Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

Discussion in 'Media' started by tamphex, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. tamphex Member

    Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    The Clambake Parlour

    In Australia there exists a popular chain of pancake “restaurants” named The Pancake Parlour.[/url:86tyb1ib]

    At many of these restaurants, you will find a notice board and a rack of pamphlets, flyers and local newspapers at the entrance or near the cash registers.

    Amongst the various ads and general news, you will almost always find pamphlets advertising for drug and alcohol counseling, mental illness therapy, student services of various kinds, and of course the ubiquitous “Free Stress Test” spam.

    These services are all thinly-veiled fronts for the Church of Scientology, through “orgs” such as Narcanon. The same advertisements can be found in any well-stocked Dianetics office.

    The restaurants are often located within the same city block - sometimes within the same building - as a Dianetics center or a Church of Scientology.

    There is a good reason for this: The Pancake Parlour was established by one of Australia’s leading Scientologists, and is obviously a business front for their pyramid schemes.

    Some ex-employees of the Pancake Parlour have claimed that the only way to get a promotion or become a manager is to join the Church.

    The history of the Pancake Parlour, its founders and their background with the Church of Scientology was once found on the
    Pancake Parlour wikipedia page[/url:86tyb1ib], but has been removed in the last two years. The current entry has almost no information, despite the chain being the most well known pancake chain in Australia.

    23:54, 21 October 2005[/url:86tyb1ib] LovelyLadyPP[/url:86tyb1ib] (Talk[/url:86tyb1ib] |contribs[/url:86tyb1ib]) (Add logo. Didn’t this article used to have more stuff in it?)

    October 2005… that is interesting…

    A check of the mirror for this page shows no entry before December 2005*/[/url:86tyb1ib]


    A google search for “pancake parlour and scientology” shows numerous keyword-stuffing entries on random blogs

    There are still some snippets of info to be found:

    The Original Pancake Kitchen:[/url:86tyb1ib]

    Roger Meadmore[/url:86tyb1ib] is featured in the Truth About Scientology[/url:86tyb1ib] WISE Directory, along with Alan Trachsel[/url:86tyb1ib]

    From the Who’s Who at[/url:86tyb1ib]

    A quick google search shows that most of the people named above are listed in the databases at Truth About Scientology:

    Gerhard Wittwer[/url:86tyb1ib]

    Helen Trachsel[/url:86tyb1ib]

    Samantha Meadmore[/url:86tyb1ib]

    Starting to see a pattern emerging here?

    Thanks to
  2. Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    ...yet another good reason to go to IHOP.

    The CoS really does have its fingers in every pie. And that disgusts me.
  3. raysubtle Member

    Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    Quick! Rally for a boycott! Who knows? They might be adding Sci-flour to their 'cakes. :}
    Otherwise, interesting "news". And of course, let it be known, IHOP has the best pancakes.
  4. tamphex Member

    Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    Damn, hadn't realized I hit submit before the article was completed. Ah well, it's all there now.
  5. ZoSo Member

    Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    Great post, there are so many front organizations it's unbelievable.

    Looking forward to what the aussie anons come up with in regards to these places. Since they are discriminating based on "religion" there should be some government organization that can be alerted.
  6. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    Tamphex, it's okay. I make my own damned pancakes. ;) (And they're the best you'll ever taste, too! I'm a pancake WIZARD!) OOOOO :arrow: :tom: (That's pancakes going into Tom's yapper) They're Entheta Pikelets!

    (I've had no sleep, I'm in a friggin' weird mood...)
  7. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    /r/ Poster. This is lulzy.
  8. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    I am making protest pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.
  9. Aik Member

    Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    I nearly screamed and screamed and screamed - but then realised that Brisbane has The Pancake Manor, not the Pancake Parlour. While I'm not 100% sure that they're not one and the same, googling doesn't give me anything. Their logo is suspiciously similar though.

    Will check to see if they have scifag propaganda next time I'm in the city though.
  10. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    Hey Tamphex, good hunting. This vid is related...and funny! Enjoy! [youtube:21l5c6i1][/youtube:21l5c6i1]
  11. Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but to me it sort of looks like a group of Scientologists are selling pancakes... And successfully.

    Are there any indications to actual links with the Church beyond the managers being members or any wrong doings? Unless evil is afoot then I'd feel just as safe with the delicious pancake shops remaining unharmed...
  12. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    That's how all CoS fronts start as: semi-legitimate businesses. Semi because becoming management carries Scientology faith as prerequisite. They also act as money laundering fronts. Remember CoS is mafia sans perks.
  13. Re: Pancake Palour CoS managed & operated.

    If anyone can grab proof of that then it's boycotting time... Though I don't think I have the funds to go to Aus just to not eat some pan cakes. Discrimination due to religion is very definitely something to campaign about and inform the public (and the trading standards) about.

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