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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrainStorm, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. Random guy Member

    Yes, what about that court case?

    An provincial Italian court award money to a boy suffering from autism, and they based their ruling on Wakefield's fraudulent and long ago debunked study. You read right: Wakefield. All this shit, all these "studies" and opinions eventually can be traced back to a dirty scientist taking money to lie to the scientific world.

    Notice also that provincial Italians courts sentenced geophysics to six years in the slammer for failing to predict an earthquake. I'm not a geophysicist, but even I know we don't have any way to foretell when earthquakes will strike. This ruling is like charging fortune tellers for failing to solve a murder. This is about how impressing the Milan court ruling is.

    The autism ruling:

    The earthquake ruling:
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  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Deaths attributed to vaccinations in NA~ 1-1,000,000, deaths from contracting measels~ 1-2,000, do the fucking math and hug yer kids.
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  3. BrainStorm Member

    Could you please link where are does numbers?
  4. BrainStorm Member

    So if Forbes magazine, part of the mass media, says it's bullshit, we should believe it ?
    Who the hell is Emily Willingham ?
  5. White Tara Global Moderator

    Slightly off topic but never the less, You may wish to look into all the factors involved in medical indemnity insurance premiums skyrocketing unbelievably over the last 20 years. Its very hard, and the insurers virtually admit to their clients, its all but impossible to get a judge anywhere to rule against a poor dying or maimed patient, its just not palatable in society.

    Also see how much lower the evidential standards are for civil cases versus criminal. That is pretty much a global truth.
  6. Ogsonofgroo Member

    No. The topic pisses me off so much i am grrrrrrrrr. Vaccines have been one of the most monitored medical initiatives out there, and there are many places to access the info, start with NHO, or whatever depending on where you live. Do some work there man, I am not yer brain.
  7. A.O.T.F Member

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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Great post up thar ^^^

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  9. A.O.T.F Member

    ^ :D ;)

    First hand experience with said situation: - I cannot remember a time when i have been to visit my nephew and his wife, to find both of their children ill with something. Mainly the flu. She's an "Anti-vaccer" and IMHO A fucking idiot. And the nephew is a moron for letting his kids be guinea pigs to her fucked up ideals and beliefs.
    If one were to put it into context, it's child abuse. Plain and simple. It breaks my heart to see the little tykes being subjected to that bullshit. So i have cut ties with the nephew and his wife because of their failure as responsible parents. And i relayed my feelings about it to them LOUD and CLEAR!
  10. Random guy Member

    Mate, the court case cites Wakefield and known quack Massimo Montinari, entirely independent of what Forbes might say. The ruling itself is linked in the article you linked to, read it for yourself.

    Yes, the courts finding is stupid and does not prove anything other than the danger of dirty scientists like Wakefield.
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  11. . SHOW ME YR SOURCES after posting again and again the same Dox in different rags. No conversation. Point out lack of Dox and no response or defense of Dox. Not a conversation.
  12. failboat Member
    We are perfectly capable of finding those sources on our own regarding vaccines and their effectiveness, as well as sources debunking the material your sources are based upon.

    You were given fair warning. You will be trolled, scorned, and humiliated if you continue linking to the same 5-year old story that has been debunked.
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  13. BrainStorm Member

    So in that logic, a healthy kid is a kid who never gets sick?
    We can believe in whatever we want, but one thing we can agree on, there is a huge fear propaganda.
    We get contradictory information all the time, we have to choose what to believe in.

    I am not going to believe in something that has been financed by pharmaceutical companies.
    That is my choice and I should have the freedom to choose.
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  14. BrainStorm Member

    WTF does that mean? I am asking for other members opinion and sources...

    Good luck with that.
  15. 179-giant-troll-loves-fucking-young-maidens.jpg
    Be careful what you ask for
  16. A.O.T.F Member

    No! in this case, it is two kids who are continually sick, and are not been given a chance to get well and healthy, because they have two parents who are 3 cans short of a six pack, when it comes to getting their children immunized.
  17. BrainStorm Member

    How can you be 100% sure its because they are not vaccinated? It can be so many things.. unless you are a doctor, then in that case you are probably right.

    LOOL stop Frank! You making me horney!
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  18. A.O.T.F Member

    Because my dear Brainstorm, they are more susceptible to catching anything and everything. (Especially in a school environment) And this is what is happening to them.
  19. A.O.T.F Member

    Your a very sick man, Frank :D
  20. BrainStorm Member

    So INFOWARS is wrong and I should not believe what they say?
    What do you think about them?
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  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Shingles gore and pron
  22. BrainStorm Member

    So this is what happens if you do not agree with the general opinion here.
    If what he posted is NSFW, maybe you can DELETE the porn.
    Nice excuse to censor an important debate.
  23. A.O.T.F Member

    INFOWARS!! OH FUCK NO! Alex Jones!! End of conversation.
  24. Smallpox_vaccine_injection.jpg
    You want shingles gore? Be careful what you ask for.
    The kid has small pox. This is why.
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  25. mickeymeasles.jpg
    The kid is dead
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  26. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Not funny Frank. I've warned you before.
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  27. A.O.T.F Member

    Yeah.. c'mon frank. You've made your point. Let it go dude.
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  28. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    While I understand your frustration this is your problem.
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  29. A.O.T.F Member

    Immunization is so very important, Brainstorm. Just ask any ER Doctor. In fact, find one and email him / her. OK. ;)
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  30. BrainStorm Member

    I am not against immunization, I would just like to know more of a certain vaccine before it is forced on me.
    To force vaccinations on the public is a very problematic thing, to say the least.
  31. eddieVroom Member

    They were mandatory where I went to school, and I got them all over again when I joined the army. The other choice was a summary courts-martial. Please note that the Army Medical Corp sees no value in faith-based medicine.
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  32. BrainStorm Member

    What do you mean faith-based medicine? It's not about belief, it's about the blind trust that we are expected to have.
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  33. eddieVroom Member

    Yeah, and every once in a while some high poobah somewhere gets a case of conspiracy-itis and refuses to let the kids get vaccines -- almost routinely followed by finding himself ruling a generation of cripples.
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  34. eddieVroom Member

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  35. BrainStorm Member

    loool that video xD
    Yea I agree with you, there is no denying that is bullshit lol.
    Did you think I believed in faith-based medicine? hehe

    I am just a sceptic, that's it.
    When there is media propaganda, repeating the same thing over and over again... that makes me even more sceptic.
    That is why I started this thread, I am not sure about this topic, so I wanted to hear different opinions, informed opinions.
    But as you can see, that didn't go so well lol
  36. failboat Member

    • Vaccines are not federally mandated in the US. CDC recommends 10 vaccines, 28 doses, for kids aged 0-6. There are a number of vaccines also recommended for kids older than 6, like the vaccine against HPV.
    • All 50 states have laws requiring students who wish to attend public school to receive certain vaccinations.
    • All 50 states have medical exemptions to these requirements, and most states have exemptions for personal beliefs and religious reasons. (All states with a personal belief exemption also have a religious exemption).
    • New York has laws on the books allowing it to suspend unvaccinated kids during outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases, and has used them recently. California has exercised the same action against kids in San Francisco during a recent pertussis outbreak. Federal courts have consistently upheld actions like these.
    • If your kid is unvaccinated by your choice, you'll likely have to express your philosophical or religious disagreement with vaccination if you want your kid to be able to attend a free public school (tough luck if you live in Mississippi or West Virginia). Otherwise, you'll have to homeschool him or send him to a private school - and probably a religious one.
    • Even if you get your unvaccinated kid into a public school, federal courts will likely uphold any action your state takes to suspend your kid from school during an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease.
    • ...during an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease, like this one.
    Keep your unvaccinated rugrats away from the rest of us, please.
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  37. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Yet you missed the blazingly obvious point: Diseases that were on the brink of extinction are now making a comeback all thanks to that fraudulent study done by a idiot of a doctor who now isn't a doctor.

    The fact we still have Polio and Measles around and infecting/sickening people is all the dox you need. Anybody you point to and their dox get invalidated because of that fact.

    Because there isn't a conspiracy. You are looking for one and you found it. Whether it is true or not is irrelevant to you and you have demonstrated it repeatedly in this thread.

    Also: Please point to where I mentioned Scientology in my post or even implied the Anti-Xenu crowd.

    Hint: I didn't.


    Based on your behavior in this thread: You are not worth my precious time. I have better things to do with my time than argue with somebody who believes in conspiracy shit and won't listen to empirical data but believes bullshit data from a doctor who got thrown out of the medical profession.

    Give me a ring when you want to have a serious discussion. I'll be more than glad to give you dox and what not. Otherwise:


    and since you love Obama so much:

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