Paris 30th April - International Raid Post Game

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Magnonymous, May 1, 2011.

  1. Magnonymous Member

    Where to start? I'm wiped. Two 9-10 hour coach journeys in a day was, I think, the only bad part of the last 48 hours. Please do forgive me if this isn't the best post-game intro ever, I only got home about 45 minutes ago.

    So onto the awesomeness.

    Firstly thanks to Clem, Novu, Profanity and CF for making the coach journeys tolerable. Been really cool getting to know you guys a bit better over the last couple of days. Somehow I don't think it'd have gone so smoothly without all you guys putting in your resourcefulness to get us around places. Also, thanks for taking loads of cool pics to make up for my lack of camera.

    Secondly, thanks to all you frenchfagz for being so welcoming and hospitable, for looking after us UK fagz (and others, some from germany and stuffs too) and making sure (or trying) we didn't get lost or wander off down any dark alleyways without you. Also a special thanks to Viceaux for meeting us at the coa...oh wait, he didn't (no worries bro, it's cool). ;P

    Thirdly, thanks to everyone who showed up. Was really cool to see people from different countries piling into the one raid and great to meet and chat to Anons from all over. All of you helped make this 30th April one of the best I've ever had...and I'm pretty sure that goes for the other UK fagz too. Although "Remember, remember the 30th of April" lacks a certain something...

    Last, but far from least, a special thanks to Nono for making the effort to be there despite having other commitments. Was truly great to meet you and that bat mask is going to be staying with me for a long time. I'll make sure it gets good use on UK raids.

    I'm sure I've missed a load of shit out that I should have said, so apologies to anyone who feels slighted for that. Everyone who was there helped make it epically awesome in every way possible. It was really cool meeting and chatting to so many of you and experiencing all the different lolz with you guys. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the photos and videos from the raid. So please, get posting!! XD
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  2. cfanon Member

    Oh man, I'm so sore. But truly epic lulz were had.

    Things to explain when I finally get home (had to take a different route than planned):

    Attack of the baked beans tins
    Finding that the cake is not a lie
    What's under an anons mask (video of frenchfag)
    The OSAbuster / megatron (we haven't decided on the name yet)
    Epic badges and pens by the French anons / nono

    And much much more...
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  3. Profanity Member

    Sleeping in McDonalds. We are such classy bitches.

    I'll elaborate moar when I get home. We were given a new train route as the tracks were being repaired, turning a 2 hour journey into a 6+ one. Also haven't seen a proper bed since Friday, so passing out on an overload of comfort is likely.

    Raid was amazing, though. Worth the price, discomfort, waiting around, and lack of sleep~ :)
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  4. Anonymous Member

    *waits for epic*
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  5. Profanity Member

    I'd also like to add cfanon keeps falling asleep sitting upright and swaying with the motion of the train. I'm tempted to push him. :D
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  6. Rheinländer Member

    Hai crazy frogs and brits and so on, I'a am back from morpheus and will bring pics as fast as I can. Thanks for this funny raid and all this lulz.
    And for OSA: Why you don't smile? You are on the bridge to happiness! *rofl*
    And: Eggs for the pan and not for the car. Stupids.
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  7. Rheinländer Member

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  8. BLiP Member

    Merci mon ami - excellent!!
  9. Perikles Member


    I await moar pictures.

    Glad to see you guys had a blast. Sorry to Trap that I pulled out at the last minute [lol], wasn't feeling the best.
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  10. Magnonymous Member

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  11. Magnonymous Member

    Damn, I thought my dance-offs were pretty awesome, but seeing those photos Nono could teach me a few things!! XD
  12. subgenius Member

    you glorious bastards
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  13. Thanks everybody for coming to Paris. I will go to London for one operation in june.
    Sorry i was not perfectly prepared my fake hairs was not dry when i came to paris so i didn't bring it.
    next time we will be more organised
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  14. Well done guys. Good to see the new-ish-fags stepping up and bringing the lulz :)

    @ Frenchfags: Sorry I couldn't be there this time, but thanks for looking after my /b/rethren

    @Nono: Keep fighting, mon ami!
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  15. too bad :(

    but see you soon, you are Welcome in Paris :)
  16. cfanon Member

    We will provide... But here's something to keep you going until my photos are up
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  17. cfanon Member

    lol @ the boy watching from the window above Clem.
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  18. Yes, great video and great pics! Thank you the english and deutsch for come.
  19. novu Member

    I tried to post this last night but fell asleep in the middle of writing it! So here it is...finally:
    It was a bit much, but thankfully I had some great travelling companions (even if the other people on the coach may not have thought so):

    And the journey definitely had it's moments:

    The raids were brilliant, thanks to all FrenchFags (and others) for your generous hospitality, translating, lulz, directing, dancing etc. I have many photos to upload tomorrow later today.
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  20. Profanity Member

    You people are going to remind me of this for the rest of my life, aren't you? XD
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  21. Clemonymous Member

    Only just got back home. Thanks to everyone who made this raid amazingly epic.

    I'll post my pictures when I've edited.
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  22. Rheinländer Member

    OK, let me say this: I was never befor in Paris. But it was impressed and I love it. Hope, we'll see us again. Thanks!
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  23. Me too :)
  24. yea me too I've to edited to because of the bad guy we took of his mask to often and I'have to used more than one time the Gaussian stuff under photoshop ;)
  25. cfanon Member

    Just as a note guys, I don't mind having my face on show. No need to blur the ginger in the trollface tshirt. Manc / london orgs have already seen (and photographed) my face. I'm happy so long as they don't have my name.
  26. as we say in french : Dans le doute ..." Because I' did'nt know Idid it :)
  27. Rheinländer Member

    O.K. Johny Silver. ^^
  28. Clemonymous Member

    here you go, fagz.
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  29. cfanon Member

    reflectionfagged hahaha it's okay though, I don't mind :p just found it amusing

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  30. Clemonymous Member

    I'm surprised I missed this. Then again, I haven't shared a tender night with my own bed since Wednesday night.
  31. Profanity Member


    I actually lol'd. XD
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  32. Absonymous Member

    It was a really nice raid !
    I liked the :
    "Where are you ? "
    "We're lost at the metro station"
    "OK DO NOT MOVE, we're on our way !"
    and once we arrived ... nobody
    "Where did you go ? "
    "It's ok we found our way back ... "

    Ohhh yeah, the pedobear too ...
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Camerafag's photo methinks.
  34. Profanity Member

    Clem's. I watched her take it. :p
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  35. Clemonymous Member

    Bitches love tits.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    nothing of value.
  37. WhiteNight Member

    Who's the guy who looks like he just stepped out of Terminator?

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