Persian kiwi arrested

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. persiankiwie <- this
  2. persiankiwiE is not necessarily the real PK, one would think they would mention the arrested rumors if they were the real one, and there are differences in how they talk. so we really don't know how PK is.
  3. Ariana Member

    Right, we can't be certain.

    It's best to hold out hope, of course, but always take things like this with a grain of salt, and be careful which sources you trust, and how much you trust them. There's a ton of information going around out there, and it's hard to know which info is reliable.
  4. GlobalSupporter

    I read today that PK is okay, and that his/her Twitter acct. has been taken over by the govt. and that now PK is operating on Twitter under PK2 for the time being. I hope this is true. God be with PK and everyone.
  5. Vee Member

    Its quite possible there spreading info and confusion to throw the authorities off their trail.
  6. Several weeks ago I set up an anonymous tweeting service so those in Iran that didn't want their twitter usernames to be tracked could still get information out. It was initially spammed, so I shut it down for a while. Given the recent rumors about tweeters in Iran getting arrested, I've decided to open up the anonymous service again. Here's the URL:
    Anything entered will be retweeted under the username "irananontweet" with the #iranelection tag already added. I've also added some code to help protect against spam...not perfect but should cut it down. Please help spread the word to those that might need this service.
  7. This is not working for me. Anyone else have luck here?
  8. Jaymax Moderator

    I am pretty confident just from style elements this is not the same twitterer.
  9. That's my read too. I think PK may have been more than one person, but this is not the same person who was Twittering under the PK name on the 20th to 24th.
  10. Oh goodness, no! I'm praying for them!

  11. I agree from writing style this is NOT PK.

    Caution, one of two other sites of people we know may now be compromised. If you know someone's style and have been watching them since the beginning you can pick up the differences.
  12. Terrible News!!!

    What a brave woman/man espacially compared to those COWARDS in power!

    May God love guide and protect PK!!!
  13. Prozac4Tom Member

    I really hope that's true and PK is somewhere safe
  14. I pray too, really hope this good new is true !
  15. iranbaan Important : Persian Kiwi is not arrested, but he does not have access to internet.# iranelection
    about 1 hour ago from web
  16. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Twitter is going nuts with stupid retweets.

    Still not confirmed to my satisfaction, but everyone is retweeting:
    RT - FROM RELIABLE SOURCE: persiankiwi has not been arrested but has no access to internet.
  17. Angelraven Member

    I agree , it is not confirmed to my satisfaction either!
  18. I Ran Hubbard Member

    More unconfirmed nonsense being spread:

    RT RT RT : From persianKiwi : Wounded but safe-doctor enroute- gov't monitoring Twitter accts-no DMing

    All based on the -e twitter acct which is probably not the same person.
  19. Neda?

    Havent you heard it was a scientologist who did it!

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