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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Atomosk, Jan 29, 2008.


Should protesters carry their ID during pickets?

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  1. Atomosk Member

    Personal Identification

    I heard from somewhere that you shouldn't carry any form of ID on you when protesting Co$, since knowing who you are is the first step to getting screwed by their lawyers. I'm asking you guys if this is a good idea. In the event things get ugly, police will want to see a driver's license or something.

    Should we leave our IDs at home, or just be extremely cautious about using names and the like?
  2. transparency Member

    i dont know how low the OSA would stoop, but my concern about carrying my wallet at a raid would be to have it lifted by a scifitologist (or something like that). then the CoS would have *ALL* of my information... credit cards, residence, dl #, etc... not so good.

    its probably just paranoia. but better safe than sorry.
  3. Atomosk Member

    My suggestion would be to not take your wallet, but just the money you need for food and water, etc.
    If you feel you may need your ID, hide it in your shoe/sock. Nobody would expect to find it there, and it'd be damn near impossible to have lifted without your awareness.

    A less likely to succeed but more lulzy idea would be to have a fake ID. They can't arrest you for having a "Richard C. Mongler" ID because they'd have to explain a) why they have it, and b) how they know whose it was
    ^Not a recommended plan, but if you think you can pull it off...
  4. transparency Member

    i've used the sock idea before. works great. its better if you have boots, since you can store more junk in them. but shoes are ok too.

    the fake id thing would be amusing... though i have absolutely no idea how they would pull it off... and the person in question would lose their investment in that resource... heheh.
  5. Atomosk Member

    True, it's an expensive investment for a few lulz.
  6. chatman Member

    I am Anonymous, you live at 142 High St and your sisters a furry.
  7. Atomosk Member

    25 hours in MS paint
  8. AnonymousWI Member

    It might be a good idea to keep a legitimate ID hidden on you somewhere in case of police involvement. It won't exactly look good to have to tell a police officer that you don't have any ID on you, since very few people (who aren't minors) walk around without any.
  9. pi Member

    Yeah, I'm going to sick my id in a plastic bag and stick it under the insole of my shoe.
  10. plainjanelane Member

    Take your ID and stick it in your bra/underware/sock. Some states require you to carry some sort of ID at all times.

    If the police are involved, whether acting for or against you, ID will make the whole process much smoother. Don't show it to any one unless they are a cop. Respectfully ask to see their badge before showing them ID if you can. Don't take anything but your driver's license and maybe some cash for food.

    Regardless, if you are over the age of 10 and don't know your social, get memorizing right now.
  11. Atomosk Member

    Ladies, unless you have an extremely pressing need for it, leave your purses at home. There shouldn't be anything in there that you need that can't be carried in your pockets. If it's feminine products, bring your smallest purse.
  12. +5. I wouldn't bring a purse at all. You're going to be masked, you don't need makeup or whatever is in those mysterious bags.

    All I would bring is your driver's license (only if you're driving there), and some cash for food.
  13. Atomosk Member

    And water. Don't forget to hydrate.
  14. xenuslc Member

    Or at least know where you can get hydration. Reason #137 why Salt Lake kicks ass: 7-11, right next to the Scientology center downtown.

    As far as ID, I'd say it depends on laws regarding the cops. In Salt Lake, for example, you have to show the cops ID upon request or you can be arrested. I'm going to be taking my ID, but I'll keep it in my inside jacket pocket, zipped up. Kept me from getting pickpocketed in Italy and Germany, it should do okay for one or two Scientologists.
  15. Commissar Member

    I would highly encourage everyone to bring 1 piece of ID with them to the protest. Leave your wallets at home/in the car, but bring at least a driver's license or something along those lines. Like someone suggested, keep it in your shoe/socks. The Scienos won't check your shoes for I.D, and you might need it if a police officer asks to see it.
  16. Anonymous82 Member

    I would be careful what ID you carry around with you.
    There is going to be a lot of lawsuits though, if they try to sue everyone!
  17. Commissar Member

    For sure. However, people need to remember that the only person you are legally compelled to show I.D to when asked is a police officer. If you wanted to, you could bring your wallet to the protest with every single piece of I.D in it. If a scieno asks you for it, all you have to do is say "No".

    I wouldn't recommend this, of course.
  18. johndoe145 Member

    Observe local laws. Some cities do require you to have your identification on you at all times. In those cases, carry it in your shoe or something. I think the most important thing here is to know your laws going in; if you don't have to provide ID to cops, then don't.
  19. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    If you have to bring ID, hide it. To prevent them getting your info, or just to have one less thing to worry about.
    I'll have about $30 emergency cash on me and my house keys, the rest is flyers and disguisers.
  20. What suggestions do you guys have for carrying, say, a change of clothing? I'm hesitant to bring a backpack or messenger bag to this because it could get annoying to wear all day but I need something to store my mask/suit in after the picket...
  21. DustWizard Member

    How well does duck tape to the inside of the clothes work? ID in the socks would seem to become uncomfortable in short order.
  22. I would suggest keeping an iron grip on phones too if you're using them, because of contacts, etc.
  23. Commissar Member

    That would be a good idea. It might get uncomfortable after a while though.

    I would highly recommend anyone looking to carry wallet/ID with them to put it inside one of those traveller's fanny packs that you put around your torso. You can also keep money in there, and the only way someone can really take it from you is to loot it from your dead body.
  24. xenuslc Member

    In which case your driver's license is probably not your biggest problem, as the picket has apparently gone horribly, horribly awry.
  25. donotstalk Member

    In regards to the purse thing :
    Ladies, there is nothing you need that badly that can't be contained in your bra. I don't even normally wear a bra, but I'm going to on the tenth to carry my cash and health card.
  26. Anonymews Member

    Amen, sister! XD Bras are the perfect place to stash things. :wink:
  27. Anonymuse Member

    Wear layers. We got garb specifically for the protest- including cheapo hoodies and loose pants that can be worn OVER the change of clothing. Also, some cloth bags can probably be smushed up enough to store in a fanny pack during the protest and pulled out to store masks/protest clothes after the fact. If push comes to shove, I can completely toss my protest garb without much remorse for the money spent.

    If you go the layers approach, make the protest attire (top layer) extremely generic clothing. Single color, no logos, emblems, or unique patterns or markings. Then make your change layer (underneath) totally different. If your top layer is, say, red, make your bottom layer mixed colors, maybe black and a funny t-shirt. If your top layer is all black, make the bottom layer bright colors.

    Heck, if you want to go for broke, spend the money and make your bottom layer the "typical out of state/country tourist" attire, and ocne out of your protest garb, act the part.
  28. Atomosk Member

    I'm bringing a backpack. will store my flyers, clothes, and water in it. We can have the backpacks stored in someone's car, or have someone guard them at all times.
  29. Anonymous2247 Member

    It'll be cold in Salt Lake. I'm gonna wear two of my thin trenchcoats (only anti-cold stuff I have). I'll have the inner one tucked in my belt to keep it from showing underneath the outer one, and the outer one will be buttoned up. Wallet will be in the inner coat pocket or my pants pocket. They want my ID, they need to be able to get through a buttoned trenchcoat without me noticing.

    Also helps if I get tailed. I'll have a hat on and a different one stashed in my coat pockets. I catch a movie and use the restroom or duck into a mall restroom or something, switch the coats, and then switch hats, mebbe have an extra pair of shades to switch, then walk back out.
  30. Anon883 Member

    Just put your id where other people would have a hard time accessing it, such as the pocket on the inside of a jacket. Lets not talk about exactly where we have them lest a $cieno reads this and tries to get crazy on us :roll:
  31. SomeOldGuy Member

    She has it right and a half.

    Not having your ID when you're at a protest is a Bad idea. If the person is in a full NYPD uniform, glance at the badge number/name just in case while they're looking at your ID; write down their description after the conversation. That way if someone is pulling a fast one, they can be arrested for impersonating an officer.
  32. -- Pro tip --
    As well, at least in the US, real cops have those nifty pistols with the weird cord/strap thing
  33. Tuesday Member

    When I was protesting the RNC in NYC before the last election we were given the advice (by a local advocacy group of lawyers) to NOT carry any kind of identification on your person, unless you have a medical condition.

    You know what your name and address are. You know what your social security number is. You know your phone number. If it's not illegal to not carry ID then don't (if you drive, leave it in your car).
  34. Atomosk Member


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