Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master'

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sam Urai, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Internetzin Member

    Prescreening does not equal premiere
  2. Yeah I guess so. I don't know shit anyway so we'll have to wait and see.
  3. Internetzin Member

    Red carpet bullshit is part of the courting of the Oscar. Weinstein and co are going to do this up right.
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  4. Well that's something to discuss really. Should anons show up at premieres? In doing so, would we risk fucking things up, or would we be best to be there to help counter any scn fuckery? Would protesting against scientology provide even more media attention and do the film good/bad/no effect? Are we better to let them do their thing, keep out of the way IRL and just enjoy all the delicious oscar caek?
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  5. Pique Member

    Fond wish: that the CoS black PRs this movie all over Hollywood, including leaning hard on the heavyweights.

    I hope, I hope, I hope.
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  6. Internetzin Member

    Lol, very cool to do nothing, watch how hard the scilons try to dis a film with huge stars and massive oscar buzz, that will make wogs flock to it more, leading to a collective happy tent by all the Hollywood bigwigs raking in the cash

    Read Chicago tribune refrance variety official world prem sept one Venice film festival? The Lido?
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Yes. It's a Xenu-given publicity opportunity (IMO).

    I don't see the downside risk - maybe I'm missing something - what is the fuck-up risk?

    Protesting against Scientology in front of the media just provides them with an excuse to write the piece they want to write: "Is The Master about Scientology?" ("these protestors think so!") as well as some interesting photos.

    Also, we can counter any pro-Scientology stuff.

    And we might get autographs.

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  8. Hahaha, I'm sure they are already doing everything they can behind the scenes, albeit in vain. How many people are in the Hweird scilon mafia now anyway, 5?

    I just mean in case things got ugly b/w scn and anon. But the uglier it gets, the more media it gets, and then the more people will want to go see it to see why everyone is so butthurt, so there's that.

    I agree. Any opportunity to give the media cause to write another article about how this is the story of scientology is a win. By scientologists being there, we can point out that they must think so too. That'll really piss them off.

    Yep, no matter what, scilons will be there bitching about their first amendment rights and shit, forgetting everyone else has the same rights too. So defending freedom of speech could be lulzy.
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  9. muldrake Member

    The risk is looking like Anonymous is acting like fanatical Christians protesting The Last Temptation of Christ to keep people from seeing it. In fact, protesting in front of a movie is always going to look like that. The good thing is that if it gets media attention, it always makes more people see the movie. The bad thing is it makes the protesters look stupid.

    I think that stereotype can be subverted, though, if you make it very, very clear you actually want people to see the movie.

    Or alternately, pretend to be Scientologists protesting the movie as a bigoted attack on our bona fide religion. "Our leader L. Ron Hubbard is not a swindling quack like this movie says!" I don't think enough people could cooperate to keep a straight face about that, though.
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  10. Although I doubt it, there is a chance scientologists won't show up at all thinking they shouldn't dignify it with a response, blah blah. Then anon stands there looking like arseholes.

    I agree that the message can get confused so we'd need to make a clear statement that we are there in support of the film rather than protesting against it.

    But we could solve both problems by pretending to be them and going full retard on camera. It's fucking inspired, muldrake.

    Edit: Just had a thought. How about doing it as anonymous but tongue-in-cheek pretending to be scientology, like with L Ron masks instead?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Ack, it hadn't occurred to me that people might think we were protesting against the movie.

    What if Anon's had placards supporting the movie?

    We could give it a mock-award maybe?

    Entertaining as the idea of a false flag operation is, we don't want to compromise our criticism of Scientology by starting to make up things that they haven't actually done. They do enough Bad Things already.
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  12. It occurred to me that we might look like we are protesting. I actually went back to check my post (just after I submitted it) to make sure it didn't sound like I meant protest against the film. We'd have to have free speech/pro film signs. That's a given.

    Yeah, you're right about a clean fight. It'd be funny though.

    IMO, The sole purpose of anon being there, if we did decide to go, should be to protest the protest. If they don't turn up, then I guess we'd walk away.
  13. Anonymous Member

    yeah, 'protesting in support of'.

    or could just do nothing unless Scientologists show up, and then if they do, we're the counter-protest to their protest.

    It would.
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    Heh. You can stand outside an org with signs clearly protesting Scientology, leaflets protesting Scientology, EFG masks, Xenu costumes...

    And someone will still say "Ohh! I thought you were for Scientology..."
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    I say fuck 'em, if they show up or don't this movie is all about Hubbtard.
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  17. I am still wetting myself with excitement thinking about Hoffman playing "Elron"
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  18. A sign with a pic of Elron next to Hoffman showing the similarities is definitely in order.
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  19. Yeah, I edited my post before with an afterthought effectively saying the same thing. I agree, our purpose would be protesting a protest. If they didn't show up we should walk away.
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  20. Tourniquet Member

    I think Chanology would be best served by remaining silent, until asked. As it stands, the media are coming to their own conclusions about the film, which are the same conclusions to which we have come.

    Mr. Anderson is doing our good work for us. We can sit back and reap the profit (cwutididthar) after the reviews are published, post-premiere.

    This film will be the end of Scientology as we know it today, IMHO. It is already hard to ignore and it's not even released yet.
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  21. RightOn Member

    nope. don't think so, not even close.
    There are still like 50,000 scilons world wide. and they are recruiting in other countries for more slave labor.
    The front groups have a long way to go too.
    WISE, the CCHR, The Way to Happiness, Narconon( well its crumbling, Applied Scholastics and all the rest need to go too.
    And then there is Independent Scientology. Unless you were just speaking of corporate COS.
    This film will do a lot to open people's eyes and maybe realize that COS is not just a wacky cult, but we still have a long way to go. :(
  22. Film protesters do come across as retard. That's scientology's forte, not anonymous.' It's worth considering carefully if we want to risk looking like the lunatic fringe for something that is working just fine on its own.

    The other option is a media statement in support of the film?

    Edit: Anyway, I'm starting to sound like a leaderfag and I didn't want that, especially considering I've been here 5 mins. I just want to discuss it. You guys tell me what you want and if we are going, I'll be there.
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  23. Tourniquet Member

    Agreed and agreed.
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  24. Tourniquet Member

    I didn't mean that the cult would fold based on one film.

    What I meant was that the popular concept of Scientology will move away from "that wacky religion that Cruise and Travolta belong to" and towards "a dangerous cult/scam developed by a really sick individual"... which was why I wrote
    The logical extreme is that even more people will use "Scientology" in a search engine, and know the truth about LOLXENU.

    Re front groups, it's not possible for them to go on denying Scientology affiliation forever. Enough stuff will eventually stick to the wall. Independents have not been a threat of the CoS-type historically; though I feel a close eye will need to be kept on Rathbun in the future.
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  25. 1342687591738.cached.jpg
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  26. Internetzin Member

    I understand the sentiment, however the average person would have to have been living under a rock not to have heard something about Scientology in the last few months. Even if they have yet to form an opinion of the cult this movie in all it's beautiful subtlety will leave them thinking Scientology=crazy town. The media will do all the work for us every time they speak about it they will not be able stop themselves referring to the Scientology similarities. Ergo, do nothing but the other things we ordinarily do. Except for an extremely subtle and humorous statement of support from anions to reflect the subtle beauty of the movie itself.
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Internetzin Member

    What beautious piece of casting is this I see before me?
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    'The Master' At Venice Film Festival: Paul Thomas Anderson's Maybe-Scientology Movie Sets Debut

    The Associated Press

    MILAN — The Venice Film Festival says U.S. director Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" will be the 18th film competing for its coveted Golden Lion award.

    Festival director Alberto Barbera Tuesday said Tuesday that the film, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams, will premiere Sept. 1.

    Anderson, the director of "Magnolia" and "There will be Blood," is the 12th director in competition screening a film for the first time in Venice.

    The festival announced the remaining 17 competing films last month, including another four by American directors. By recent tradition, the title of the final "secret film" was delayed.

    The 69th Biennale opens Aug. 29 with Mira Nair's "The Reluctant Fundamentalist," which shows out of competition.

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  30. Aurora Member

    IMO, cos will try to invalidate the scino connection, using the same old same old prepackaged bull.
    Karen Pouw will release a statement something like this, "bitter apostates, false data, we are expanding like never before - that's the real movie, 4.5 million new scinos a year, blah, blah, blah...."
    The official party line in the cos will be that the movie was backed by big pharma.
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  31. Internetzin Member

    Yep which will just make more people interested in seeing the film, check and checkmate
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  32. eddieVroom Member

    My $0.02 worth: The red carpet premier should be an "all hands on deck" occasion, complete with a blimp bearing an electric message sign if possible.

    Or something like this:


    edit: gift horse is gift.
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  33. Internetzin Member

    If people must do sumpin how about making it a hurray for free speech party rather than anti sci protest lest anon comes of looking like humourless retards.
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  34. Casting perfection. Whoever did this - hookers and blow on me.
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  35. eddieVroom Member

    inb4 osa osa osa

  36. I've already said this elsewhere, but I'd really like to order the cake Miley Cyrus had for her bf's birthday and have it delivered to Int on Oscar night from us all. Perhaps they will ice it for us, "YSCOHB." I'll pay if someone is from LA to organise it.
  37. Anonymous Member

    I've always felt that a willingness to look like a bunch of retards was one of Anonymous's great strengths.

    Wouldn't want us to look humourless though. That would be bad.

    Perhaps if we dressed up as Xenu?

    Maybe the Raelians would lend us one of their inflatible flying saucers?
  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. Anonymous Member

    Perhaps going out to support the movie would be the better tact. We wouldn't be protesting it at all, we'd be celebrating it. Let there be cake!
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