Panama papers and Scientology completions

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, May 19, 2016.

  1. TrevAnon Member

    Recently the Sunday times has put a file on the net with all the names that come up in the Panama Papers.
    I have checked these names against completions. Now that in itself doesn't prove ANYTHING. If there is a John Doe in completions, and there is a John Doe in the Panama papers, that in itself in no way proves these are one and the same person.
    Ok... and now I think you have already guessed that for some of the names in the Panama Papers I have found that exactly the same names are also in completions!
    Enclosed you find a file with the original lines from the Sunday Times file for only the names that I also found in completions.
    IMPORTANT: this is the result of an automated process using "vertical search" with EXACT comparison. That also is the reason why it is a small file. There are over 500,000 lines in the Sunday Times file, here I have only 571. A LOT of the entries in the Sunday Times file have "baptism names" (do not know the right English word), and completions only have first and last name.
    So it's a long stretch, you should be aware of that. However: finding a needle in a haystack while not knowing if there is a needle at all is much harder than finding a needle in - say - a bucket full of hay.
    Here goes for all you fellow researchers out there.

    P.S. There also was a George Allen with > 10000 lines, who is also in completions. I deleted him to have a manageable file.

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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Having spent quite some times compiling completion lists from the "Truth about scientology", I can tell that there are many duplicates there, with minor changes (nicknames, spelling).

    Having said that, there will be interesting to have a closer look on the list.
  3. Quentinanon Member

    Very unusual names are less likely to be false positives, of course.
    I would look for names of scientology whales and those on OT level completion lists as most important.
  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Well... there is birth name, "Christian name", legal name, maiden name...?
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  5. TrevAnon Member


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