(Part 2) Did you know… what ‘Magic Memory’ is?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, May 20, 2013.

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    Quite a lot of people involved with Scientology activism have a great deal of knowledge regarding where Hubbard stole got most of his ideas. One well known source is Aleister Crowley, whom Hubbard referred to as “my very good friend” in lecture 18 of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course titled “Conditions of Space Time Energy”.

    I’d like to cover, here, Aleister Crowley's concept of ‘Magic Memory’. I quote, in full below, a description of ‘Magic Memory’ written by Crowley in his book ‘Magick: In Theory and Practice”. I think it may be interesting to those who have not read this in full, and it is quite striking just how strong the parallels are with Hubbard’s own writings in Dianetics MSMH.

    Hearing the claim that Hubbard stole from Crowley is one thing, but it is only when you read Crowley’s words that the extent and blatancy of Hubbard’s plagiarism becomes apparent. It even seems as if Hubbard, who considers such memories to be absolute and literal, has misunderstood Crowley’s main idea here and taken it to an absurd extreme (whether the events being recollected were real or not was less important to Crowley, the benefit or explanation they provided was his focus).

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    I'm not sure where it's at in Therory and Practice, been more than a few years since I read it thru, but at least once Crowley cautions against taking the apparent 'results' of things like memory regression and magical work as solid proof of anything. Ron not only disregarded this warning but turned it 180 degrees around- witness those awful testamonials that Black Rob keeps digging up.
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    This also is my recollection of that Crowley text.

    At least Crowley died strung out on cocaine, heroin and lulz.

    Hubbard died stupid, diseased and decrepit. I like to think it was under a bridge.

    bridge fucked up.jpg
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  4. 'magic memory' is when you forget all about shit that makes you sad.

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