PAC RPF Floorplans

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  1. J. Swift Member

    PAC RPF Floorplans

    Note: Per Bea Kiddo, all bunks shown are three high. These are crowded RPF quarters with a lack of adequate toilets and showers.


  2. J. Swift Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans


  3. J. Swift Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans


  4. AnonyMAX Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Are these to scale?
  5. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    I thought Big Blue was V-shaped
  6. AYNonymous Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    But isn't this the RPF section only?
  7. Scythe Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    /r/ pics
  8. Hieronymous Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Are you asking if their rooms are 4" by 6"?
  9. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Aren't there laws against this kind of thing? I'm pretty sure if I rented out a room with bunks everywhere and stacked 3 high the council or some official would have a problem with it. Especially if I posted a guard at the door and made them do chores for me.
  10. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans an office building.
  11. QAnon Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    J., do you know the figure for designated number of inmates, broken down by male and female, and the number of urinals and commodes? There are OSHA regulations that state requirements, and a "church" isn't immune from those. Maybe OSHA could be a side route of attack against RPF that no one's considered. We can't get them on the slave labor and cruel and unusual punishment, but maybe we could nail them on the toilets...

    ...sorry, that sounds rude, doesn't it?
  12. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    is this on PAC grounds or off> exact address if possible, floor #s etc
  13. I Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    says it's in "big blue", and the reports from exes have mentioned an RPF being under there, IIRC.
  14. Bakebehe Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Quite honestly, what is the point of this? What use is this at all? No anonymous is gonna be breaking down doors to trapped members, and if the police want them or any other agency they can probably get far more detailed plans?
  15. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Looks like major fire hazard to me, I wonder what powers the local fire department has to inspect the premises.
  16. AnonyMAX Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    I'm asking if the drawing is to scale, like 1 inch = 1 foot or something to that effect. There is no key to show the scaling so I'm not sure. The reason I ask is so I can add approximate dimensions to the plans. If its to scale, I can estimate the size of the door and apply it to the rest of the structure.
  17. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    I can see several US national code violations based upon these plans. 1-Bathroom size and locations. Whether private church or not, national code requirements still stand. IBC, IPC plus any local regulations, would require a certain number of lavatories, water closets, and even shower in a "dorm" or even "classroom" situation based on occupance levels. 2-Paths of egress. The requirement is two paths of egress are required by IBC, IFC and ILSC. I see only one set of stairs and granted there is a part missing. Possibly another but there appears to be no 2nd path of egress on the basement level. 3-ADA problems. Yep, Disabilies act. No elevator, no handicap rated rooms, ramps, bathrooms with 5' turn radius, etc, etc. 4-possibly more infractions if I had a set of MEP drawings... (yes, I am engineering designer.... old gal... LOL)

    So.. this is just my observation for what it's worth. And yes, if we had official floorplans which should be available in public records of each city where they have a building, we probably could get them in serious trouble for breaking code.

    How could this effect the Co$?? Well, for one, if they do not meet 100% ADA, of course depending upon when they building was built, we could effectively cause them to shut down their building to bring the building up to code. Also, it would only take 1 person who had a physical disability (anyone know someone with a wheelchair, crutches, walker, etc?) to try to enter the building. If that person cannot enter the building with ease, that person can effectively SUE the owners of the building for failure to meet ADA (which is why the ADA was written in the 1st place... lawsuits). Hmmm wonderful laws. The owners of said building would have no recourse but to shut down and make the necessary changes. If they argue and state that it is a private building, it is still commercial (only single or double family units can get away from that... condos and apartment buildings fall under commercial regulation), and thus the person would have grounds to SUE on discrimination against one who is handicapped. Hey, america is a litgious country and so is the Co$. why not throw it back at em? All it takes is a lawyer who would work a pro bono case. Just think... hard to fight against federally mandated law in the area of discrimination... just need a set of permitted building plans, one disabled person, and a lawyer who wants to get really really rich.
  18. genxanon Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Also... City/State Regs might require them to have a hotel license.. There are beds there, and funds are exchanged.
  19. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Yes, genxanon, but that's if they pulled a permit under a hotel occupancy. Regardless if of the use, as long as they didn't pull a permit for a residential building (which is impossible being that residential is restricted to single and double occupancy homes) A certificate of occupancy is required as well just to open the doors to anyone, public or private. Also, all commercial buildings are required to have ongoing inspections for each discipline as well during the construction process. All of these documents are kept on public record (sorry OSA, can't hide that... that would be *gasp* illegal!). Meaning, one can see if such-and-such building has an offical certificate of occupancy and has the proper building plans and permits on record, as well as official record of all inspections needed to verify the building meets local, state and national codes, they could. All a matter of public record. (and yes.. that is true for all federal buildings, court houses, etc... just no security plans are on file... no no breaking into banks.. LOL).

    Now being that they claim to be a "church" they could possibly file this under "dormitory status"... kinda like universities. It would have to meet the IBC (International Building Code), IPC (International Plumbing Code), IMC (International Mechanical Code), etc, as well as any codes the AHJ required at the time of building. Also, in light of say.... renovations... like in Clearwater Florida, any changes to a building use, occupancy, or design that is equal to or more than 50% of the original building, is required by federal law to be brought up to the current code regulations. Thus if any building the CO$ purchases is renovated and they say, change the floor plan.... and the occupancy use (obviously that is fact) and just repaint the walls, yep.. the whole entire building must be brought up to code... simple way to check, if anyone goes into an org's bathroom, is there a counter mounted receptacle (powerplug)? Is it GFCI (ground fault current interrupter)? IOW, does it have a test/reset button on it? If not, chances are it breaks code and one can get electrocuted by it being near water (water+electricity = bad shit).

    So, just some info... if you guys want, I can check up on local codes, etc... that is if anyone wants to pursue this... otherwise, just and FYI kind of thing....

    Just trying to be helpful anyway that I can....Frankly, I think going the route of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is the way to go.... hard to fight against a disabled person... I wish I knew if there was a law/regulation like that in other countries. I can only speak for america. :( Feel free to let me know tho, if anyone does... I'd love to find out how other countries handle building regs/codes/etc.
  20. AnonLover Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    the ADA route would definitely have a bigger legality impact, but thats a hard reach to get underway since we would need a disabled person who cant access some area in the building they need access too, and whats the chances of their being a severaly disabled scilon in the first place?

    However, trivial lil code violations & inspections & upgrade expense that can possibly lead to the building being temporarily closed down means opportunities for RPF captives at the very least have a chance to get out that building and/or possibly get away. thats worth persuing in my opinion. and who knows what kind of other info could come up from a surprise building code violation inspection might happen to uncover. at the very least it uncovers tasty fruit for bad press, at the most it might create a neutral witness or two (inspectors) to first hand accounts of seeing punishment abuses caught in the act.

    one thing can lead to another to another - start small and possibly hit a landmine. i think real good potential for that here.
  21. vananon Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Operation: Blumpkin??
  22. J. Swift Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans


    1. There are 130+ people in this space.
    2. To the best of my knowledge, this space does violate LAFD codes.
    3. The space is inherently unhygienic due to overcrowding.
    4. A few pics of typically grungy PRF berthing are available at OCMB. I will search for them.
    5. PAC RPF berthing is one section of the very large "Big Blue" building.
    6. Drawings are to scale.
    7. QM = Quartermaster. There is a QM posted 24/7/365 in any RPF Berthing. This is a guard.
    8. This is a prison facility.

  23. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans


    Plus.. think of the possible money they would have to spend fixing the code violations.... empty out some org bank accounts... paying off inspectors isn't unheard of... BUT.. they are costly as well...

    I think of it as this, it's a win if they pay off the inspectors in order to avoid closing (yummy bad pr... which would of course get leaked out), a win if they even have to close for a day to appease inspectors (more empty rooms....*giggle*), a win if they have to shell out big money to hire engineers, architects, contractors to fix the code violations (redesigning a bathroom is harder than one thinks... rerouting plumbing, installing exhaust fans, lighting requirements,.. oh.. I am about to drool over the nice fee for this.. especially if it's more than just one building... ohhhhhhh)... and IF they find nothing, which I highly doubt looking at the floorplans here, they would get attention from the local AHJ.. which puts them on the radar... and THOSE guys have a god-complex! They'd be watching for ANY violation... increading fees, lots of phone calls, LOL and not to mention if a $ciolon opened their mouth the wrong way... the AHJ would have fun with the money they could rake in...

    I may not be able to attend protests, but dammit, this stuff I know! Finally, something I can help with! YES! If anyone gets a hold of the plans, etc, feel free to send them to me. I'll look them over and make a nice long letter about code violations (I have a copy of all the national codes and can get ahold of some local ones as well) to present to the local AHJ (authority having jurisdition). Might even pass them around to some architects to give their professional views as well. That way, we could get the local AHJs involved... and they HATE it when people sneak around and try to build stuff without paying fees for it...
  24. AnonLover Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    right on NachtOverdrive! and who's to say "pay offs" are as easy nowadays as they used to be with going 6months of spotlight attention the anons been shining on EVERYTHING to do with scientology. at the rate we are going, pretty soon its gonna be 'unamerican' to support it (or whatever nationality). that plus anon media & press connections increasing risk of getting caught... a good solid folder of documentation presented to both building code authorities & the press at near the same time by right person(s) could be awesome trickle-down WIN!
  25. anonymized Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Be sure to include some information on what floors, how to find the rooms etc, just in case they try to hide it *mysterious bookcase appearing in front of door*
  26. AnonMSW Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Surely this office building isn't zoned as residential??
  27. AnonyMAX Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Thanks. That helps alot. :flowers:
  28. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    No way in the world could it be.. but you would be surprized how many people try to build buildings like condos, apartment complexes and such as residential buildings. Codes states that any building used for more than double occupancy is a commercial building. Hotels - commercial, condominiums - commercial, apartment complexes - commercial, prisons - industrial/commercial (industrial codes actually do touch upon prison developments... odd but there it is), college campuses - commercial, duplex houses - residential, single family homes - residential.... you get my drift.
  29. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Yep, life safety code violations.. I would be asking if they have a fire sprinkler system, with fire alarm and fire pull stations at ever path of egress. Also, if they have a fire sprinkler system and/or a fire alarm system, where is their fire alarm panel? Where are the remote access panels. Also, where are the fire extinguishers? Plus, bathrooms. One lavatory and one water closet (sink and toilet in case you were curious) for the 1st 100 females. One lavatory, one water closet for males, with the option of substituting a urinal in the place of a water closet as long as no more than 50% of the water closets are urinals. So, bathrooms are important. Also, lighting levels, in classrooms, offices, and other small text reading rooms, lighting level shall be a min of 50 footcandles to max 70 footcandles. So... lighting levels are important. Plus, the factor of air conditioning, location of electrical outlets, grounding techniques. Ohh the grounding alone could be a good hit... depending if they hired someone outside to do it or relied on some poor sea org schmuck who knows nothing about grounding or bonding. Heh.. yeah... there's lots to look at... lots of areas of code violations. Like I said, from what I see, the major issue as it stands and not having any additional info, paths of egress and plumbing code violations are what stands outright. Plumbing codes, even going as far back as 20 years ago under the UBC, would be the lack of multi-use bathrooms (one for each gender per floor) and lack of water fountains on each floor. Those directly stand out like sore thumbs to me.
  30. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans


    oh, and just call me Nacht... everyone else does... :secret:

    Sorry if I ramble on too much but I feel like I can almost reach a big harpoon I can launch. I've done the emails and some postcards... but.... this is something I could really hit the target with! :yay: This is my area of expertise...
  31. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    What do we have to do to get the building codes and fire codes enforced in CoS buildings? Do we need photos from inside, testimony from people who were there recently, or is there something simpler?
  32. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Simpler. No need to enter the buildings. All building plans which include structural, architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire alarm/sprinkler are held on file at the local building departments. With these plans are permit forms, applications, inspection notes, notices of pass/fail inspections and certificate of occupancy.

    In order to get these, all one needs to do is contact the local building plan and review department (many have their office info on the net. :grin:). There may or may not be a fee involved. If there is a fee, it usually is not more than say 20 or 30 dollars. That's just to cover the copying of the paperwork and drawings plus the usual admin fee.

    After these plans are in hand, one can take them to ohhhh an engineering firm... to a NICET licenced person (one who specializes in fire alarm/sprinkler systems)... or even to an architect... any of these should be able to give expert view and also have on hand the big fat binders of the codes (or... you could just send me pdfs and I would be more than happy to do that work for ya).

    One the list per building of code violations is made, all one need do is type up a nice letter to the local building plan and review board with the list of infractions found. The local building plan and review board will review the list and compare to the plans. Then they will decide whether these violations warrant an investigation on their part. Usually, they do anyway cause it gets them something to actively do (plus looks good when dealing with beurocrats). Also, if any of the violations pose as a health or life safety risk, they will move faster in their investigation. They will just show up on the doorstep requesting a spot inspection. If denied entry, the inspector will note that and they will return to the P&R offices and go thru the plans far more closely, of course looking for any and all other possible violations. They would also be a bit pickier when inspecting....

    Then it's just a matter of waiting for the crap to hit the fan.
  33. GreyFox Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    With all the California anon's, someone should be able to do this. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  34. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Well, then we need someone to head to wherever public records for official floorplans of building in LA are kept and look them up, then get a copy if possible and send one to you to check for issues and fire harpoons to relevant authorities... LA decentralization is at So Cal Anonymous and I think they have the plans at building permit records
  35. QAnon Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    We need to go in multiple directions with this idea. Report them to the City of LA, Los Angeles County, the State of California, and OSHA for violations covered by their particular jurisdictions. They might be able to get rid of one of them, maybe two, but not all of them. Any kind of heat will be helpful to the people trapped in RPF. And violations of building and safety codes are not something they can BAWWWWWW "religious persecution" about.

    This plan is win. I wish that I was more up-to-date on the OSHA side of things. I'm going by when I used to do industrial hygiene operations in the military twenty years ago (which is why the bathroom situation came to mind with me immediately; that was something we were concerned about when doing barracks inspections). Fortunately, we've got some experienced Anons in that area.
  36. Anon123456 Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    great idea
  37. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Keep in mind.. this can be used at ALL $cilon buildings... not just Cali... altho granted the Clearwater ones would be hard to do since the Co$ has the legislators in their pockets.... But, NY, LA, Cali, anywhere... heck, I'd even look into those in Europe cause we all know in this industry in USA that Europe's standards and codes are 20 yrs ahead of us... IOW, if Co$ thinks one design fits all, they are sadly mistaken... the UK orgs would have to meet the code requirements there... which would please me to no end to see the plyorg closed for what they did to Stu.... my heart aches for what they did... Grrr...

    SO, we could target one at a time... thus giving the $cilons a chance to prep the other orgs... OR... we could do multiple ones at the same time.. a blitz if you will.....
  38. Anon123456 Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    ideally it would be multiple targets, we would need multiple architects and code professionals. what if we collected the plans and posted them to an architect forum and let them tear it apart? that way we would have multiple architects looking at them at once. use their third party analysis. just a thought. unless you wanna do it alone.
  39. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    *Edit* Truth to the post above, (you posted during my typing), and help is here, I also know of two other anons in this board that have engineering backgrounds / are currently employed in the field. */Edit*

    Well everyone keep in mind that those are draft/overview prints and not final blueprints. Given the full prints we could break them on electrical codes for sure as well (as overdrive mentioned) they are completely not ADA/UFAS compliant. Fire code surely seems likely as the number of access/escape points verses the occupancy is laughable. We need the long term maximum occupancy levels of that building. Give me the air/heating system specs and I'm sure it's underpowered (cheaper) for proper ventilation and air quality.

    I've drawn UFAS/HUD compliant housing prints for governmental contracts and am in the engineering field so most of this is memorized, wouldn't take long to critique. Of course Overdrive seems to have it handled as well but this shits fun for me so I hope you wouldn't mind help finding faults :p

    Any way any of you locals could request/upload some dox?

    Also: OSHA fines church for safety violations Agency says improper use of cords not related to woman's death

    Googled some shit and ran into that...precedent anyone?
  40. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    I like where this is going. Building/Fire code violations are very serious business, and it looks like the authorities don't kid around - A Multitude of Arrests for Fire Code Violations - City Room - Metro - New York Times Blog

    Davey, you'd better hope all your buildings are 100% compliant, real soon.

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