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    Hayden Gerson
    Man who attacked police officers sentenced to nearly 34 years

    Posted 2:16 PM, July 16, 2019, by City News Service

    Scientologists behaving badly: What’s prison time to a trillion-year-old thetan?
    By Tony Ortega | August 7, 2019
    by Tony Ortega

    In 2010, Hayden Gerson was listed as a significant donor to San Diego’s “Ideal Org” fundraising effort. In the “Alumni” category, Hayden was credited with donating at least $5,000 for the renovation of Scientology’s church on 4th Avenue. And that was five times what his uncle Stan Gerson had given.
    Stan Gerson is a magician and a very well known Scientologist who has been featured on Scientology TV (is there any greater honor today?). Numerous other members of the Gerson family were also listed as donors to the San Diego project, and Jennifer Gerson, another family member, is one of the org’s executive directors.
    But despite donating to the cause, Hayden didn’t have much time to enjoy the fruits of his generosity. On December 12, 2016, less than a month after the San Diego Ideal Org’s grand opening that November 19, police were called to Hayden’s home by his girlfriend who claimed (but later denied) that he’d been violent with her.
    Gerson refused to go quietly with the police, who zapped him with a stun gun, but he then began choking one of the police officers and punched his partner. He then retrieved an unloaded rifle, and threatened the officers with it. So then the SWAT team was called in. Here’s a news account of what happened next:


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