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    Scientology stalker Oliver Schaper guilty of five counts of committing a lewd act upon a child

    Meanwhile, we had the pleasure of hearing from AnonOrange, an Orange County protester who was targeted with all kinds of nasty Scientology Fair Game back in the day.
    (And kind of a coincidence. Just the other day we were reminded of brave Paulien Lombard telling the Garden Grove City Council that she had spied for Scientology before ditching the organization, and that one of the targets she was instructed to surveil was AnonOrange.)
    AnonOrange reminded us that back in the day, he and others were targeted by a very slimy Scientology operative named Oliver Schaper who became a real object of derision and scorn at the old Anon boards. Some of you oldtimers may remember how much Schaper was reviled as a scummy Scientology thug, and who was outed as the operator of several porn websites.
    Besides AnonOrange, Mark Bunker was also a target of Schaper, who tried to have thousands of videos exposing Scientology removed from the web back during those heady early days of the Anonymous movement.
    AnonOrange remembered that Schaper was particularly creepy about his operations for the church. “He would follow me around. He would be in the audience, and then he’d take a picture of me, and when I got home I’d receive an email showing that he was right behind me. He was harassing numerous Anons in Orange County.”
    Well, AnonOrange wanted to let us know that Schaper has received an astounding comeuppance. Schaper was arrested in 2016 and then convicted of five counts of committing a lewd act upon a child, who was 9 years old when he began abusing her. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison.
    Also, Schaper has legally changed his name to Hendrick Oliver Stone. Well, maybe he’s already anticipating his next Scientology lifetime, since this one got so messed up. To a thetan, of course, 16 years in prison is almost nothing. Remember, according to L. Ron Hubbard we are all 76 trillion-year-old immortal beings who have, during that huge amount of time, done pretty much everything, including the sexual killing of children. So, there’s no reason for the Church of Scientology to put out statements on any of these church members because, well, we’re all pretty much guilty of even worse.
    See how that works?

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