Paris Flash Raid Scientologist attacked us.

Discussion in 'Europe' started by anonymous vicieux, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. getbeckyout Member

    Yep thanks guys, I need a stress test now.
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  2. Don't you have enough stress already?
    what with the rampaging hordes of vicious scientologits running amock attacking people.
  3. Anonymous Member

    that post was worth repeating
  4. getbeckyout Member

    They don't stress me out anymore as I have got to learn none of them can communicate, they think they can, when they have been ripped of with a communication course.

    What they can't get into there heads is that they have fallen for huge con.
    But that's what the cult of scamology is about, the mind fuck.
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  5. Nono the clown got attacked again in paris.
    They fucked his arm and wrist up. He's gonna be out of work for 2 day for that one.
    please be super carefull
  6. EPIC post deserves it's own thread IMHO.
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  7. Sponge Member

    ^although I think you need to omit or at least seperate minor camera grabby incidents (there are so many of those) from assaults where injury/damage has occured. You may also want to prioritize assaults in the list where there is additional police/court documentation.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    If the shoe was on the other foot tho, COS would press charges out the ying yang and drag you to court. So I say keep all confrontations that involve COS doing anything illegal. And grabbing someone's camera is illegal and making contact.
    Look what they have done to others for NOTHING.
    AMA for one.

    Assaults on protestors by COS = eleventy
    Assaults on Scientoloigts by protestors = ZERO
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  9. amaX Member

    Is there a new thread for this? Is Nono going to be alright???
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. amaX Member

  12. anonakatie Member

    Can you add Sci Revital Wanerman clocking First Vendetta in the head in NYC? Unfortunately no video, but was reported to police(although they took no action).
    That can give it the NY connection for the Village Voice.
  13. Anonymous Member

    As said by recovering Scientologist in a previous post...
    I think that post needs it's own thread.
    and people can add to it.
    Scientology Attacks on Protestors
  14. Anonymous Member
  15. jensting Member

    Legal update: The criminal trial against a clam for beating up Nono (J-F Drea) last year moved into court today. It had been postponed because a lawyer could not make the first date.

    Present were the plaintiff Nono and some friends, the defendant and his wife and the public prosecutor. (In France, a criminal trial can have the victim become a plaintiff in a parallel civil case, Nono is such a plaintiff, "partie civile.")

    Nono moved for one more postponement since a paperwork filing was late and/or sent to the wrong address. The lawyer for the clam lost his cool! He raised his voice and started lecturing about the Ancient Code of How Lawyers Should Operate In France. The lawyer for the clam proceeded to push for having the trial here and now, seeing how the defendant's wife had taken the time to show up! The president judge asked if the wife had been summoned to give evidence. She had not. The president of the court asked if the wife had been present at the incident. She had not. The president of the court referred to the public prosecutor who pointed out that the eye of the public is on the slow treatment of cases in French courts and that there had already been one postponement. The president of the court concluded by setting a new trial date (April 4th) and request that the two parties make sure that there will not be a request for postponement the next time...

    Comment: The lawyer for the clams, Pamponet, is probably fondly remembering the last case he lost against a Paris Anon (appeal in the criminal case against Frantz Lefrancois-Baiilard aka Victor Charlie for hurting the feelings of Eric Roux) and looking forward to getting on with this one. Strange that there was a problem with the paperwork. Maybe he should have asked the partner in his firm, Francois Jacquot - a $cientologist - to help him out; I hear they have terrific administrative "technology" in the so-called "church"... Me Pamponet certainly seemed a bit on edge - maybe he wasn't cheered up by the memory of having to walk out of the criminal appeal trial against the Paris $cientology organisation after the strategy of the defense (make a lot of procedural points) led to no instant victory.

    Anyway, on to April 4th. (And to Feb 2nd, but that's a different story.)

    Best Regards

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  16. getbeckyout Member

    Great update,thank you.
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  17. Anon Gin Member

    Thanx for the update Jens.
    Always on the hook ^^
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the update Jens.
  19. Anonymous Member

    nono is going to be in court one of his assaulter willbe on hearing april 4TH in paris
    the problem is the victim has to pay for a lawyer
    can't get free judicial assistance in france if your incomes are a" little bit too high" too ands so the scilons know that critics do not have so much money
    one fiunny fact this time again the scientology gang is using the same lawyer they used against nono 4 years ago
    the same lawyer was also pressing cherghes againt frantz le francois baillard ( he lost one case vs this genteleman ..)
    this lawyer was also there during the big scientology trial in 2009
    this lawyer name is JACQUES POMPONNET is now working with a long time close accounted to the cult
    name is maitre JACQUOT
    they have their office in paris boulevard sebastopol
    how odd isn't ?
    ah by the way the assaulter CHRISTIAN L has no job
    he has low incomes his spouse is the only one who seems to work for the moment
    but the gentleman and boxing thug christian is day after day working for his personnal and spiritual well being at the ideale org in paris rue jules cesar
    two more possible men involved in assault are under indentification pascal and XXXX
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  20. Anonymous Member

    should need an update thread really
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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    thank you so much jens much obliged
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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. amaX Member

    thank you for this update.
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  25. If you want help Jeff for court fee you can make a donation via paypal :


    We will keep you informed.
  26. moarxenu Member

    Has anyone informed Jonny Jacbosen at Infinite Complacency about this. He is in Paris and has written over 40 articles of reporting on the Paris fraud case.
  27. I'll contact him for our next raid in Paris March 31th.
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  28. JeffQuiros Member

    Tricky, tricky. Because yeah, the cult does do that... and it makes them bullying, police time-wasters. If we started following Scientology's lead in terms of behavior... just imagine where that would lead.

    Since when did, "But the criminal cult it doing it! Why can't we?" become a reasonable argument?

    I think this is where the cameras come in -- documenting everything. But I will not test the goodwill of the police by getting them involved in the petty stuff... especially since we might need them one day for an actual emergency.

    We're informing the general public about Scientology and we want to continue to show that we're the ones that have sanity by the short hairs.
  29. Next audience on 19th Paris district : wednesday april 4th at 1:30 PM.
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  30. European Anons has planned a raid for the end of july in Paris. If you want to join us, send me a PM.
  31. jensting Member

    I think it's important to establish a pattern in the official record. The clams will complain to the police morning, noon and night. Later, clams lawyers will point to those reports as somehow demonstrating a behaviour trait - on the part of the horrible protesters, of course. At THAT point it's a bit too late to wonder if we should have made a fuss or we should have been manly about it and toughed it out and so on and so forth.

    I'm not in doubt: every time a clam (or a mad passer-by who is not a clam) tries to beat me up and/or to grab my stuff, they get reported to the police and the case gets taken as far as I can take it.

    So far, the score is one mad passer-by who hit me: two nights in jail. Another mad passer-by (or clam, who knows?): cost of a new phone cover (lucky him that the phone he threw under passing traffic didn't break). Clams: nil.

    Best Regards

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  32. jensting Member

    News About Nono's Case:

    We had the, I believe, third court appearance today.

    To remind our readers of where we left of: the lawyers for the clam had made a procedural error and the case had been postponed by a month and a half (against the objections of the lawyer for the clam).

    Today, we heard from the lawyer for the clam again. He introduced two new urgent pleas:
    - That his client was, in fact, the victim of an aggression (not the aggressor), having been attacked by Anon Vicieux here present in the court. (At this point the lawyer had to be reminded that if he planned to call Vicieux as a wittness then he, Vicieux, had to be shuffled out of court while the lawyer laid out his plea; Vicieux was shuffled out of court and waited outside.) Because of this, the case was all wrong and his poor client should be recognised as the victim and so on and so forth. (We note that the clam did not cite the complaint he had made to the police about this - maybe we would have gotten 'round to that, later....) A bunch of evidence (including a DVD) was added by the clam to the case.
    - In any case, that his poor client had not had his rights read to him when he was taken in by the police. There has been a recent tightening of the rules about arrests and following questioning - "Garde a Vue" - so that the arrestees are made aware of their rights (sounds a lot like the Miranda warning in the US). The clam lawyer made a big hoo-hah about this very technical point.

    The odd thing is that these two points were not presented at the last court meeting (where the clam lawyer pleaded for having the case heard there and then so as to spare his poor client the agony of uncertainty etc and so on and so forth). What did happen at the last meeting of the court was that the case was delayed because of a procedural error made by the clam lawyer.

    Nono's lawyer made a technical (but important) point that this case should have been heard in a different court.

    So, we were presented with three reasons not to go ahead. The court decided to think about it and, ehrm, postpone once more, to the 30th of May.

    In the meantime, Nono's lawyer doesn't pay for himself. I just made a donation - did you?

    Best regards

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  33. JeffQuiros Member

  34. JeffQuiros Member

    I retract this post. I had forgotten how brutal this assault was.
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  35. Zak McKracken Member

  36. I have a lot of pics about this day :s some pics are harder.
  37. jensting Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    he's getting better still having problems with nose and cheek bone
    he will be back in courtroom vs assaulter on may30th

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