People in Iran need your help

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by EPG, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. EPG Member

    1. Instant Messengers in Iran are apparently being "filtered" does anybody have any idea how this is and what the solution to it is??

    2. I know in the past bypassing internet filters was much simpler with secure VPNs. Are there any free VPNs available? Can we reach out to any companies to provide Iran with VPNs (I'm not an expert on this, I just know it works/used to work in the past)
  2. arcith Member

    Trillian's free version has 'secure im' which works over AIM. both sides need trillian or AIM pro for it to work. (

    You can also use meebo (again both parties must use it) (

    These sort of events are exactly why phil zimmerman invented PGP. Though, that's used over email.

    VPNs will be tougher as they're easy for other people to abuse....
  3. arcith Member

    you have to be sure to use meebo over https, i'm not sure I made that clear above
  4. EPG Member

    Thanks much for the help, I will share this with Iran and see if it helps.

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