Phoenix AZ anyone?

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by phxanon, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. phxanon Member

    Phoenix AZ anyone?


    I'm a noob... and i am wondering if there is any activity here in Phoenix? If so, please let me know - i want in.

  2. subgenius Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Lurk any
  3. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    There's an awesome Anon in Phoenix. Goes by the name TheBitch.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    I lol'd

    She's lurking now, even as we speak. OP, choose your Anonphoenix friends wisely.
  5. azonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    oh you guize

    welcome phxanon, tucsonanon here

    phoenix has a contingent and actually a current issue with a hubbard "museum"

    there was a thread a couple weeks ago

    search "tucson" and you'll get a couple of phoenix names

    just pm them

    or search "phoenix"

    lurk any, lol @ sub hehe
  6. Budd Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Hai guise, and gurls!

    I am working in PHX for two months and (in between work and hiking out in your beautiful mountains) I want to help the cause here. Have led several protests back home in Orlando and participated in NYC back in December when I was working there.

    On the way to China Chili yesterday for lunch, I looked out the car window and what did I see? A building with "Church of Scientolotgy" across the front! The org is in my backyard!!

    Let me know?
  7. cubby Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    thebitch has learnt to proxy... beware of nuttiness on your local forum =D
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Aren't they trying to enshrine Lrons birth place by Camelback Mountain?
  9. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone? - Phoenix Anonymous - 100 - Male - PHOENIX, Arizona - Or pm me.

    We protest every First Friday, which is, coincidentally, the first friday of each month. This is an art walk in downtown Phoenix. The org is at 3rd Street and Roosevelt, which is right in the area so lots of pedestrians go by.

    We usually meet at 6:30pm to start protesting, but Anons here have been known to be a bit tardy. It's not wise to protest alone, so have patience.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

  11. Budd Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Leaderfag? No, just when something needs to happen I like to help make it happen.

    Have known about Co$ for years but now with Internetz the secret is out. They cannot keep information locked up that is now freely available. All we have to do is tell the world, and watch it crumble...

    See you Friday, April 3!! :)
  12. Edweird Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    good to see new phx traffic for sure.

    Id like to take a second to explain the favorable circumstances we enjoy here and wish to keep. The Phx police and us have a well defined and positive relationship that allows us to remain protected from the Scilon/PI stalking that used to happen and continue our use of free critical speech on public land. Phx PD has been kind enough to provide atleast one plain clothes officer specially trained to monitor protests and allow them to remain peaceful and legal. Anyhow; anyone is welcome to join in, provided they are willing to keep it peaceful and legal.

    We choose to do "First Fridays" for several reasons:
    1. Its our old stomping grounds, we were drumming up support against scientology at the monthly art walk this time last year. And the Scilons made the choice to move to OUR home turf. If they want it, they are going to have to take it by force.

    2. The sheer mass of humanity who walks by is astounding, the vast majority of it makes it well known that they support our cause against scientology.

    3. The "Anti-gay" rhetoric in Dianetics(pg 124-125 iirc) does not sit well with the art walk crowd. Its a simple and powerful way to let the public see them for who they are.

    4. We had offered to be a paying participant (booth holder) at First Fridays to have the time to sit and share with the interested public. When we dropped our applications and fees to have a booth, we were notified by sources that not 20 minutes later the Co$ showed up to inform them of their arrival in the neighborhood. Armed with this knowledge, we support the Roosevelt Row art community any time we can. And due to Scientology tipping its hand this way, informed us that our booth was no longer nessessary and our new battleground has already been chosen for us. As I said... on home turf.

    FYI check that myspace that Jeff Jacobson posted. We will be putting up some new material on it ASAP for April's protest.

    We suggest making some effort into forging a sign that conveys a powerful point in a "low light" situation, and is something you are knowledgeable and passionate enough to speak at length about when asked. The people down there like hearing what we have against the Co$ especially if the opinions are new and fresh.

    I go with a "I dont care what they believe, but am very interested in how they think you should think" mentality, which goes well thus far.
  13. Ninja_Llama Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Woo hoo new blood!!

    Firstly, no idea who TheBitch is and I've been doing this since the beginning. There's no nuttiness, NO DRAMA; we keep a pretty tight group of 10-12 people who show every month.

    Like my friend Ed said, we've got a GREAT spot, great people and a great message. It's fun, we usually get a couple boxes of Krispy Kreme from down the street and we just chill and talk to people. Ed and I will supply the flier handouts.

    I posted a new bulletin via the myspace, and a sent a mass message via the facebook group (where I'm known as Biff Cliff). If you have specific questions you can e-mail me at

    See you Friday at 7. We're easy to spot, matching t-shirts and light-up signs.
  14. subgenius Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Still treasure the hospitality shown on my visit.
    Phx anons are awesome and the inventors of "light box sign tech."
    And the cops are fantastic.
    Wish I was there now instead of July.
  15. Edweird Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    sub, your coming back down?

    /kinda reverse snowbird eh?
  16. Ninja_Llama Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Wait till you see my new one, I should post a video of it. SO glorious.
  17. TsuDhoNimh Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Elron wasn't born there ... he didn't even write anything there. But it's got a great view of the mountain.

    He was born in Tilden, Nebraska. He liuved in the Phoenix house briefly, in 1952.
  18. subgenius Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    You must produce visual evidence before I will believe it.
    If only there were some meme for that. :)

    Timing is everything, and apparently I ain't got it.
    Took my brain two weeks to return to normal temperature.
    Good times:
    Recruited a new anon and taught her "pointing tech":
  19. Ninja_Llama Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Hey guys, Phoenix is on for TONIGHT!

    Corner of 3rd St. and Roosevelt, 7:00PM. We've got tons of signs and lightboxes.

    Hope to see you guys there.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Be careful, I have it on good authority that da bitch is gonna be dere and she has
    left strict instructions for anons not to molest her.

    Like that would happen. Its the anons I fear for.... lol!
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Speaking of TheBitch...

  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    I hope we get photos of him/it.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    There are plenty to be had on s/he's YT page and videos.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    For legal reasons.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Please be advised that this person, Jessica Chandler, is the subject of a civil mental health commitment in Maricopa County.

    Her communications, above, seem to indicate that 'someone' (or for that matter, anyone) should avoid First Fridays if they don't want to be harassed by her. That is intimidation, like the scilons do. : ) Please don't be intimidated.

    If harassment of any kind occurs, please call law enforcement and advise them that this person is on a conditional release from a mental hospital, is considered Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI), and is being managed through Mental Health Court.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Damn, that is some serious shit right there.

    So Phoenix anons, how'd it go?
  28. Herro Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Comeon Phoenix, did theBitch show up?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    It just started like an hour ago, y'all.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    She's just post this so maybe she didn't go?

  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Saw her on YouTube and read comments. Searched her on YouTube, and have one serious question:

    What happens if she is right and winds up winning her appeal as a result of your harassment / helping her. From what she has said, unless the calls were only a couple, and were far more reasoned than the police response, everything comes back to a poisoned well.

    You are warning yourselves about a person who seems to have a very legit case and who is waiting for records to come in. Personally, being so sure is often a sign of people trying to make excuses for fucking up.

    First post. Came here because of finding her there. Wouldn't protest for all the world and am watching her channel as well as you guys and the place you call the Thunderdome to see how all of you react. Right now it seems like she's got a case as she sees it. Are you really sure she is technically crazy and won't win and be exonerated? If she is, you people seems to be in for a world of pain.

    Oh, and outting social workers online is a really bad idea. Other social workers don't like it at all.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    First of all, you git, do you honestly think the people who called for help for her are complete morons? Think maybe they work at Mickey D's and it was funny to "pwn her" by calling the fucking cops? Only an idiot would think this.


    Lurk moar, dick.
  33. Dulcinea Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    You judge reality by the Internet? Let's back up and see just how wise that is. Add to it that she has a Masters in Social work and your reply seems pretty abusive in and of itself. Saying "that's how we do things" seems very lame to an outsider looking in at the moment.

    I'll not bother posting anymore since that seems the intention of the person who replied. It seems then your contention is that an Internet "diagnosis" was made by "professionals" who have lots of malpractice insurance then I take it? You folks seem pretty screwed tbh.

    Doing either is both against ethics and the law.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Obvious sock is obvious.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    You best be trolling nigger.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    She outted herself. No one from the Internet made any diagnosis. The assessments that were done with her IN PERSON are what led to her (self-proclaimed) hospitalization.

    FWIW, she isn't the only one who is college-educated her.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Hi Dulcinea,

    the only thing people here did was advise law enforcement and mental health experts about what Jessica herself was writing here and elsewhere on the internet. Law enforcement and mental health experts then made their own assessments and acted accordingly. If Jessica wasn't ill, then her issue is with those professionals who decided that she needed to be treated and acted to ensure that happened. That wasn't us.

    Jessica is very sure of herself. She's wrong on this one. I'm not concerned if you, or law enforcement, or anyone concerned about Jessica monitors this site. If a poster on this site acts illegally, then the law should take its course and I welcome it. I don't believe that has happened here.

    It's good that Jessica has people concerned about her. Take care.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    How 'bout a nice cuppa STFU, Joey? Also, Lrn2SocialJustice and soon the REAL herstory and his will be made known to all.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?

    Are you a STAKEHOLDER?
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Phoenix AZ anyone?



    Wtf was all that about eh Joey? Can you explain why you think that's your dog in that pic too?
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