Petition: Un-trademark Scientology

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    From Geir Isene.

    Petition: Un-trademark Scientology

    Opened on November 28, 2013

    To: United States Patent and Trademark Office
    Petition to cancel the trademark SCIENTOLOGY

    Words designating a science such as biology, gerontology etc. should not be trademarked for obvious reasons. Such is the case with Scientology if one considers the following:

    1)scientology is a word designating a science, as evidenced by the publication of Scientology, science of the constitution and usefulness of knowledge, ISBN 3-9804724-0-8 by Dr. A Nordenholz (1934) . Later it was defined as a science--the study of the human spirit in its relationship to the physical universe and its living forms--by L.Ron Hubbard in Ability Magazine 146 and in numerous other publications.

    2)scientology in the 21st Century has become a generic term describing the philosophy, science and theories used by many people considering themselves scientologists (incl. independents).

    3)the trademark holders have abused the rights in an attempt to deny other scientologists, not affiliated with the trademark holder from using the term describing the science.
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    FIFY - no charge.
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