Palin link to Scientology?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kilia, May 27, 2011.

  1. Kilia Member

    I found it no surprise that Frank Bailey author of-"Blind Allegiance", " inner-circle confidante who shares surprising information about how Sarah dealt with staff and perceived “enemies,” and the discrepancy between what she said and what she did would say this about her" so Scientology! Looks like she learned alot from her friend, Greta and hubby.

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  2. subgenius Member

    Wonder if he mentions $cientology in the book.
  3. Nick_Nolte Member

  4. Nah Just idiots enjoy company.
  5. Kilia Member

    New book.......have a great weekend. ;-)
  6. subgenius Member

    Oxy moron.
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  7. frenobulax Member

    She's movin down here to az so she can keep an eye on mexico from her back yard lol!
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  8. Kilia Member

    Have you seen the "house" she bought?? Almost like the one in Wasilla except for the cement pond.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    havn't seen any of her houses . how many dos she have?
  10. frenobulax Member

    her old old running mate has a buncha houses out here in the desert!
  11. I just hope she doesn't start paling around with Sharon Angle....
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  12. Kilia Member

    Four, that I know of.
    Three in AK and one in Arizona.
  13. Smurf Member

  14. SwordofTruth Member

    Sarah Palin the unintentional troll.
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  15. Boris Korczak Member

    Regardless if Sarah Palin is or in't a scientologist she should be treated as if she is.
    Her stands on personal freedom is exactly as acientology's and only the idiots would treat her seriously.
    The lack of the most brain gray cells she exhibits could be the indication that she was brainwashed or that she was just born with minimal number of them.
    Stay safe.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    She was hanging out with Coales and Van suck ass a while back
    Coales really liked this broad and showed it
  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. xenubarb Member

    LOL...stupid bitch makes hay on AZ shooting of Congresswoman Gifford, then moves there.

    I'd say that's a really good first step. Fills me with hope.
  19. I'm still praying on my knees she doesn't decide that she wants Sharon Angle as her BFF. :(
  20. Anon_1HG Member

    Exactly? Sounds like a strech on your part TBH. Please to elaborate

    Goes without saying
  21. subgenius Member

    fify ftw
  22. why would you say that?!?!
    Its like rooting for the puppy kicker! :(
  23. frenobulax Member

    Yeah maybe she pissed off the wrong person or persons ha!
  24. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Sarah Palin dance around this topic makes me feel like how Sheldon Cooper would feel like if he were stuck in the middle of the Special Olympics: Infuriating yet full of LULZ because you know what the answer is and how bad it will end.
  25. frenobulax Member

    Well i go to work av 40 hrs wk and i hav a little hovel in az that we live in. I would but they probly wont let me close to her property line
  26. then tell the bitch to keep away from Sharon Angle and Nevada. kaythxbai
  27. SwordofTruth Member

    Palin turned up at a motorbiking chapter this week and tried to Hog the spotlight and before hand told news this chapter supported her. They as good as told her to fuck off and she wasn't getting a chance to speak on their stage to around 500,000 people, quite amusing.
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  28. subgenius Member

    the worse the better
    hoisted on one's own petard
    (give 'em enough rope)
    also when they clump together they are easier to keep track of
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  29. subgenius Member

    iirc similar thing with mccain at a biker rally
    iirc he actually offered his wife up to the crowd
  30. Boris Korczak Member

  31. subgenius Member

    she is a figure of disdain among Republicans who want to win the white house and know she cannot win, and have one brain cell left that tells them she has none
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  32. subgenius Member

  33. SwordofTruth Member

    In interviews where Ron Paul gets asked about Palin and the tea party, you can see part of him die and facepalm everytime "ohhh ffs she hijacked the movement and derailed it with idiots"
  34. subgenius Member

    "the movement" lacks a definition sufficient to prevent this
    so what has ron paul done to fight the palinistas......he uses the same idiots when they support him.....he is, as "they" all are, being hoisted upon his own petard, because at the core the tech is fail
    bumper sticker philosophy
  35. subgenius Member

    Just because Ron Paul and his cunt of a son, say some things that are true (and Ron has made some devastatingly clear statements, but then, so do a lot of buttholes, not to say RP is a butthole, althought, like us all, he has one, and it stinks, too), doesn't make everything they say, gospel (paging Dr. Kevorkian).
    nor does it make their fail philosophy valid.
    cherry picking....hearing what we want to hear
    its 2011, no?
  36. Kilia Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    That's all I needed to hear

    *walks out of thread*
  38. Kilia Member

    Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!
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  39. Smurf Member

    I suspect that Palin is plotting, with all her newfound fame & fortune, that she's planning to move to Arizona fulltime and keep a cabin in Alaska, so not to entirely burn her bridges there.
  40. Kilia Member

    I feel it's more like Arizona is just her winter home. I may be wrong, but on the other hand, Palin DOES have alot up her sleeves. I feel so sorry for her minions here in the USA who contributed their hard-earned money so she could buy those massive houses and strut around like her shit don't stink. the world out there..her friendliness is all phony. trufax.

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