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  1. A thread on Pedophile Rings. There are allot of new articles.
    Child porn “epidemic” among Pentagon officials and US government employees | by Lori Handrahan, Ph.D.


    (FORBES) - Last week the IRS decided to award Bradley Birkenfeld his $104 million dollar share for helping bust UBS bank. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and his staff were instrumental. Senator Grassley vowed to delay pending Department of Treasury nominations if the IRS Whistleblower Program, he wrote the legislation in 2006, continued to be mismanaged.
    This powerful voice from Iowa has been a beacon in the storm during an Obama Administration that has targeted whistleblowers and prevented accountability as never before. The Pentagon is also under Senator Grassley’s fire for failing to examine 1,700 of the 5,200 reports of employees doing child porn. The Pentagon claimed it “wasn’t a priority.” Senator Grassley and his staff have made it one. The closed investigation into wide-spread use of child porn at the Pentagon is now re-opened.
    There is a national crisis of federal employees engaged in the child porn industry and a related epidemic at the state level. I’ve documented two states,Vermont and Maine, that appear to be running state protected child trafficking rings with evidence of cops, judges, lawyers, clergy and government employees covering for each other. This kind of racketeering creates powerful, and extremely profitable, pedophile rings.
    Money drives the crime. It is estimated that a criminal willing to molest a child in front of a live webcam can earn $1,000 a night. In Kittery Maine, at the “Danish Health Club,” one bust yielded $6.1 million in “door fees” over a five year period with “prostitutes” earning $12 million. Pimps’ earnings were not reported. The “door man” was a retired police officer whose wife worked in back. This bust happened because of one hard-working IRS agent, Rod Giguere.
    An estimated $1.4 billion has been collected by the IRS’s Whistleblower program since 2006; $464 million collected in 2010 but only $48 million in 2011. Half of all global child porn is produced in America. Ten new images of children are posted daily. Estimates of the global profits from child porn range from $3-20 billion. Imagine what the IRS Whistleblower program could collect if they focused on child trafficking as Agent Rod Giguere did in Maine.
    The Department of Justice (DOJ)’s Child Exploitation and Obscenities unit has been, by many accounts, totally disabled under US Attorney General Eric Holder. Mr. Holder even refused to prosecute his own Assistant United States Attorney caught doing child porn on DOJ computers. The IRS wants 4,000 new agents and a $300 million budget to enforce ObamaCare. Instead, these resources should be allocated, entirely, for an IRS Child Exploitation & Trafficking Unit.
    With so many police, judges, clergy, state and federal employees across America involved in the child porn industry Americans should be able to turn to the IRS’s Whistleblower program. Richard Weber, Chief of IRS’s Criminal Division in Washington DC, is one point of contact. Apparently, the IRS cares about trafficked children. That’s good news because America’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, does not.
    Child trafficking and porn are the fastest growing crimes in America. With billions being laundered in black money it makes solid economic sense for the IRS to focus on the child porn industry. Eric Holder’s Department of Justicehas demonstrated they have no interest in prosecuting pedophiles, not even their own. The IRS should be given substantial resources to compensate for DOJ’s disgraceful failure. American tax-payers, not to mention America’s children, will reap huge rewards.
    Perhaps Senator Grassley will raise his powerful voice in support.
    Lori Handrahan, Ph.D., is a professor at American University’s School of International Service researching the national and international security ramifications of America’s child porn industry. She can be reached
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    With Leon Brittan gone, we’ll never know about the ‘child abuse dossier’

    The government’s approach to the inquiry has sent out all the wrong messages. But if we listen to survivors, we can salvage something positive

    Leon Brittan’s death is a personal tragedy for his family, friends and former colleagues, to whom I offer my personal condolences. But a wider tragedy stretches beyond that intimate circle, as the opportunity for him to give evidence to the child abuse inquiry, to clarify issues concerning allegations of a missing dossier, has been lost forever. This is a consequence of the failure to deliver the inquiry, which was initially launched by the home secretary in July 2014.

    Other jurisdictions have managed inquiries, so why can’t we? Why is the child abuse inquiry in Northern Ireland moving forward with some success, for instance, while the best Westminster can do is two false starts?
    It boils down to trust and leadership. The bond of trust that was broken when children who should have been cared for and protected were abused is not one that will be easily mended. Abusers used their position of power and/or the influence and reputation of the institution they represented to maintain a veil of secrecy. They believed their power and control over the lives of their victims was absolute; but few will be sleeping easily tonight.

    Given the relationship between those institutions, powerful individuals and the state, it’s insulting to expect survivors of such abuse to accept the imposition of an inquiry on trust alone. While some within government claim credit for setting up the inquiry, survivors had been calling for one for many years, and many feel it was the alleged destruction or loss of so many documents at the Home Office, and speculation about who did what and when, that finally forced a government response.

    Successful engagement with these issues in other countries has been typified by strong, ethical leadership – leadership that acknowledges that what happened was wrong, and an acceptance that many institutions and the individuals within them have been complicit. Critically, a leadership that accepts that the search for truth must be informed by those who suffered and survived – not those who fear being held to account.
    While inquiries in Northern Ireland and Australia have been structured differently, they have had some things in common: early consultation with survivors, a significant degree of consensus, and investment and statutory powers to ensure independence, removing control from government.

    From Theresa May’s first utterances in the House of Commons, it was clear that this government did not intend to relinquish control. Their approach to the alleged destruction or loss of documents in the Home Office and their unsuccessful appointment of the first two chairs has reinforced the perception that they are more interested in controlling messages than commissioning a fundamentally survivor-focused independent inquiry.

    The government might be well-intentioned, but its bungling and haphazard approach to these most sensitive issues has compounded the hurt of many survivors, their families, supporters and friends.
    In Westminster last week there was an event organised by the White Flowers Campaign group, which commemorated survivors of child abuse. Afterwards, I sat in a crammed House of Commons committee room, filled with more than 400 survivors, whistleblowers and child protection advocates. As I listened to their stories, hopes, fears and expectations, I realised that what was happening in that room was truly remarkable.

    Harnessing the power of survivors’ experience must be the next step for the inquiry. For all that I have said about this government, it did commission an inquiry, and I don’t think it’s too late for it to salvage something positive from it. It can do this by pausing and planning a more sensible and sensitive survivor-focused approach.

    This is what I think should happen.
    The government should first and foremost establish a fund to support survivors. This would give survivors better access to specialist services, resources and other support. This would be an immediate recognition of the fact that they have been let down over many years by establishment bodies and successive governments.
    The inquiry should begin/recommence with regional and national survivors’ forums. Such forums need to be as inclusive as possible and should be asked to elect an advisory panel. This panel would provide advice and oversight from a survivors’ perspective to government. It would provide a forum to discuss the pros and cons of different types of inquiries, that is, statutory vs royal commission.

    A chair should then be appointed and an expert panel established via a transparent process. All this would be overseen and informed by the survivors’ oversight panel. While survivor experience must be represented, the expert panel would also require investigators, academics and other appropriate child protection professionals.
    I am sure many of the individuals on the current panel are good people, but the process lacks transparency and therefore undermines the confidence of many survivors in it. This approach would be a good first step in the long process of rebuilding trust.

    Once established, the inquiry should be fundamentally independent and that includes from government. An inquiry imposed by government is very different to one facilitated by it.
    The government’s handling of this process has been disastrous; they simply don’t do detail. They don’t take time to listen, plan or consider better options. They could do worse than consider the approach taken in Australia and Northern Ireland; put party politics and political point-scoring to one side, collaborate with others, and listen to survivors.

    :mad: Stalling tactics are beginning to wear very fucking thin. You can run but you'll never be able to hide, MOTHERFUCKERS!

    Source -
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    Sweet guy that MP
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    tsgMl0u-_normal.png Gabriella Coleman @BiellaColeman · 6h 6 hours ago
    Anonymous Asks Activists To Fight Pedophiles In 'Operation Deatheaters …

    Anonymous Asks Activists To Fight Pedophiles In 'Operation Deatheaters'

    Posted by timothy on Sunday January 25, 2015 @09:08PM
    from the or-have-you-stopped-beating-her? dept. writes The Independent reports that hacktivist group Anonymous, in a project named Operation DeathEaters, is calling for help in its fight against international pedophile networks, or what it calls the "paedosadist industry" and has issued a video instructing activists on how they can aid in the operation.

    The Anonymous project is intended to break what it says is a conspiracy of silence among sympathetic politicians, police and mainstream media to downplay the full extent of the online child sex industry. "The premise behind OpDeathEaters is to expose high level complicity, obstruction of justice and cover-up in the paedo-sadist industry in order to show the need for independent inquiries," says Heather Marsh, an online activist who is helping to co-ordinate the operation and describes herself as an "old friend" of Anonymous.

    The Anonymous database, which will be hosted on the GitHub online repository, promises to collate cases from all around the world, cross-referencing connections within sub-groups including the police, armed forces, schoolteachers, politicians, media, academics and religious organisations. The database's ultimate purpose has yet to be fully determined, but in the first instance the group says it wants to shut down the child-sex industry by "dismantling the power structure which held it there" and by "educating to create a cultural change".

    The group is calling on volunteers to help with the ongoing work, which has been divided into three steps. The first is about collecting "all the factual information," second is to "share that information as widely as possible," and the third step is "to set up an independent, internationally linked, inquiry into all the areas which do not appear to have been investigated properly." Activists point to the muted media coverage given to a recent case in Washington DC in which Michael Centanni, a senior Republican fundraiser, was charged with child sex offences after investigators traced transmissions of child pornography to his computers in his basement.

    The case was not covered by The Washington Post or the New York Times, and was only picked up by a local NBC affiliate state and The Washington Examiner, a small conservative paper in the city. According to the court filings, Centanni was found in possession of 3,000 images, many apparently filmed in his own bedroom, including one showing a man raping a five-year-old girl who cries - no - and - mommy - while the man says - good baby - and - stop crying, according to one filing.

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    I'm going dark for a couple of weeks. There's work to do. Y'all be cool now. ;)

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  11. David Cameron said: “It’s important [the report] says that there wasn’t a cover-up… some of the people who’ve been looking for conspiracy theories will have to look elsewhere.”

    David Cameron is a c**t!. His days are fucking numbered.
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    Posting it here. This story was very QT, not picked up by mainstream media until Wired got it.
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    Operation YewTree
    You would not believe this, except its true.
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    Theresa May

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    I hope to God...
    Rotherdam pedophile circles of mostly Pakistani men, the police do nothing because local leaders were lazy- used the excuse that an investigation would harm relations with the Muslim community.
    Jimmie Saville darling of the BBC and politicians had the run of a state mental hospital where he sexually abused many and invited his friend to do the same. He could assault young girls because he was a BBC star.
    High ranking British government agents are part of a pedophile ring and they die before facing justice. Police files are given to officials and lost mysteriously. Now committee members investigating historic child abuse ( perps dead or statute of limitations up) release the names of the victims along with their disparaging comments about them. And whine about it when forced to correct it. God damn.
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    ^^ these are all British. There is the cyber security US government employee arrested downloading child porn. He had some sexual abuse done to his specifications. US government pretends he is the assistant to a assistant instead of cyber security chief.
    Various american cults, Warren Jeffs and Scientology, and Catholics cover up for their members.
    / rant
    Not feeling very happy right now.
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    Would you like a copy of the Epstein Aircraft Flight Manifest? It might bring you some lulz...

    Epstein & Company.jpg
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    Hayman, who died in 1992, served as high commissioner to Canada. In Dickens’ Commons speech, which was met with criticism at the time as a possible abuse of parliamentary privilege, the MP named Hayman as a member of a child pornography ring and said the high-ranking diplomat’s involvement in it had been covered up. Owing to Hayman’s sensitive work, Dickens said, this made him a security risk.
    The revelations stemmed from the discovery several years before of a package addressed to a Mr Henderson – seemingly a pseudonym used by Hayman – at Hayman’s Notting Hill flat, that was left on a London bus. A police raid on the flat in 1978 uncovered pornographic materials and letters from members of the Paedophile Information Exchange, as well as volumes of diaries which contained fantasies about sexual activity with children.
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  23. [IMG]

    ​Criminals are always one step ahead. While the public can enjoy anonymity tools or hard-drive encryption for privacy and security, people with more nefarious motivations are going to use these technologies to stay undetected, make money, or improve the efficiency of existing criminal enterprises.

    Nowhere is this more apparent than with pedophiles. Recently, one study claimed that four out of five visits to hidden websites hosted on the anonymity network Tor are to pedophilic content. There were serious caveats with the study: the Tor Proj​ect to​ld Wired that law enforcement bots visit these sites constantly to check for new content, skewing the results. Regardless, there is no doubt that anonymous networks are used for accessing child abuse material.

    And child abusers have been using other freely available encryption and software for decades to protect their identities.

    “The main thing is, they don’t really have special tooling. They don’t have anything other than what the general public has,” the information secur​ity expert known as the Grugq told me. “There is no, as far as I know, pedophile-specific privacy technology.”

    Getting an introduction to the tools these people use to cover their tracks is easy enough. On the uncensored version of The Hidden Wiki, a site that maintains a regularly updated list of what's available on the deep web, is a selection of guides for pedophiles who want to browse, download, or share material. ............................

    >Moar ....
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    what a joke! A very painful, cruel ineffective decision
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    Thank you post #27, its been going on for years and it is sickening to me into my very soul.

    *cry* *anger*

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    "to nail": Wish you were speaking in more literal terms here... because THAT is the ONLY way to really stop them. I mean, after all, 'justice' is really just in the eye of the beholder of the biggest wallet. So I hope you secretive guys & gals have something of a more permanent solution up your 'sleeves'.
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    Well', with a little help from our friends, over at the Guardian. Anything is possible.
    Keeping up the pressure is vital. And having an Editor-in-chief with big enough balls, is, fucking essential.

    We need the press to do it's job. Without wavering, they need to be strong, to not bow to any kind of intimidation. And then maybe, just maybe, we have a shot a exposing these people for what they really are.



    Jeffrey Epstein: charities turning backs on financier accused in sex case

    Three grant recipients of Epstein’s money said they would accept no more gifts
    Rutgers professor and friend: ‘I don’t see these acts as so heinous’

    This July 30, 2008 photo shows Jeffrey Epstein in custody in West Palm Beach, Florida. He pleaded guilty in 2008 and served 13 months in prison. Photograph: Uma Sanghvi/AP

    Some charities that have received money from the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein say they are reviewing their relationships with him or will decline to accept any future gifts from him in the wake of recent allegations he forced an underage girl to have sex with Britain’s Prince Andrew and other powerful men.

    Epstein, 62, who pleaded guilty in 2008 to procuring an underage girl for prostitution and served a year in a Florida jail, has long burnished his reputation as a philanthropist through a series of foundations he says have given millions of dollars to institutions ranging from Harvard University to a New York junior tennis league.

    The allegations involving Epstein became a tabloid sensation on both sides of the Atlantic after lawyers for one of Epstein’s accusers made them in a court filing just over a month ago. It prompted strong denials from Prince Andrew and from prominent US lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who was also accused of having sex with the girl.

    Continued -
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    Was Peter Morrison and Patrick Rock, running a sophisticated international pedophile ring from No 10 downing street, reaching as far a field as the White house, USA?
    I strongly believe it to be true.

    With allegations of snuff parties involving senior politicians and powerful businessmen, policemen, media celebrities and, various men from local and district Councils , who were complicit and present when several young boys from orphanages were killed by being beaten to death and run over by cars. And then covered up, by the then Prime Minister, certain Lords from The British Houses of Parliament, The White House, the CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, and the British Home Office.

    Conspiracy of Silence is a 56-minute unreleased documentary film produced by Yorkshire Television in 1994.

    The subject of the film is an alleged child sexual abuse ring involving a number of prominent Nebraska persons, including Lawrence King, an Omaha banker, political fundraiser, and convicted felon.

    This documentary was supposed to have been aired in the USA on may 3rd 1994. When certain members of congress found out about it, they threatened the cable industry with restrictive legislation. Somebody had anonymously bought up the rights to the video tape of the documentary, and then it was ordered that all copies be destroyed.

    I have managed to find a bootleg of that documentary and one may view it here

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    The Australian, 31st January 2015
    by Jaquelin Magnay

    EVERY Saturday in the school holidays two English brothers, Kevin and Martin Allen, would make their way to Canberra House, just down from the Australia House embassy on London’s Strand to wash the cars of the Australian high commissioner’s fleet.

    For five quid each the teenagers would wash and polish, and occasionally squirt each other with a blast of the hose. Kevin Allen remembers how Martin, 18 months his junior, would often break out of his quiet shell and spontaneously grin as they removed the grime of London’s streets from the specially imported Ford Fairlanes in the underground basement. Those memories are particularly poignant because 35 years ago, on Guy Fawkes night in 1979, Martin Allen vanished without trace.

    The 15-year-old was last seen at Kings Cross tube station en route to visit his older brother Bob, who had a new baby. The mystery of what happened to Martin, the son of the Australian high commissioner’s head chauffeur, Tom Allen, has been reignited in recent months after a man, identified only as Nick, says he was the victim of a VIP pedophile ring that included high-ranking politicians, business leaders, intelligence agents and even a royal connection. Nick has linked this pedophile ring directly to the murders of three boys. Kevin Allen, and the London Metropolitan police, believe Nick’s account that Martin may have been one of three boys killed in the late 1970s and early 80s.

    One boy is claimed to have been strangled by a sitting Conservative MP; another boy was murdered at an orgy at which a Conservative MP was present; and another abuser struck a boy aged about 10 with his car as a way to intimidate other victims. No bodies have been found.

    The police are taking the claims of Nick, now a middle-aged man, so seriously they have launched an appeal for anyone with knowledge to come forward. The murders are linked to the notorious pedophile hangouts in London at the time: in Elm House, Barnes, another in Dolphin Square, Pimlico — just a short walk from Westminster — and a little-publicised address in Kensington.

    For Kevin, who was 16 at the time, the fresh link between his brother’s abduction and an Establishment network has raised questions about how Martin was identified and groomed. Kevin believes he may have been targeted by members of the VIP gang, perhaps after being spotted at his house inside the elegant grounds of the Australian high commissioner’s residence, Stoke Lodge in Kensington, or when cleaning the cars at Canberra House.

    The police are now reconsidering the long-held view that it was a chance encounter on London’s transport system that led to Martin’s disappearance, presumably at the hands of a pedophile gang involved in trafficking and the production of pornographic videos. Diplomats, royals, government ministers, business executives and Margaret Thatcher were frequent visitors to Stoke Lodge in the late 1970s when the former Liberal politician Gordon Freeth was the Australian high commissioner.

    The Allen family lived in the caretaker’s five-bedroom cottage in the grounds, separated from Stoke Lodge by just a few metres across a wrought-iron low-level fence about one metre high. “It was quite secluded where we were; people didn’t have any reason to come down there unless they lived there, really,’’ Kevin tells Inquirer. The well-heeled jewellery family, the De Beers, were neighbours, so, too, the Showerings, who owned Allied Breweries, and there was an Arab king to the right.

    The street, Hyde Park Gate, is particularly famed as Sir Winston Churchill lived and died there. “We would often go into the garden and speak to visitors at Stoke Lodge,” says Kevin. “My mum and I even stood at the fence and chatted to Prince Charles and Princess Diana once when they visited.” Martin took a photograph of Margaret Thatcher and her husband Denis when they were leaving one of the receptions at Stoke Lodge.

    Tom Allen, had been promoted to head chauffeur in about 1974 and with the position came the privileged address near Hyde Park, not far from the West End. Kevin’s bedroom was at the far end of the cottage, but Martin’s was halfway along the hallway, directly overlooking the ambassadorial residence. Since November last year, when police started fresh inquiries into the historical abuse of children by the VIP pedophile gang, Kevin has started his own digging. What has shocked him, apart from what he believes is an apparent disinterest of the police in re-examining Martin’s disappearance, are the staggering links the Australian high commission had to men who would later be revealed as some of the country’s most vile pedophiles.

    Kevin says it was standard practice for the high commission to supplement its regular drivers with stand-in and casual drivers from a particular chauffeur firm located just across the Thames. His research has revealed that this chauffeur firm had, at various times, employed Sidney Cooke, whose gang the “Dirty Dozen’’ would later be convicted and jailed for the torture and murder of three young boys in the 80s.

    Jimmy Savile’s chauffeur, David Smith, who killed himself last year before standing trial on sex charges, is believed to have had links to the same car company in the late 70s.

    Cooke and his pedophile cohort are understood to have been some of the drivers who would pick up young care-home boys and rent boys in the expensive cars and deliver them to organised orgies in Barnes, Pimlico and Kensington. “All about at the same time as Martin’s disappearance, all of these pedophiles were linked to the (known pedophile) houses and a couple of them worked for the one car company that Australia House used as subbies if they didn’t have enough drivers,’’ says Kevin, blinking back tears. “Cooke and a few other infamous multi-murdering people worked for this car company.”

    Kevin leans back in his chair in the small canteen of his Middlesex workplace and stresses that such a link could be critical. “It is more than a link,” he insists. “This was a time when kids were sold and traded; there was one gang selling kids to Amsterdam. These guys were trafficking kids, someone wanted something specific and they found it and if they didn’t fit bill at the end of the day, they abused them and disposed of them.’’ Kevin said Martin could easily have been spotted by one of the stand-in drivers while they were washing the high commissioner’s fleet of cars or outside Stoke Lodge and noted his brother’s quiet nature and young appearance. “Just thinking about it …’’ Kevin trails off and shakes his head. Cooke, known as Hissing Sid, would lure young boys from fairgrounds to be gang raped.

    Police are continuing to look into any links he or his associates may have had with the VIP pedophile network. Cooke, now serving two life sentences, was certainly in the frame at the very beginning of the police investigation into Martin’s disappearance because they asked Kevin if the boys had been to any fairgrounds. One now-retired lead detective believes Cooke is behind the disappearance of at least 17 boys and the Dutch police believe he was involved in trafficking young boys for the lucrative young boy trade in Europe. Kevin says his instinct has always been that Martin was the victim of someone in authority.

    “The detective in charge sat in our house one Sunday lunchtime and asked me, ‘What do you think happened, Kev?’. I told him I thought Martin had been taken by a higher or elite person and he sat there, pointed his finger at me and said, ‘You shouldn’t be saying things like that, you could get hurt’.” Kevin still remembers how rattled he was at the response. “At 17 you don’t expect that,’’ he says. “I wasn’t wrong, was I? Thirty-five years down the line and now it is front page.’’ For more than 30 years, the activities of this incredibly well-connected pedophile network was apparently protected from scrutiny through the issuing of government D-notices, which prevent media publication of anything deemed to affect national security.

    It is believed this stymied police investigations. Hundreds of files relating to the disclosures and evidence about the VIP pedophile ring have since gone missing. Kevin says the files relating to Martin’s disappearance have been destroyed twice. Only now, under parliamentary privilege, some politicians are speaking about the network to which, incredibly, some serving politicians are linked. One serving Labour peer is under investigation for sexually assaulting young boys in the 70s. Last week, former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, who was publicly accused of covering up investigations of the pedophile network in the 1980s after being handed an explosive dossier from a fellow politician, died of cancer.

    Within days of his death evidence emerged that Brittan had been photographed attending a rent boy orgy back in 1986. London’s Sunday Mirror has reported the young boys were picked up at Kings Cross and dropped off at a north London building to be repeatedly raped, but the day before the planned arrests of Brittan and 16 high-profile figures who had been observed entering the under-age sex den, including another politician, the late Cyril Smith, and some judges, the 1986 investigation was inexplicably disbanded. One of the boys abused told police before Brittan died that the politician was “nasty, cruel, sadistic and hateful’’.

    Brittan’s name also appears on lists of visitors to the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, southwest London. This was an Edwardian house where well-connected political figures would exploit and abuse orphans from nearby Richmond in the 70s and 80s. It is alleged the partygoers would select boys for the “party’’ from pictorial records of the various care homes. Police started looking at the possibility of Martin’s abduction and abuse at Elm Guest House soon after he went missing, and it intensified when another boy, Vishal Mehrotra, 8, the son of a magistrate, disappeared less than 3km from Barnes on the night of the 1981 royal wedding. Mehrotra’s body was found a year later, but his murder is still unsolved. Last year, Home Secretary Theresa May announced a public inquiry into all of the allegations of cover-ups surrounding historic child sexual abuse.

    Yet there is still no inquiry head after the first two chairmen were revealed to have family and friendship links to some of the people under investigation. Meanwhile, public confidence in the political system to investigate its own has nose-dived. Scotland Yard would not comment on its investigations. “Detectives from the Child Abuse Investigation Command are working closely with colleagues from the Homicide and Major Crime Command under the name of Operation Midland,’’ a statement from Scotland Yard says. For Kevin and the extended Allen family, the heartache, now in its fourth decade, continues without resolution.
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    Anonymous Call UK Protest Against ‘Paedophiles in the Establishment’

    By Lucy Draper 2/4/15 at 5:20 PM

    A supporters of the activist group Anonymous wears a mask during a protest against the alleged cover up of paedophilia at the BBC outside their studios in central London December 23, 2014. Neil Hall/Reuters

    Infamous hacker group Anonymous have called for several demonstrations in the UK to protest against what they believe is a huge coverup of paedophile networks by “those who are meant to protect”.

    Anonymous have recently turned their attention to international and institutional paedophiles, including those connected to the Westminster child sex abuse scandal currently unfolding in the UK. The group are now calling for people to ‘take to the streets’ next Friday in London’s Trafalgar Square, Glasgow and Essex.

    Heather Marsh, speaking on behalf of the group, explained that “Operation Death Eaters”, as the project is referred to, is not only seeking to expose those responsible for the crimes, but also those who enabled the sexual abuse to continue.

    Continued -
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    Four Westminster child sex abuse files unearthed in Whitehall archives

    The files, found in a special archive containing 'sensitive, historic papers', will be passed to investigators


    By Press Association
    7:39PM GMT 04 Feb 2015

    Four more files relating to historical child sex abuse have been unearthed in the Whitehall archives, the Cabinet Office has disclosed.

    The documents were discovered in a special archive - known colloquially in Whitehall as the ''cabinet secretaries' files'' - containing ''sensitive, historic papers''.

    Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said the files would now be made available to the newly reconstituted inquiry in to historical child sex abuse as well as to the Metropolitan Police and other relevant government departments.

    The disclosure comes after it emerged last month that the Cabinet Office was holding a secret dossier from the 1980s relating to the paedophile activities of the late diplomat Sir Peter Hayman.
    That file has now been transferred to the National Archives in Kew, west London, where it is open for public inspection.

    In a Commons written statement, Mr Maude said that the latest cache of papers included one file which had been earmarked for destruction pending final checks by the Cabinet Office and the National Archives.

    ''The files were found in a separate Cabinet Office archive of sensitive, historic papers. This archive, colloquially known as the cabinet secretaries' file, was closed in 2007,'' he said.

    ''It is largely uncatalogued and unregistered; a programme to review it has been under way since last year but remains in progress. Officials assure me that the available titles have now been searched and more detailed searches are ongoing.''

    Source -

    YES! C'mon .. Let's go. ... One can just sense the sick fucks starting to sweat and squirm.
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  34. A.O.T.F Member

    “I have asked the FBI to show me the video surveillance and other pictures of me that I believe they have in their possession,” she said. “They said that I would have to go to the prosecutors to get them. But the prosecutors will not share anything with me.”

    Meaning - They exsist.

    Oh Dear ... Has anybody ever seen what happens when the FBI gets in front of shit rolling down hill?

    Just you wait and see!
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  35. Ogsonofgroo Member

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  36. A.O.T.F Member

    David Cameron's Pedophile Pals

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