Penelope Cruz & Tom Cruise What Happened There?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Drunk, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Drunk Member

    Penelope Cruz & Tom Cruise What Happened There?

    We all know the story. DM was determined to find his best pal a new gf and wifey, so they went through a number of Hollywood starlets including Scarlett Johansson until they found Katie. But I remember that for a while he was supposedly banging Penelope Cruz. Does anyone know if he got her in the cult? Some sites says he did, but if so why did he get his buddy to help him find a new chick? Maybe her accent got old after a while.

    I know, Scilons are fucking nuts.

    Here is a link of her topless scene in one of her movies. NOT SAFE FOR WORK you working FAGS!.

  2. Prometheus1 Member

    Re: Penelope Cruz & Tom Cruise What Happened There?

    She took some classes but I would have figured that for them to have any thing that resembles a relationship that they would have had to spend time together. All they ever did together was appear at his premieres or whatever event he was invited to at the time together and be seen together during the holidays. Both of them through their 2 1/2 year relationship were working at different sides of the world, they had broken up months before anyone had a clue about it.

    Apparently, they were still close, so close that he went to Spain to introduce Holmes to her and her family, not sure about now, though.

    He got Cruz the same way that he got Holmes, his people went around on the set of Vanilla Sky telling the female members of the cast and crew that he was separating from Kidman and was now free to date. This was chronicled by a writer for Seventeen, I think, who was approached, she was working as an extra, she said no and one day, it was revealed that Cruz got the job.

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