Outrageous HSBC Settlement

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Dumbass report, I didn't get further than if you have ever been busted for drugs then this will piss you off!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, because that really worked first time around.
  4. cafanon Member

    I agree, and the Occupy Movement's incompetence is why the "too big to fail, too rich to prosecute" crowd will continue to do the shit they do. But just because Occupy fucked up a golden opportunity to push for reform doesn't mean the issues of undue private influence on lawmaking (ALEC & co.), campaign finance reform (Citizens United), and now the blatant disfunction of our justice system should be ignored.

    All I'm saying, these problems aren't going to be solved by themselves.
  5. cafanon Member

    I guess he was just trying to point to the idea that the so-called "War on Drugs" is a freaking joke when people are locked up for petty drug crimes but high level money laundering schemes that are vital to cartel operations are passed over.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but when did you last read a report that said "hey, if you have been busted for kiddie fiddling you won't believe this!"

    It's a stupid way to write a report.
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    Agreed, but the word occupy is now as popular as herpes.
  8. cafanon Member

    Dude, the very name "Occupy" seems so idiotic in retrospect... The very identity of the movement was cemented in a single tactic: the camp-in. So when time came for eviction, the movement couldn't adapt because it was not grounded firmly in a cause...but in the tactic that gave it attention. Hell, even something like "Occupy against Too Big to Fail, or Occupy for Campaign Reform" would have been infinitely better concepts.

    Its the same basic logic we all use when making signs, or fliers, or even writing the "hook" for an article about HSBC and the Drug War: if your message and purpose aren't obviously apparent, people are going to ask "what the fuck is this about?" endlessly like they did with OWS. Compare a Chanology sign that says "Fuck Scientology" with an Occupy "We are the 99%" sign. The later communicates nothing about what "Occupy" or "99%" mean wheras though the meaning of Chanology might not be obvious, you'd have to be pretty dense not to understand what it specifically opposes from the sign.

    I guess my point is, that Occupy while it was/is obviously poorly executed (and widely considered a joke), this article is case in point that the problems it attempted to address are in desperate need of addressing. Democracy hinges upon equality under the law, compromise that principle and democracy only devolves into oligarchy and become meaningless. If we can't (or should I say won't) hold the wealthiest and most influential accountable to our highest crimes, what kind of hipocracy does our justice system become?

    Thats my rant for the day anyway.
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