OUTRAGEOUS - Skeptic's blog DMCA'd by radical feminist "skeptics" to stifle criticism

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Won't happen, 'cause they'll stop reading at "Jesus."
  2. Anonymous Member

    ^Google "sense of humor."
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Because I have Asperger's Syndrome I am ridiculed and mocked when I don't get the "joke."
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Would you like a box of Kleenex, Anonymous?
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. grebe Member

    Just tell the skepchiks that you are really looking forward to the make-up sex after the fighting ends. Rar!
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  7. I made it to about the third or fourth post, and I hate them all. Because I'm a Bible Belt atheist, I feel the need to stay in the godless closet. Because I'm a Bible Belt atheist, I think the people in that thread should go fuck themselves, preferably gently, and with a chain saw.

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  8. I disagree. Skeptics should troll the fuck out of the superstitious if they so choose. They should just be smart about it. Even though he was an asshole, I miss Christopher Hitchens. I troll Christians and people who belong to the cult of Steve Jobs, may he rest in a hell I don't believe in.
  9. grebe Member

    But if they keep wasting time fighting over who is being mean among their little tribe, the Christians will not get properly trolled. That is why I am saying, let those hurt feelings go and move on.
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  10. In general, I'm in favor of everyone trolling everyone. Atheism Plus is great if you think the one thing the atheist community needed was high school cliques formed by bawwing and butthurt. I just think they're assholes who should kindly get over themselves. Dawkins is a dick who routinely behaves in a douchey manner. So what? Who cares?
  11. grebe Member

    I think the skeptics need to separate activism from friendship in a manner similar to what has happened with the Scientology critics. Otherwise the activism will be vulnerable to divide and conquer attacks.

    Skeptics in the pub for friendship. Some other place for activism.

    In the activism room when someone complains that people are being mean, everyone goes, "Good!" then moves on. If the person complains again, you send them over to Skeptics in the Pub for some hugs.
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