Outed in Scilon video, arrested 3/15 in LA, Sean Carasov

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by kiyiyi2, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. kiyiyi2 Member

    Outed in Scilon video, arrested 3/15 in LA, Sean Carasov

    One of the people outed/namefagged in the pre-3/15 Scilon videos is someone who has posted on Enturbulation.

    The Scilons had tracked him down with private investigators, and have now put him through all kinds of bullshit. I can't help but think that the LA County Courts would (institutionally) be highly skeptical of their approach? Especially since the defamation of Sean's character/fair-gaming was the product of their research.

    The cops have evidently threatened him with potential federal anti-terrorism charges etc.

    I think he could use a good pro-bono attorney to help him with this. Any volunteers in the area, or know of anyone?

    This account is on ED, but it was written by the man himself.

    His Alleged Crimes

    At the 3/15 anti-Co$ demonstration in helLA he was arrested at 2pm after getting namefagged to the cops by Scilons. He was served with an arrest warrant for Code 422 (zOMG FELONY CRIMINAL THREATS) after a bawwwwwing Scilon showed pix from a Tuesday night protest were Sean was photographed flipping a placentafag the bird. In fear of his life, said placentafag called the whaaaaambulance. Sean was taken to N. Eastern Divison rather than downtown to Parker Center and central booking.

    There he was handed over to a detective from the LAPD Major Case Squad who produced a file on him which included pictures of him that predated the 2/10 raid. The detective then asked Sean the following questions:

    * What is the the nature of Anonymous?
    * What is the mission of PC?
    * What is Operation Freakout?
    * What is the CoS Fair Game policy?
    * Where did you get your head shaved?

    In the middle of questioning said detective produced a page from ED that contained an image of a gun and claims that Jews did 9/11, and a picture hacked from his photobucket then insinuated that the material was threatening. To this Sean responded: as a proper americunt, "I have a right to bear arms, my guns are licensed, and i also have the right to defend myself in my own home". She then returned him to the custody of LAPD officers who took him to Parker Center and booked him. He is currently out on 50,000 Canadian Rubles (jail don't take the Dollar now) and will be in court to answer the charges on April 9th.

    His Actual Crimes

    * Voted for Ralph Nader in 2000
    * Lieks Mudkip
    * Is a /b/tard
    * Once called his mum a homo and got hit with a shoe.
    * Took his mask off for 5 seconds to scratch his nose.
  2. anonEmouser Member

    Ouch. The picture of his guns cannot be taken well be the cops, and the fact that its California--LA at that--doesn't help him there either.

    I think his ultimate innocence will be upheld, but its interesting the mix of questions they asked.
  3. avatar2008 Member

    Plan of action anyone? ;_;
    Civil liberties groups need to know this shit is going down.

    Another reason to wear T-Shirt mask (aka T-shirt ninjas) underneath "V" mask.
    You can pick your nose bloody and no one would even know (sans blood stains)
  4. anon1957 Member

    I have a feeling that we are going to see some more of this. Obviously this guy had a fairly open internet identity for some many people do. And did/said something there were of "questionable taste." But we all have a right to be young and stupid...!

    And Co$ seems determined to find a few people to make examples of, for PR reasons and for intimidation purposes.

    One of the things which has bothered me, watching the yotube videos is how many people are so lax about hiding their identities. Some of these kids seem so young, and do not need to have their first jobs or college careers derailed by Co$. Even in places where there are no mask laws on the books, such as in NYC, there are plenty of creative ways to disquise your identity, with hats, big sunglasses, wigs, scarves, and fake mustaches which I do not see being used.

    I think we need to start up a "creative yet effective disquise" thread for the next protest.

    I also think we need to start a campaign to have an ACLU rep at as many protests as possible next month. They are already doing this in NYC, and it seems to have been effective and useful.
  5. Silent Member

    I am Sean Carasov. We all are.
  6. jeannie36832 Member

    I do think our younger Anons should be more vigilant. As an older Anon, I have not been too careful (no proxies), but think of all the juicy dirt they are going to dig up on this homeschooling mom in Redneck Central. If you have embarassing stuff, or just youthful pranks and stupidity, it will look 1000x worse plastered all over the evening news, so BE CAREFUL!

    edit: emabarassing=embarassing
  7. saerat2 Member

    No I am Sean Carasov
  8. anonymal Member

    I am Sean Carasov and so's my wife.
  9. hh123 Member

    I think the next protests need to be peppered with signs of "I am Sean Carasov" and "No, I AM Sean Carasov!" just to fuck with the Scienos
  10. Happy Cat Member

    Cops taking Encyclopedia Dramatica seriously? That's some fine work there, Lou.

    Did they seriously consider that wiki page as evidence of wrongdoing/malevolent intent? It's not as if it's a (strictly) factual or objective website at all. Wouldn't that be obvious to Joe Blow Public if he skimmed over the rest of the articles?
  11. dirk nimrod Member

    Young Anon here making sure my "public" accounts are secure. So far, so good-- but I'm being more vigilant with watching out for out-of-place PIs around my school.
  12. VeniVidiVici Member

    I am Sean Carasov
  13. anomnomnom1 Member

    Can it has be defense funds tiem?

    I want to know what he's being charged with. The way I'm reading this, he's being charged for putting that picture with the guns saying he'd defend himself. Might not have been the smartest move, but damn.. they killed his cat. He was under a lot of pressure.

    If that's what he's being charged with, then it is certainly defense fund tiem. They're trying to pick someone they see as seedy- having worked in porn and all that. They see him as a weak link or a chink in the armor. If that's the case I think it is definitely defense fund time.
  14. Hate to say it, but as I see it he asked for it by posting that image of two handguns and basically saying come get me Co$.

    I do think a decent lawyer will be able to get a plea deal or get him off entirely, since there was no real threat, as far as I can tell. There's also the chance that the state attorney's office will decide to drop the charges. Not every arrest goes to court.

    But I hope this will be a lesson to everyone to be smart and don't do stupid crap like that.
  15. Daywatch Member

    The big mistake wasn't posting that it was forgetting what a ruthless moonbat cult we're dealing with
  16. anomnomnom1 Member

    Dude. If this is true, they killed his cat. They came to his house and poisoned his cat. And his picture only said he would defend himself against intruders.

    If that's the threat he's being charged with, I'm behind him.

    Now if he's charged with making a bomb threat, and it's true, then yeah it's his own problem. But to me, this says that he would defend himself if they came to his house, which is his right.

    Also, he's been charged and is going to court on April 9th.
  17. True, that was very bad judgment as well.
  18. Wow, this guy needs help. If he goes to court, Anon needs to show to support him. But only if you can remain Anon.
  19. donttaxmebro Member

    He's not the only one they have solid pictures of. It won't be too long until they figure out my name and all the places they can come to bother me. However, unlike Sean, I haven't posted pictures of guns, don't own guns, don't promote violence, and have a clean record. I'm sure none of that will matter when the scilons start telling my neighbors I'm a religious bigot and anything else they want to make up.

    So, what are the suggestions for making it a most unpleasant attempt at harassment?
  20. Happy Cat Member

    Perhaps beating the Co$ to the punch by giving your neighbors the low-down would help. As well, they seem deathly allergic to ready cameras once they're out in the wog-world.
  21. hh123 Member

    He's being charged with "Criminal Threats"
  22. donttaxmebro Member

    I thought about handing out some fliers, and talking to each neighbor individually to address any concerns they may have. Along with telling them to alert the police upon any suspicious activity. I should probably get on that before the scilons figure it out.
  23. anomnomnom1 Member

    Yes I know, but for what? Is it for the picture saying he'd defend himself if they came to his house for him? Or is it for something else, like a phone call or something?
  24. adeathofcult Member

    Im asking the same thing... What threats?
  25. kiyiyi2 Member

    After they namefagged him on 3/13, he posted a photo of his guns, stating his constitutional right to defend himself in his home. Then on 3/15, he "flipped the bird" at one of them. That's all! 2+2 = 12!

  26. Tom Socrates Member

    Apparently, free speech doesn't cover rudeness or announcing one's intent to defend oneself in one's home.

    Downright infuriating.
  27. anonymal Member

    IANAL, but my defense would be "the only people who could reasonably consider that post a threat are members of the cult of scientology that intend on illegal trespassing in my home. I have the right to face my accuser. Bring forth the cultist that intend illegal trespass."
  28. The ACLU is there to protect your constitutional rights. Carasov did nothing wrong by stating that if scilons come to his house he'll kill them. Its not threatening because its:

    A) His property
    B) He has the right to bear arms
  29. Anonymous_Bus Member

    But the sad thig about the ACLU... they don't actually recognize the 2nd amendment in any way but as the states right to form the national guard.
  30. leroyjenkins Member

    Thank god that the supreme court just ruled that the second amendment is an individual right!!!
  31. a-non-lawyer Member

    The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the 2nd Amendment today -- they didn't rule. That said, it's pretty clear that they are going to decide that the 2nd Amendment is an individual, rather than collective, right. The question will be the extent to which governments can regulate it, how, and what sort of judicial scrutiny those regulations will get. The ruling in this case probably won't come down until the end of the current term.

    Anyway, that's not particularly relevant here. I'm assuming that he lawyered up, as he would need to do in the case of a criminal proceeding being initiated. Given the success that the CoS had with the criminal charges about the "Tom Cruise Missiles" thing, I'm not surprised that they managed to present information to prosecutors in this case that would convince them to take a look at it. The handgun thing could certainly be construed that way, I suppose. I think it's BS, personally, but that's just me.

    The ACLU might help out if there's a perceived infringement of speech. The 2nd Amendment doesn't really enter the picture, IMO.
  32. [IMG]

    He believes they killed his ferral cat also.
    He fed it dried food outside, and some ^8*&^*& put ammonia on it, apparently a hungry cat ignores this thinking it's another cats pee, but it kills them. The police apparently won't look into it as the cat was feral. Any legal advice on that?

  33. Daywatch Member

    Free Republic THAT way --------->

    stay on target
  34. Mister BS Member

    In all seriousness, if we want to Fight Club this man's name, why not distribute "Hello, my name is" nametags at each protest, and let Anons either write "Anonymous" or "Sean Carasov."

    Just make sure anyone adopting themselves as Sean are prepared to tell the story.

    ... well, and someone may want to contact Sean over whether or not he minds having Anon do this.
  35. JaneDoe Member

    Hopefully he'll have a lawyer who will ask the right question. Which is, of course, WHY did he feel he needed to defend himself with guns? What is so bad about Scientology that made him want to defend himself in that way? We all know the answer to this, and so does Sean.
  36. 1337_H4X Member

    the video has been removed from everywhere.. anyone have a copy?
  37. avatar2008 Member

    Would it be a good idea to appear outside court on 9th April to show support?
  38. Anonymews Member

    <3 for Sean and anybody else who they namefag.

    I do not think anybody will be able to get into the court house masked, however I think it would be a great gesture of support for one of our own if people can show up.

    In lieu of a full face mask, their are wigs, glasses, scarves, etc. If I could go I would, but I have other obligations. Wish I could though, because the people they namefag need our support!
  39. brvandal Member

    This only fuels my activism. How ridiculous is this? What the hell is the detective thinking taking this seriously? There is currently a fucking GANG WAR surge going on in L.A. Are they seriously taking time out from that to take in this guy?

    This is Why...
    We Are Forming
  40. Eh, since the questions listed by the OP are from ED, does anyone know what they actually asked him about?

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