Persian kiwi arrested

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. "iran election

    this is a sad day.

    tommorow i will wear green.

    i hope (s)he will be in your thoughts.

    Evil thinks not to beguile us be unveiling the terrible thruth of it's festering intent, but comes instead, disguised in diaphanous robes of virtue, whispering sweet-sounding lies intended to seduce us into the dark bed of our eternal graves.

    -traslated from Koloblicin's jurnal

    Remember allways thoose that seak thruth!
  2. Christ this is terrible news.

    Goodspeed to him/her.
  3. i will be praying for him/her.
  4. Swarm Theory Member

    Allah be praised

    No harm. I pray to Allah.
  5. horrible news ... Godspeed!
  6. persian kiwi

  7. confirmed

    I picked it up at iranbaan sp i think so.
  8. If they harm a hair on her head, it will be like Neda all over again. If they do anything to her, put a scratch on her body or a smudge on her clothes, they will regret it a thousandfold.
  9. Just saw this:

    From OG:

    Pls stop the rumours about pk, no one knows anything, they are probably safe and keeping radio silence. #iranelection #iran #neda18 minutes ago from web
  10. And this:

    From IB:

    I'm so sorry. I recive the [PK] arrest news from a honest source but I hope it's been incorrect. 9 minutes ago from web

    Only one source...there's still hope.
  11. a desert Member

    Oh shit, I really hope this isn't true. Please, please please let this be a false alarm.
  12. Swarm Theory Member

    I refuse to believe it even though I knew it was a matter of time.
  13. largest surprised

    Just one of many. Brings it home.

    There is nothing worse than standing by on the sidelines while others are getting the brunt of the hell. This is real.

    What comes around goes around. Theirs is coming, and there is not a thing they can do to stop it.
  14. from a solid source

    I have heard from a solid source inside Iran that this is purely a rumor as she has not heard any news of the arrest from others inside the country, only tweets about it from unknown (to she that is) sources. She hasn't given me false information yet so lets hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    I hope this helps.
  15. I just noticed on twitter there's a pk2. Any idea if that's legit?
  16. PK2 is not real, her writing style does not match up with the old one (too militant to be PK) and she posts with odd keywords. PK always used #IranElection.

    persiankiwie might be real and I noticed OxG was attempting to get identifying information out of that person, stuff only PK would know. so stay tuned on that one.
  17. CurtMonash Member

    Persian Kiwi used to only follow 41 people. Now s/he follows 42. So there has been Twitter account activity of some kind there.
  18. scorpionkiss Member

    Persian Kiwi

    I hope she is well also...and it would take an "unregistered user" to call us a moron,like to see him do it to my face!
  19. It looks like they have been having a lot of success systematically tracking down all the people who used Twitter. Especially those who began using twittering toward the beginning without Proxy. I hope they had the chance to escape but it's very likely they are in custody. Best of luck.
  20. Break Out

    Anyone know how a way to bust him/her out? Anonymous is legion, after all...
  21. Hope he is safe

    Has anyone heard from omarion lately? I hope he is still safe.

    Always in my prayers!!
  22. If only, they got some of the best IRL trolls.
  23. Best Of Luck!

    While Bush might have invaded your airspace to drop guns and heavy-weapons.. Obama is going about this diplomatically.
    We changed gears, hopefully Iran can too!
  24. dr3k-IRAN Member

    This PURELY speculation thread is now on Fark. Good job guys...
  25. PK has always represented an ideal - a variation of the French Underground of WWII. The fact people believe PK is lost may be that they believe the Iranian Revolution circa 2009 is also lost.
  26. We haven't heard from PK for over three days now... I fear for him/her.

    Remember whom we have to thank, after the little clerics, remember Nokia and Siemens. Respond "appropriately."
  27. I hope they are all safe too! It would be tragedy beyond words if we lost both of them in the same day.

    All are in our prayers tonight. Good Luck.
  28. Because of these rumors (hoping they are only rumors), I've decided to re-open my anonymous tweeting service so Iranians can get info out without worrying about their twitter username being tracked, despite the spam the service initially received. Here's the link: It will RT anything under the username irananontweet with the #iranelection tag already added. Hope it helps.

    persiankiwi: Safe. Basiji corrupted my twitter acct. DO NOT SEND INFO TO ME @persiankiwi! Great danger!
    persiankiwi: Am safe but on the move
    persiankiwi: I can confirm plain clothes inside and outside of MirMousavis location

    [MODEDIT -- this is unconfirmed anonymous post]
  30. Pk could just be reasonably scared and holding radio silence seeing how a few of the initial Gr88 twitters have gone missing. M*****m comes to mind... :(
  31. Ah...

    Since whomever is after PK already know a great deal about him, would it be rude to ask who is PK? Is he the organizer?
  32. Diplomacy doesnt work on dictators
  33. Ah...2

    An Irani trained in New Zealand? Iran's snit with the Brits?
  34. No it would not be rude... It would be treasonous.
  35. on persiankiwie they say "I"
    on the original persiankiwi they say "we"
  36. Wearing green here in Colorado tomorrow for all of you. You have my (allbeit Christian) prayers.
  37. don't apologize, it's the same god. "Allah" is just the arabic word for god, if you go to a Christian church in the middle east they pray to Allah.
  38. Ariana Member

    Your source for this info?

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