Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master'

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sam Urai, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Very good observational skills and just my thoughts is this is dead on about the dead guy with excellent actors. Could 2012 get any worse for CO$
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    Might be interesting if they went after him I mean he is gay they could set him up (btw I don't care how he lives his life). But then he would be totally driven to bring on as much as he could to hit back and he does have some connections.
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    1973: 18 April: L. Ron Hubbard orders the Church of Scientology to launch Operation Snow White.

    1973, November: Hubbard breaks an arm and two ribs in a motorcycle accident in Morocco. He declines any medical attention, preferring to suffer over many months.

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    Gee... too bad there weren't any Scientologists around. You know... the ones who can really help after an accident.
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    Friday, August 03, 2012

    Help PTA Show ‘The Master' In 70mm In Your City


    Earlier this week, we came across a story in TimeOut Chicago where writer Ben Kenigsberg put out a plea to secure the Music Box Theatre in Chicago as a venue for "The Master." The article stated that Paul was "eager" to show the film in 70mm wherever possible and that venue is one of the few places in Chicago that is "70mm capable," not to mention just being a beautiful old movie house in its own right. TimeOut spoke to the programmer at the Music Box who said that he hadn't been contacted about showing the film and had already committed to another film during the week of September 21 (when the film opens in Chicago).

    Today, TimeOut Chicago posted a follow-up piece wherein some new information has come to light. Apparently The Weinstein Company "passed on the opportunity" to play the film in 70mm at the Music Box and have made other arrangements in that city. A disappointment to be sure, but the issue might be much bigger than that. The article also states that, "Paul Thomas Anderson really does want to show The Master in 70mm as widely as possible. But it’s not entirely up to him."

    Yesterday I was contacted by a source close to the director who was canvassing for 70mm-capable theaters, and who’d learned about the Music Box through the post. “I showed it to Paul and he flipped out [with excitement],” the source says. Anderson apparently hopes more theaters like the Music Box will come forward. Especially with the conversion to DCP, lists like this one are out of date and incomplete. Gauging the number of theaters that can still show 70mm is essential to determining how much play the film could get in that format. Other cinemas my source is eyeing include the ArcLight in Los Angeles and the Seattle Cinerama.

    But as the Music Box’s experience indicates, the Weinstein Company seems to be moving forward with its own booking plans. On Monday, I asked my TWC rep if the company knew how many 70mm prints would be made available. A follow-up query today was not immediately answered; it seems that number is still being negotiated.

    My source emphasizes that he’s not a party to conversations between Anderson and TWC, but he’s under the impression that the director’s push to show the film widely in 70mm has been met with “blowback.” Still, he says, Anderson remains hopeful about getting the film shown as broadly as possible in the wide-gauge format. “Paul's not one to give up on what he wants,” the source says.

    Please click over to TimeOut Chicago for the full article.

    • First, read Our Guide To 70mm. Then spread the word so others will understand why it's so important that the film be shown in the best possible format as Paul intended. Hopefully this will get back to the people in charge of booking the film as well as any theatre owners who might want to consider dusting off their 70mm projectors for an exclusive engagement of a highly anticipated film.
    • If you're a theatre owner capable of showing 70mm please click over to the article and leave your contact info in the comments. Or reach out to us at cigsandredvines[at] and we'll pass it along. As the article states, "The worst thing that happens is that a month after the movie comes out, they learn of a theater that could have shown 70mm and wasn't considered." We don't want this to happen.
    • If you know which theatres (if any) in your city are capable of showing 70mm film let us know in the comments, especially if it's a gorgeous old movie palace (like The Music Box). Here is a list (updated as of last December) with all of the theatres in the U.S. (and here for abroad) capable of playing 70mm. Reach out to your local 70mm theatre and find out if they plan to show "The Master," then let us know if you hear back. We'll keep a running list. 42 days until September 14th. Let's do this.

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  8. People Are Freaking Out After A Secret Screening Of Scientology Inspired 'The Master'

    "The Master" director Paul Thomas Anderson's first movie in five years is garnering rave reviews after some unsuspecting movie-goers were treated to a secret screening of the full film, In Contention's Kristopher Tapley first reported.
    The audience at Aero Theatre in Santa Monica last week just came to see an evening showing of the Kubrick classic "The Shining," when theatre staff invited them to stay after for a "secret screening." The screening turned out to be the world premiere of "The Master" and was attended by Anderson and his wife, comedian Maya Rudolph.
    "The Master" stars Philip Seymour Hoffman as a disillusioned scientist and writer who decides to create his own religion and help an unstable drifter played by Joaquin Phoenix. Amy Adams also stars.
    The vast majority of those lucky enough to be at the secret screening have heaped loads of praise on the actors, the director and the whole movie itself giving rise to predictions of a large Oscar presence come awards season. One audience member was completely overcome after the screening and took to Twitter to note that it was "possibly the best film watching experience I’ve ever had."
    The movie, which is set to be released September 14th, has been highly anticipated not only because it is Anderson's first movie since 2007's "There Will Be Blood," but because it is said to be based on L. Ron Hubbard's development of Scientology.
    As can be seen from the trailer below, the constant criticisms that Hoffman's character is "making all this up as he goes along" and creating a cult are pretty reminiscent of common Scientology attacks. The Church of Scientology has already faced loads of bad press this summer, so it will definitely be interesting to see how it responds to this slam.

    Tweets and clip at end of article ...
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    Made me wonder if the scilons will be out in force documenting who goes into showings. Probably not going to happen, but I'll be watching the watchers. ;)
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    How is it the story broke
    but you posted it
  11. I searched the news and it came up. At the time it was 7 minutes old.
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    Uh, 'cos u dinna understand Internet?
  14. Nothing to be discovered here, I'm not from the media. If I was Noah Plaue, I'd have signed up with that name. Besides, if I really was a journo, I probably would've remembered to put the byline at the top of my post.

    Anyway, my favourite bit of that article is the potential Oscar buzz. Fingers crossed they ask Tom Cruise to hand out Best Actor to Philip Seymour Hoffman.
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    Comments are open. No clambots yet, but the day is young!
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  17. Don't you think it's interesting they did a secret premiere instead of a well publicised red carpet job?
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  20. Glad we had that discussion.
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    It's good to talk.
    But still,no.
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    The old i am not a clam but...
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    Oh what a delightful notion
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    Free tix to anon, too! Spice it up a bit, eh?
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    U betcha!
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    Movie poster kaleidoscope effect could be reference to plots within plots all spinning seemingly out of control in a manic/depressive nightmare called the life of L. Ron hubbard.
  32. At least this time I will be prepared to see this.

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  33. Kaleidoscope often means fragmented mind or view of the world. Crazy in other words. I've been thinking about shooping it to put the IRL cast in it but CBF atm.
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    Movie premiere could be a good protest opp for Anonymous.

    Lots of photographers, media looking for controversy.
  35. I think scientology fuckery and anti-scientology protesting is the reason why they've had the premiere already.
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    Have they?


    So no star-studded red-carpet event that we can liven up?
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    That's 'bollocks' as in 'bother', not 'bollocks' as in 'I don't believe you'.
  38. Yeah it's been done. I posted the article the other day. Post #129
    They might still do a red carpet job but I think it's done personally.

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