PAC RPF Floorplans

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by J. Swift, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    4th floor berthing at the Toronto org, anyone? Paging Canadanons to the white courtesy phone.
  2. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Well, I am all for other professionals looking over them. As I say at work, the more eyes that look at something, the more apt we are to find something we missed. Just sound review is all. Also, we should consider even the asbestos issue on the buildings as well... remember.. the federal government required all public places of assembly in america to remove asbestos insulation.. and a "church" is definitely one of them (that is if they want to be called a church, they should follow the church regs as well)... and yep, they didn't just use them on boats... If Co$ bought an old building, I doubt they renovated it correctly (thinking of all the buildings in Clearwater that they snatched up). I am sure they are in violation for u-listed approved insulation.
    I have access of most national codes going back to 1967... so... I think we can do something here.. just need the plans... need to check fire codes, life safety codes, something that shows wall sections... also, if they renovated more than 50% of he building (that could be interpreted by some building inspectors as repainting, installing new lighting and plumbing fixtures, recarpeting...) they could be in violation of not bringing the entire building up to code.

    OH, and GIS websites! Excellent loc for info on assessment values and when the last refurbish was... lots of jurisdictions like to put info like date of construction and date of purchase... kinda be interesting to see the taxman's view ofthe building's worth... be able to see what money is not being paid...

    So.. now is just the task o gathering the necessary info and working from there!
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    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    It might not meet building code. One can argue that if the facility is not a private home, and serves the public, that it must meet certain minimum standards. Among other things, packing lots of people into a small area is a fire hazard.
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    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Get a good look at the plans. Close your eyes. Imagine living in that space. Keep in mind the bed squares are bunks stacked three high. Imagine living cramped like you are on a submarine like that for weeks on end without the training to deal with it. Now imagine you are living that way as punishment and that you are brainfucked by LHR tech.

    Now do you see why it's important to know this? Just yet another stark remind of "This is why".
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  6. Ladybird Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Here is a description of exactly where in the big blue building the PAC RPF is located:

    The RPF Insider Newsletter #2

    Here is some information about how elderly and disabled people are treated in the RPF at PAC:

    The RPF Insider Newsletter #6

    Here is a thread about what some old guard did to try to get authorities involved in the fire code and occupancy violations:

    Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - RPF SITUATION

    Here is the entire RPF Insider Series, including information about the extreme fire hazard of thousands of paper folders being stored under the garage:

    The RPF Insider Newsletter #1
  7. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    :text:Well, what we need are the actual permitted plans of the building(s). Once we have that, we can go over the codes and verify/validate that these plans meet any/all building codes (that includes fire and life safety codes). We can talk about the cruelty of the living arrangements there all we want but until we go for the hardcore facts, it's just heresay. Those $cilons would just blah it away as a bunch of rumors and lies like they do with everything else. BUT, if we can get them on the code violations, bringing them up to the plans and inspections boards of each locality a Co$ building resides (and I am even talking about those like the regular orgs... not just rpf buildings), well... let's say epic win could be understatement if we do it right. :smile: Hard to argue something when the blueprints/blacklines show violations. Facts are facts.

    Also, idea just hit me and it hurt! I know this is the case for some local businesses around me. They like to remove things that are required by the NFPA and life safety codes because they don't like the look of em (fire extinguishers, electrical panel clearances, etc). So... if we had photos of missing fire alarm/fire safety/life safety equipment where there should be... well.. a red flag goes up and the fire marshal does surprize inspections... but we would need photos 1st... which is dangerous to say the least...

    Imagine, each org, every locale, everywhere in the world, having to shut down due to code violations. Imagine, every org having to shell out big bucks to "bring it up to present time" due to life safety and fire code violations. Yeah, this is like each org = freewinds, imho. Each one being closed due to renovations. Yep, I think big.... thinking small gets ya small stuff... I likem BIG!

    And just so you know, no, there is no way under any code, regulation or law that any $cilon can call any of their buildings a "residential" building. The definition of "residential" is pretty universal. Hotels are commercial. Condos are commercial. Apartment complexes are commercial. College dorms are commercial. BUT IF they try to make a case of it being residential, this is what they would have to do. 1-stop selling EVERYTHING in the building. 2-Kick EVERY MEMBER OUT of the building leaving up to and no more than 2 families. 3-Lock all doors prohibiting public access. 4-Give up ALL commercial parking to adjacent commerical buildings.... oh... LOL 5-PAY HEFTY TAXES for having a residential building in a commercial zone and back taxes for residential property taxes, etc... ohhhh and bills get bigger and bigger. So, safe to say, residential we don't have to worry about.

    So, I vote for focusing on the ILSC/IBC/NFPA codes on any/all Co$ buildings (and those local/national regulations for international buildings as well). I also vote for having a place for the shared plans to be open to a consensus of us to review and those who have access to the codes, verify and back up each violation we find. :headbang:
  8. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Doesn't have to be a scilon, it could be ANYBODY who has a legal reason to be in all parts of the building (ie, fire inspector, health inspector, building inspector, etc). If the general public has a right to enter due to their work, and can't, then you've got the ADA violation.

    Also, ADA can be checked without entering the building (certain number of parking spaces, ramps and paths into the building, electrically opening doors, etc.)

    Good way for a reporter to go: set up an inspector with a wheelchair, and have them do a random inspection...
  9. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Isn't there a code associated with the certificate of occupancy as to number of people allowed per square foot (max occupancy)?
  10. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

  11. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Actually, yes there is. It's covered within the IBC as well as the Life Safety codes plus possible addendums added per locality.

    The occupancy number defines the number of entrances, restroom facilities, whether or not a building shall be sprinklered and/or has a fire alarm system in place, among other items as well. This number would be on file and is required to be shown on the cover sheet of each permit set (along with all applicable codes the plans must meet).

    The certificate of occupancy is given once a building has had all the required inspections thus giving the owner(s) of the building the ability to open doors for business, so to speak.
  12. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    The point is using building inspectors, fire inspectors etc to go in and shut down the RPF because they are not following legal building/living codes.

    Frankly, I think it's one of the stronger cases if it can be proved.
  13. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    You go for it Nacht! I've been saying this one for months about the crumbling CoS building in Toronto. The city has already shut down most of their capacity for food due to the food regs.

    If the RPF can be shut down I believe the house of cards is going to tumble. It's the place Scilons fear the most. Take away the ability to abuse and you take away their ability to instill chronic fear.

    Plus, *all* their bldgs will begin to come under massive scrutiny if it hits the mainstream media.

    It may not be sexy but it IS effective. More than one non-profit has been shut down because they couldn't match building codes.
  14. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    My Take?

    Blitz--hit at least 5-10 at the same time. As it is, each city will be on a different schedule depending on how many inspectors, how much work they already have etc.

    Definetely hit RPF, Fort Harrison and INT base the hardest.

    When you do--simultaneously inform the mainstream media with the common faults in ALL the buildings. This may cause a snowball effect in other cities that have not been blitzed to send in the inspectors.

    Patience Anons, Patience. Set it up properly.

    If you can really pull this off Nacht it would be a WIN of epic proportions. Not sexy but extremely effective.
  15. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    To give you a glimpse at one of the target areas (why I keep saying Life Safety and NFPA LOL) for those who are unfamiliar with it. :wink:

    NFPA 101: Life Safety Code®
    Document Scope: 1.1.1 Title. NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code® shall be known as the Life Safety Code®, is cited as such, and shall be referred to herein as "this Code" or "the Code." 1.1.2* Danger to Life from Fire. The Code addresses those construction, protection, and occupancy features necessary to minimize danger to life from fire, including smoke, fumes, or panic. 1.1.3 Egress Facilities. The Code establishes minimum criteria for the design of egress facilities so as to allow prompt escape of occupants from buildings or, where desirable, into safe areas within buildings. 1.1.4 Other Fire-Related Considerations. The Code addresses other considerations that are essential to life safety in recognition of the fact that life safety is more than a matter of egress. The Code also addresses [protective features and systems, building services, operating features, maintenance activities, and other provisions in recognition of the fact that achieving an acceptable degree of life safety depends on additional safeguards to provide adequate egress time or protection for people exposed to fire. 1.1.5* Considerations Not Related to Fire.
    The Code also addresses other considerations that, while important in fire conditions, provide an ongoing benefit in other conditions of use, including non-fire emergencies. 1.1.6 Areas Not Addressed. The Code does not address the following: (1)* General fire prevention or building construction features that are normally a function of fire prevention codes and building codes (2) Prevention of injury incurred by an individual due to that individual's failure to use reasonable care (3) Preservation of property from loss by fire.

    NFPA = National Fire Protection Agency

    BTW, NFPA covers some parts of Canada (Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador have adopted the NFPA) as well, not sure about all of Canada tho. Simple google would pop those out. Also, I discovered the UK has the DDA Acts, Building Act 1984 (GAH, you english take ya merry time prosecuting breaches of this! 6 months to 2 years?!? WTF?!? sorry... read a bit of it....), and a wonderful site called planning portal. So, the UK has some good regs to read over that might give us something to use. Scotland has their own regs but from what I've seen thus far, they read like England/Wales regs. As for the EU countries, I haven't found much thus far but am diggin around to see what I can find....

    I know a lot of you just want to focus on the rpf camps but I still think that if we do address the violations on a global scale that perhaps we could hit Co$ big and not give them much time to hide the violations of other buildings. Kinda like trying to stop a shell game from occurring.
  16. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Well, I think we can do this, and you're abso-friggin-lutely correct, patience, timing is key! We'll need to bring in the pressfags to leak the right info to the right people when the time comes. But, first things first, the plans. Must have the permitted plans and then we can go forward. Reminds me of the old song, Step by step, slowly I turn LOL
    And, I agree, I cannot do this alone, as much as I may think I am wonder woman! LOL I think we need to do a coalition of engineer/archifags to bond and work at this. Now, if I had some permit plans, I would LUV to jump right in and start disecting these buildings.... all I got to do right now is get my LEED AP, watch youtube vids, send off a few more postcards and blog-fest some $cilons (which I admit, sometimes it's fun to go toe-to-toe with them... their logic is sooo skewed).
  17. SciFITOlogy Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    QFT and plans plox
  18. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    So can we check to see how many "occupants" the Co$ listed on their Certificate of Occupancy for the PAC RPF?
  19. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Actually, that all depends upon what they put on the plans. Once we have the paperwork, we'll know more. :)
  20. Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    quoting myself for DO IT!!! you can ask by fax and have them send them to you when you find them. If I had a fax machine I\'d do it.
  21. AnonLover Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    sounds like we need a wiki set up & going like done with the Academics Anonymous project.

    especially if we go after a several locations at once. i was originally liking the thought of one at time better, just for concentrating on the RPF centers one at a time to ensure a significant hit. but hell if we organize things well, we can tackle several at once.

    I've never personally used one of these wetpaint wiki sites before, but it looks simple enough and i have setup & documented high-end tech shit in a wiki since long before they were even popular. So Nacht, if you like this thought of organizing things on a wiki I'd be happy to do the majority of the grunt work for you this coming weekend as far initial setup / basic organizing to get ya off and running. (unless some wetpaint-savvy anon gots free time to do it before then instead, my work is abit busy at the moment to do more than just get failiar w/ wetpaint before saturday) i'll just need some input from you/others of course to make sure i get all the angles covered for a simple fill-in-blank data collection kind of thing.

    but once we got it organized & a list of target locations + list of dox needed on each building, oughta be easy enough to start a new thread here on enturb under "current projects" to enlist help for public records dox collection & get the initial info gathering steps on several locations done quickly. then all the code enforcing & architecure smart anons can have at it.

    heh... operation jericho stealth? anon is spying around your fortresses & exploiting the cracks :fuckyou:
  22. AnonLover Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Nacht & I have taken this to private discussion and were all over it. New wetpaint wiki setup is underway and we've dubbed it "Operation Safezone". unlike the Academics Anonymous wiki, we opted to make this one private - only viewable by invite only, so that we can proceed further with gathering information & whatnot in stealth mode - safe from prying scilon eyes.

    Once we get the initial wiki setup done and our ducks in a row, we'll post a summary for Operation Safezone in current projects forum and properly announce it with a link back to this thread in a couple days.

    In the meanwhile, we've invited a few folks who made significant contributions to this thread to come join us awhile (chk your PMs). Once we get the announcement thread in current projects forum posted, we'll ask for more interested parties to contact one of us privately for wiki access if their interested in participating in follow thru on stuff we've discussed above. but noobs beware - there's alot of significant impact that can be done here, so we're likely to have our tinfoil hats on for anyone asking for access that can't easily be verified or vouched for as definite-anon.

    so stay tuned to current projects for more details - and plz let this thread die and get buried, anything of importance will be relayed over to our new Safezone Anonymous wiki and followed up on there.
  23. ReadPHNX Member

    Re: PAC RPF Floorplans

    Ok, St. Louis is in on this. Just posted a thread and I'm going to see if any one a little closer to the org can get down to the records building this week. If not, I will try and do it next week.

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