Paris Flash Raid Scientologist attacked us.

Discussion in 'Europe' started by anonymous vicieux, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Un flashraid ce midi avec une agression !
    4 scientologues, qui sortaient du bâtiment scientologue situé au 7 rue Jules César à Paris, s'en sont pris à nous avec une violence incroyable.
    Nono la Patate à été salement agressé : il à le nez cassé et de multiples lésions.
    J'ai aussi été agressé par plusieurs individus mais mon état est moins sérieux.

    Nous nous sommes rendu à l'Hôpital.
    Du matériel à été endommagé.

    Bien entendu la Police est immédiatement intervenu sur notre appel malgré l'acharnement des scientologues à nous frapper sauvagement, tenter d'arracher mon masque et de casser mon téléphone avant que je parvienne à joindre le commissariat.

    PHOTOS :

    Ces scientologues sont des sauvages sans nom, ils méritent d'êtres poursuivis en justice et envoyés en prison comme les criminels de leurs espèce.

    Nous demandons à chacun de nous rejoindre le samedi 26 mars à 14H00 face au 69 rue Legendre, Paris 17ème, métro Brochant ou La Fourche, pour dénoncer ces crimes et demander la dissolution de cette secte qui, je le constate encore aujourd'hui, est de plus en plus dangereuse.

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  2. amaX Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Fucking hell.
    Hope the guy is ok.
  4. AnonLover Member

    Google translate on bits & pieces of OP:

    Scientologist who left the building located at 7 Rue Jules Cesar Paris, went after us with incredible violence.

    Nono la Patate was badly assaulted: he has a broken nose and multiple lesions.

    I was also assaulted by several individuals, but my condition is less serious.


    Of course the police immediately intervened on our appeal, despite the fury of Scientologists to beat us savagely, trying to tear my mask and break my phone before I arrive to join the police.

    Nono - my heart and prayers go out to you, get well soon!!!
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  5. amaX Member

    Okay...this is rough from a google translation:
    A flashraid this afternoon with aggression ! 4 Scientologists, which went beyond scientologist located in building 7 rue Jules César to Paris, are taken to us with a violence incredible. Nono la Patate was nasty attacked him: it to the broken nose and multiple lesions. I have also been attacked by several individuals but my state is less serious. We found to the Hospital. The equipment to been damaged.

    These are wild scientologists without a name, they deserve to beings prosecuted and sent to prison as criminals of their species. We call on each of us join the Saturday 26 March to 14H00 opposite the 69 rue Legendre, Paris 17ÈME, metro Brochant or the Fork, to denounce these crimes and ask the dissolution of this sect which, i notes again today, is more and more dangerous. ANONYMOUS CIRCLE.
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  6. amaX Member

    Be well, Nono! The other Anon is hurt, too. Hoping you are alright. Please keep us updated!
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  7. holy crap. We get Scientologists "attacking" people all the time but this is the first that I can recall that a Scientologist actually drew blood.
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  8. RightOn Member

    Nono be well!!!
    heal up and then sue their pants off
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  9. BAAL Member

    i wish my big ass was their, im no nerd lol.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Obviously French EMT's were called. Were the French police as well? And were arrests made?
  11. FR : Cette agression est un acte de provocation contre tout les Anonymous.
    Je vous demande à tous de préparer pour les prochains raids une pancarte en l'honneur de Nono La Patate

    EN : This aggression is an act of provocation against all Anonymous.
    I ask you all to prepare for upcoming raids a sign in honor of Nono La Patate.
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  12. lostatsea Member

    They attacked a clown? Dude.

    Get well soon, Nono!
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  13. Anonymous Member

    This is pretty nasty, hope those who were injured are doing okay. Did you guys get any video/pics of the Scientologist assailants?
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  14. xenubarb Member

    This is what? The fourth time Nono has been attacked by Scilons?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Scientology works and it helps people.
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  16. Ann O'Nymous Member

    J'espère que les responsables de ces agressions seront identifiés et poursuivis pour ce qu'ils ont fait. Mes voeux de bon rétablissement aux blessés.
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  17. Daisy Member

    WTF, need more info about Nono and others!
  18. FR : L'un des agresseur est un dénommé Mr CHRISTIAN L la premiere lettre du prenom ce n'est pas MICHEL on garde l'identité sous couvert pour enquete et instruction

    EN : One assailant was a man named Mr CHRISTIAN L this is not MICHEL we prefer to keep complete information about assaulter for further inquiry police got him he was heard and realeased afterwards
    there is a charge for assault and battery toward this man and unknown assaulters for the moment
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  19. Vigdis Member

    Ils ont été interpellés ?
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Anonymous Member

    Yeah ^^^
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  24. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    roland got a bloody nose in the UK, maybe '98?
  25. Anonymous Member

    The lemaire family donated 100.000 fr to the cult which makes them patrons with honors.
  26. FR : Non apparemment c'est pas celui-la.
    La police fera la lumière sur tout ca.
    Pour le moment j'ai activé mon système de vidéo-surveillance et ai préparé mon arme.

    EN : No, not this one apparently.
    The police will make light on this.
    For the moment I turned on my CCTV system and prepared my weapon.
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  27. Diablo Member

    cult getting new public...stats are down...buildings are run down...morale is at all time low...DM is still a midget!
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Dude, last time I looked, he was much shorter....really!
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  30. FUCK



    I still have my Nonobucks from the Paris Raid last year, guy's a legend.

    Frog Cops better throw the book at these clamfags, else there'll be hell to pay.

    Awaiting updates - Cheers Vicieux for doing the bilingual thing ITT
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  31. anoninoob Member

    ok anons, stay on your toes, this may be an isolated incident or the beginning of a more aggressive tactic by the cult. Keep those cameras at the ready.
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  32. Perikles Member

    What. The. Fuck.

    Is Nono suffering from whiplash? That looks srs shit. My heart goes out to you guys. Plz keep us informed of Nono's state.
  33. aaawake Member

    WE can read your lips, scilons
    Mind the step
  34. Anonymous Member

    "But there aren't any stairs to the custody cells!"

    "Stairs can be arranged"
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  35. Rockyj Member

    OMG!Thank you for translating! Man he looks bad! WTF is wrong with them?? Please keep us updated!
  36. The Cornered Rat Syndrome.

    With this incident they (the clams) have suddenly become more dangerous.
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  37. "You will find no recourse in attack, because for each of us that falls, ten more will take our place"
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  38. xenubarb Member

    "Isolated incident?" Dude, they been pounding on Nono since 2008!
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  39. BLiP Member

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