. Manhattan is filled with stunningly beautiful women, many of whom have worked their way through school doing modeling, but who have gone on to earn multiple graduate degrees. Past relationships have included former models who are now surgeons, lawyers, psychiatrists, economists, and the like. There's a real imbalace in the ratio of really nice women versus the number of guys who are complete assholes; many women complain that all the good NYC men are married by 30 and move out to the suburbs; all that are left past 30 are the assholes who are unmarriageable. So all it takes to date supermodels with brains in NYC is a modicum of brains of your own, reasonable financial success (really successful women are relatively uninterested in guys who lead with their wallets), and to be relatively uninterested in external beauty. Smart women love being loved for their brains, even if (perhaps especially if) they are stunningly good looking. And since being a decent human being is all too rare on the island, Midwestern politeness and kindness among males, particularly among Wall Street moneyfags, is a surprisingly rare phenomenon. That makes Manhattan, as our favorite cult member said in one of his earlier movies, "a target-rich environment."

    Unfortunately, I didn't engage in a lot of clever thought before using a brutally obvious identity to start commenting on Tony's blog. I figured a couple comments would be a one-time thing, and never expected that I would acquire a sufficient following that "John P." would become a well-known handle. It's too late to change it now. Unfortunately, the SEC database of registered moneyfags is eminently searchable. There are far too many people named John whose last name starts with "P" that it's unlikely that OSA would pick up my name that way, but if it were to become known what "P" stands for, it's not terribly common and there are only a couple dozen potential suspects, and I've left enough hints in my postings that OSA could narrow it down quickly. I am absolutely not interested in OSA showing up at my office, and would feel equally bad if OSA showed up at the office of some innocent guy who they mistook for me. That's the reason for the interest in keeping my true ID under the radar.
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    Haven't you heard? They don't show up at people's offices anymore; they send dildos instead.
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  4. If the Scientologists were smarter, and had taken an ancient history course, they would claim that dildos are an integral component of their sacred rites. Like in the worship of Dionysus in 5th century Athens. Religious Tolerance for Dildos!
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    John P. ITT.

    There is plenty of woo at the Bunker; this is residual woo, as in, a lot of Now Outs and Not Martys still have a woo-ness about them, it's just Bunkerwoo, generally very positive and supportive, but woo. I have woo allergies, being a 2nd Gen not in with relatives in. Sometimes, I just search John P. for his illuminating commentary sans woo. There are others, and I still read the blog anyway.

    Thanks for the non-woo,

    signed Fanboi/fangrrl
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    Sometime I really miss a button for "LOL," or, as we simply had in the olden days, "Funny." You funny, JohnnyRUClear.
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    Lots of anons discard their sock every now and then and make new ones as a matter of precaution. You could too I guess, except you'd probably be too easy to pick out again by your style and field of expertise*.

    * Which I quite appreciate by the way.
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    Thank you for the concern. I may have mixed a few exploding mouse turds in with the bread crumbs here and there, especially if it were on details that could cause them to have to do a "boil the ocean" search to find me. Kind of like scambaiting the 419 scammers, as described here:
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    ^^ This is why we loff John P. Just Sayin.
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    Good one JohnnyRUC, I always appreciate a "Python" sketch.
  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Those guys kept me sane as a youth. My growing brain was growing uncomfortable with the world as I experienced it, and British humor gave it a pressure release valve.
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    Pfffstt. Repost from my dumbass posting of same but in the wrong thread.

    Hmmmm... a John P. novel.... what a novel idea!!
    Perhaps something along the lines of Rotstein's "Corrupt Practices", which is also supposedly based on scientology with a side of embezzlement thrown in? Of course, I haven't read this novel yet because, even though it was praised by critics, and should have become a bestseller it didn't, and thus it ain't available in my frickin' area.
    tl;dr: John P., please make sure your novel gets promoted / publicized to the hilt so I can get mah grubby li'l fingers on it.
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    LOLs at the pretend Anons falling over themselves in obseqious fawning to a representative of the bankster class.which rules their miserable lives.


    . . . you make me sick.
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    Many of us in the "bankster class" feel as ripped off and abused by The Man as the general population. I do all the thinking and the morons in upper management seem to claim a bigger percentage of the bonus pool every year, whether they actually did anything useful or not. A relatively smaller percentage of the financial services work force gets a higher percentage of the money every year.

    Incidentally, I have testified in trials of multiple investment industry fraudsters and played a (small, to be sure) role in winning them some rather lengthy jail terms. And I have been interviewed by the FBI and SEC as a potential witness in other investigations. It would delight me no end to see the enforcement budget of the SEC kicked up by an order of magnitude. You can't even begin to appreciate the corruption of Wall Street properly until you've worked there.
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  18. I love Warren Buffet, he cool
  19. John P. Member

    After a long explanation about valuing my privacy, I went ahead and started my own blog anyway. It's at I'm trying to build a community of like-minded sorts to do deeper analysis of news and trends related to the cult. Analysis is related to but is actually a very different thing than what Tony Ortega does so well with his news reporting work. I'd be a fool to try to compete with Tony in what he does better than anybody. My goal is to complement what's already out there.

    I started to think about my own blog to do an even better job in answering questions like "when will the cult finally collapse and what will accelerate its decline?" That is a classic analysis problem because the answer continually changes over time, so you have to keep updating your viewpoint. For example, I believe the rate of revenue decline in the cult will likely accelerate if the events business implodes, as it now appears to be doing. That's a trigger to update the "decline and collapse" document. I can't do that if I'm only reacting to news that Tony publishes. And in doing that kind of analysis, I'm making a prediction; that's the opposite of what a good news reporter is supposed to do. While Tony perhaps has an opinion on what will bring the cult down, it can guide his editorial choices, but he can't really say it.

    I'm also trying to help people with limited time to keep up with the world of the cult. I'm trying out a daily piece issued at night (US Eastern Time) that summarizes the news on the key Scientology-related sites, to reduce "tl;dr" problems -- lots of people have been complaining about how long it takes to wade through 2,000 comments on Tony's blog. Initially, I'm focusing on Tony's blog and Mike Rinder's site, with some attention to Marty Rathbun. I'd like to expand to look at the most interesting new discussions and comments on WWP and ESMB in the future if I can figure out how to do that, or if others would like to volunteer.

    In the last two years, I've written 600,000 words on Tony's blog. I actually used some Chrome debugger skillz to scrape the Disqus and Village Voice comment history, and some sed-fu and grep-fu skillz I learned long before some fraction of Anons were born to count up the words. I'd like to be able to showcase the in-depth writing I've done a little more effectively than getting buried in the avalanche of comments that now follow each article on Tony's site... last night there were over 2,000 comments. And I hate when stuff that I've worked hard to write gets lost in the avalanche.

    Lastly, my site is not about me. I really want to build a community around the idea of trying to predict what will happen in certain areas of the cult. That can be a contribution to the cause because people can take what makes sense to them and use it to sharpen their focus on what they can do. I understand a little bit about on-line communities given my work at understanding them in the process of investing in Red Hat and others. I've had lunch with Richard Stallman and Eben Moglen (the attorney who wrote the GPL) and I've had dinner with Linus himself on a few occasions. I also have worked closely with a lot of other open source types to understand the culture and the economics of that world, so I know what's possible when one can build a really interesting online community. So we'll see what happens there...

    I hope you'll at least take a look.


    --John P.
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  20. SPRTT Member

    Already visited. I was glad to know that others were finding the comments at the Bunker unwieldy (although I still read through them -- augh!)I am unlikely to post at JPC unless/until I have something of value to add. Just want to acknowledge, however, that you do have a committed reader.
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  26. Pictorial evidence needed to prove you don't bang the numerous Bunker fatties.
    This message by Oobyboo has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  27. I also hate it when my comments aren't liked to the top of the pile. So much in fact, I'm starting my own blog, where I talk about banging supermodels in between the many hours spent on the Bunker with the rest of the fucking shut-ins
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    12,000 People Trampled to Death at Flag Land Base!

    Posted on November 18, 2013 | 10 Comments
    Freedom Magazine Special Report:
    Fatal Stampede at Flag! 12,000 Scientologists trampled to death in the mad rush to get into the Super Power Building!
    Crowds estimated at 25,000,000 Scientologists swarm the new Flag Building during COB RTC David Miscavige’s speech to open the facility. Photo courtesy of Johnny Tank at the criminally suppressive Underground Bunker.
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  30. New Ultra Mark VIII E-Meter: 50,000x Better at Detecting SP’s than All Previous Meters!

    Posted on November 26, 2013 | 6 Comments
    “The new Ultra Mark VIII e-meter is 50,000x better at detecting hidden SP’s than all previous e-meters combined,” Church spokesman Ken Delusion proudly declared today during a special press conference at Flag Land Base.
    “This latest breakthrough technology in locating and shattering suppression is incredibly exciting news!” Delusion added.
    The new Hidden SP Detection Features are made by possible by state of the art technology embodied in the Ultra Mark VII:
    * Enhanced Paranoia Circuitry results in 10,000x more rockslams than before, thus allowing for early and precise detection of buried thought crimes.
    * Floating Needle Timer prevents floating needles of less than five minutes in duration from registering on the dial. In GAT II a floating needle is defined as, “the rhythmic swing of the needle persisting for at least five minutes.”
    Floating Needle Signal Lights: So that the auditor is not confused, a red light on the Mark VII will blink to indicate a potential F/N in progress. At the end of five minutes, a green light will turn on to confirm that an actual F/N occurred. This new technology eliminates auditor “guesswork” by replacing it the certainty of electronics.
    “In GAT II, an F/N has to be earned the hard way,” Delusion observed, “which is to say that the Scientologist must be suitably euphoric and out of case for at least five minutes — and this to an RTC video pass.”
    Finally, to make the Ultra Mark VIII e-meter auditing experience laser precise, COB has added an unprecedented new GAT II examination step:
    mri-lie-detector-1.jpg?w=240&h=193.jpg * Polygraph Verification of Sessions: Following all sessions at any Org in the Church of Scientology, Scientologists will be sent to outside polygraph experts retained by we in RTC. This polygraph exam is for our protection and yours. An extra fee applies for the polygraph exam.
    “A sec check on the meter then follows to ensure that the Scientologist had no withholds on the polygraph expert,” Delusion remarked.
    “COB insisted on this new ‘belt and suspenders’ approach in order to make the Church safer than ever before from hidden SP’s!”
    Thanks to COB, 100% standard auditing in the Church of Scientology will now be better than ever!
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  31. The man in the red circle is Gergard Waterkamp attending the memorial service of Karen's son. It appears that Karen and Gerhard are good buddies and perhaps they do control thetaburst together. Care to explain Karen?

    The man in the red circle is Gergard Waterkamp attending the memorial service of Karen's son. It appears that Karen and Gerhard are good buddies and perhaps they do control thetaburst together. Care to explain Karen?
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  34. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Can anything explain her?

    Can anything explain her?
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  35. thesneakster Member

    Wrong. A great many people showed up for the funeral service that had never even met Karen prior to that.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  36. 588

    Did she sell any Kinkade prints at the service?
  37. another drive-by posting my Indie OSA himself!
  38. thesneakster Member

    "Indie OSA" ? Alanzo, is that you ?

    At least I sign my right name to my posts.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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    "25,000,000 (25 million) Scientologists", 'eh?

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