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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Malory, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Wasn't sure where to put this, but we could do with pulling together some information on this guy because he claims to be very active in taking his anti-drug message into schools and I know other Scientology/Narconon groups were outed for doing the same.

    SCI LINK -

    SCI LINK -
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    At the bottom of his blog:
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  6. I notice Pete has a link on his facebook page to Eve McKenzie who is doing drug withdrawal by phone

    "As a fully trained drug withdrawal specialist for many years in this particular drug free Narconon programme, I will be supervising you and in contact with you or the person helping you daily as you progress through it"

    Dangerous stuff!!

    You also need to check out the Drug-free marathon that they did this year which was basically a Pete Dwan tour,(the marathon was just a diversion).

    The guy really seems to have a raport with the kids he talks to it just a pity hes pushing scientology/narconon shit
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  7. The fb page for peter dwan you posted a link to Malory only seems to be supported by a few scientologists and the silly woman above. I am not so certain that they are getting into as many schools as they would like us to think.

    The problem is that we are woefully short on good drug education in the uk, and the scientologists are offering this service for free. He seems to have good communication skills despite being a scio. The schools do not seem to be doing any checks on the guy. And it is true the talks he gives do not give direct reference to scientology.

    BUT once the schools become aware, like the schools in Cornwall mentioned above, they drop his talks pretty swiftly. Short of writing to every school in the country I don't know how to stop him!
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    Is this of any use to you?
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