Pedophilia is a "sexual orientation"-The Atlantic

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Disambiguation, Aug 30, 2013.

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    You betcha
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    They hadn't been writ yet.
    I read part of his article. It's hard to feel sorry for pedophiles but he is right- sexual attraction to children isn't a choice. He asks that we understand he is blameless in this (true) then acknowledges that chid porn causes child sexual abuse (true), then asks us to forgive his viewing and collecting of child Each time a pedophile asks for understanding it gets down to our understanding that child abuse is forgivable.
    Prove me wrong.
    I'm wondering if porn addiction goes hand in hand with pedophilia.
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    Surely the onus on dox is on the claimant…? I posted plenty of research materials in the other thread that I think provide enough evidence to doubt this, and it would seem that Cantor’s comments (the guy interviewed in the second article) don’t support it either.
    From what research I’ve seen this doesn’t seem to be case, and from what Goldberg has written this seems a rather extreme example. He writes: “For almost 20 years, I spent virtually every night of my life in the same manner: Sitting in front of my computer and either trawling the Internet for child pornography or looking at the pictures and videos that were already a part of my collection.” He even writes that not even sleep deprivation was a barrier to his thirst. This is an unheard-of level of addiction, and one that even full-blown child molesters or rapists tend not to have.

    Even if Goldberg’s attraction was not directed at Children, it is hard for me to image that the dude still wouldn’t have had serious issues with the level of pornography addiction he describes….
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    1378578336346.jpg this poor guy couldn't help it. He was born with a condtion. I hope he gets the help he needs...over and over and over and over again.
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    child molester =/= paedophile. What specific portion of that are you failing to grasp? Or is it intentional...?
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    Yes this was intentional....sorry for my fail
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    So is RAPE then ??
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    I Could be wrong, but I think the op's point was how fucking stupid that logic is. Every one wants to hide behind/blame their crimes on some kind of disorder.
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    Being sexually attracted to kids is a disorder. Do you really think anyone who had a choice would actively choose to be a paedophile? As far as I know, there is no actual cure, the only thing you rally can do is to chemically castrate them.
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    Carl panzram, evil that had a disorder,
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    Seeking sexual arousal by looking and searching for pics of children that you KNOW have been kidnapped, raped, betrayed, had their innocence taken from them, separated from their parents, used and violated, physically harmed, had their spirits crushed, set up for negative life experiences, etc (mix and match any or all of those for every different situation) is a violation of the very definition of humanity. It is criminal, it is sadistic, but it is also a mental derangement.

    Prison isn't necessarily supposed to end crime, and part of the function of prisons is to separate people who would support harming or cause harm to others away from their target population. I'd be alright with pedophiles being kept in mental institutions and studying them - for life. They should never, ever be allowed anywhere that children live, work, or play once they have been caught or diagnosed or both. I don't see that it is very likely that either of those will happen.

    I find it ridiculous that this guy rationalizes that he never really harmed any child - the pornographers are in it for the money too, and whatever money he spent is part of propping up the industry he supported every single night for 20 years!
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    I was impressed at the start- here is a guy who dreams of hurting people but controls it, feels bad for having that sexual attraction, and accepts punishment for his child porn...and then he doesn't. Instead he explains that his use of childporn was noble. He fell right back into the pedophile cry for acceptance.

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