Phoenix, April "First Friday" raid

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Edweird, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Edweird Member

    Phoenix, April "First Friday" raid

    As always, great success.

    We posted our standard 20ish protesters on the front door of the Phx Org at 3rd St and Roosevelt. Due to the wind advisory and the apparent failure of OT super powers, the scilons opted to move their fail stress test booths to the side of their building. We were unphased by the wind and deployed some new sign tech (my florescent tech > scilon florescent tech)against our local cultist compound, the public was pleased with our display. In addition it seems that the local OT Committee finally opened the purse strings to getting some of the anti-anon propaganda to hand out. We snaged some of this material, seems its a rehash of the "Anonymous FAQ" copypasta that has been updated to include the Agent Pubit "Hate Crime".

    Also we were fortunate enough to have some cross country visitor support, by way of Orlando we meet Budd. I think Budd is a pretty cool guy, eh isnt a norte mexican and doesnt afraid of anything.

    Anyhow, the party people have just crashed out. Pics to come when they sober up.
  2. Budd Member

    Re: Phoenix, April "First Friday" raid

    Last night WAS fun. I finally managed to get there half an hour late, around 7:00. Phun Phoenix Pholx with a great attitude, they gave me a sign to carry and even a GF mask to wear! Kool!!

    LOADS of people going by, some drunk already. Mostly college-age hipsters, but also 30yo and 40 yo, couples with kids in strollers, retired folks, hippies, stiletto heels with tight dresses, and then of course tattoos, piercings, and wild hair.... wow, I need to get out on Friday nights more often!

    Awesome light-up sign tech by the local Anons.

    I gave out several flyers to people. Mostly it was just a quick "Scientology is a dangerous brainwashing cult. Check it on the Internet. Truth is free."

    All heard. Many listened. A few stopped to talk and question.

    Phun was had by all, including me.

    Thanks for the shoutout. My job is 100% travel so I am always glad to enturbulate wherever life finds me.
    - The org in New York City is 1/2 block off Times Square and the cops are super cool.
    - Hometown Orlando cops are nice too, but our local Anons have slowed to a mere trickle. :(
  3. Vir Member

    Re: Phoenix, April "First Friday" raid

    Pix of light signs plox.
  4. subgenius Member

    Re: Phoenix, April "First Friday" raid

    I wanna see the signs.
  5. Jeff Jacobsen Member

  6. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Phoenix, April "First Friday" raid

    That is damn nice. Is it home made?
  7. subgenius Member

    Re: Phoenix, April "First Friday" raid

    Fuckin sweet
  8. Edweird Member

    Re: Phoenix, April "First Friday" raid

    yeah the "CULT" arrow was yet another handmade work of last minute win by yours truly.

    Basically its 4 of them science fair backdrops, 2x battery powered 12'' florescent lights, 8x toilet paper roll cardboards, a paint roller handle, 11' extendable painting pole, some hot glue and white duct tape.

    -Make 2 large inter arrows, and 2 slightly smaller outside arrows.
    -Take roller off from paint handle
    -Hot glue handle to brown side of large inside arrow
    -Sandwich another large arrow to the first so both outsides are white, hot glue and white duct tape edges together.
    -Cut "CULT" in the smaller arrows, Paint the brown sides black.
    -Cut the Toilet paper rolls in half and hot glue them to the backs of the smaller arrows for support.
    -Glue the "CULT" smaller arrows' toilet paper standoffs to the larger white arrows
    -Attach lights to the inside of the "U" on each side.
    9. ???
    10. PROFIT!
  9. Ninja_Llama Member

    Re: Phoenix, April "First Friday" raid

    I come bearing GIFTS....I mean, pictures, ahem...

    Chalk Tech courtesy of a Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Airbrush (glorious little tool, pain the ASS to use in the wind with flimsy stencils)

    The newest lightbox. Double-sided so that no matter which direction you see it, it says "Cult". This one took quite a while to hash out the details to make it work the best, but I think the end product was worth the effort put into it.

    Another lightbox in the more traditional manner. This one comes complete with USB powered Woot lights on the top, which are run via a small rechargeable battery pack that is mini USB in, standard USB out.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix, April "First Friday" raid

    Fluero-tech FTW!

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