Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OTBT, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    Fair-skinned redhead. They're letting the Irish on the Freewinds now?? What's this world coming to??
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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    Another picture of the same room, this time facing more toward the entrance to
    the room. The closed door on the right side of the photo is for the bathroom,
    which has a toilet, sink and shower. You can see it's a pretty small bathroom,
    approximately 5 feet by 5 feet in size. For reference, the bathroom door is
    approximately 2 1/2 feet wide.


    Picasa Web Albums -

    And here is the guy who took the pictures of the room. He is facing the beds on
    the left side of the room, in case you can't figure out the perspective.


    Picasa Web Albums -
  3. OTBT Member

    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    July 25, 2010, Freewinds in Bonaire


    Picasa Web Albums - Alisa - Trip to Cura...

  4. OTBT Member

    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    2005 photos of Freewinds cabin

    Picasa Web Albums - Lance Dorman - Freewinds 2005



    That Picasa web album also has 2005 photos of other interior and exterior
    shots, such as a long hallway, library/bookstore, outside coffee shop, swimming
    pool, etc.
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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    ^^^^^^^^^ He just doesn't want people to get better.
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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    What? They're not extinct yet?
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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    Oh no! I'm a ginger!

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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    A few days working in the tropical sun will take care of that.

    Oh right, they'll just run out the sun stroke with a few hours in the sauna. Yeah, that'll work.
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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    How many lifeboats does the tub carry, and what is their total capacity?

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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    Wasn't ol' elrondo a ginger?
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  14. OTBT Member

    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    According to multiple photos that have been posted, Freewinds has a total of 10 lifeboats, 5 lifeboats on each side of the ship. I don't know the passenger capacity of each lifeboat, though.

    I'll look around and see if I can find any photos or info about Freewinds lifeboat capacity.

    You can see 5 lifeboats in this photo:

    2010 April 14, Freewinds in St. John

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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    Closeup of Freewinds lifeboats. Look at the bottom of the photo, you can see 2 people, for size reference.

    March 17, 2009, Cartagena Colombia

    Jewel Of The Seas - Panama Canal Cruise | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


    You can see the rows of seats inside one of the lifeboats in this photo.

    February 23, 2006, Saint Johns, Antigua

    CRW_0811.CRW | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


    No obvious references online that I can find regarding the total number of passengers each lifeboat can carry on the Freewinds. But from the photos I've seen, there seems to be a sufficient number of lifeboats to evacuate everyone on board if there is ever an emergency.
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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    20 people per boat,maybe. 200 people. What is their capacity on the ship?
  17. OTBT Member

    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    September 2009, photos of cabin in Freewinds

    These cabins are pretty small for 4 beds.

    Picasa Web Albums - absolutechoc - Caribbean Sea...


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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    Heber must have had low standards. Like his momma.
  19. OTBT Member

    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    That's a pretty tiny cabin. Sardine Tech?
  20. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    That sure looked like a bar where the Tom Cruise b-day video was shot.
  21. OTBT Member

    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    22 January 2010, Freewinds at Aruba

    Where she is docked isn't what I would call a scenic view. Industrial concrete dock.

    There are a handful of people in these photos, but it's certainly not crowded.

    FREEWINDS - IMO 6810811 - - Ship Photos and Ship Tracker


    FREEWINDS - IMO 6810811 - - Ship Photos and Ship Tracker


    FREEWINDS - IMO 6810811 - - Ship Photos and Ship Tracker


    more photos:

    Photos Search - - Ship Photos and Ship Tracker
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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

  23. OTBT Member

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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    It might be a Fail Ferry, but of all the car ferries dedictated to indoctrinating cult members at their own expense, it's one of the best. It's really earned its keep.
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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    ^ lol

    Look closely. Freewinds is the tiny little ship behind the big cruise ship. Just for size comparison to a real cruise ship.


    Ships and Harbours Photos - Grand Princess on cruise

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    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010

    It wouldn't even make a decent artificial reef for diving ! LMFAO !!!
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Photos of empty Freewinds - March 2010


    I think it would be a great habitat for clown fish.
  28. OTBT Member

  29. OTBT Member

    9 January 2011, Freewinds in Oranjestad, Aruba.

    Low-res compressed versions are posted in this thread, high resolution versions are available on
    the Ship Spotting web site, and also backed up on the ImageShack links below:

    / edit

    In the hi-res versions, you can see a bunch of guys wearing hard hats.
    Some hard hats are blue, some hard hats are white.
    Doing construction, maybe?


    3 MB hi-res:


    2.5 MB hi-res:


    2.5 MB hi-res:

    Here's a zoom from the 1st photo, showing some of the guys wearing hard hats

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    Fucking rust bucket scow!
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    That's "refurbished"? LOL! And as an outside cabin, it's probably better than the interior ones.

    Outside cabin on the Carnival Spirit:


    Too lazy to compare the prices charged for each of these cabins. (There are ones much fancier than the Carnival Spirit. I was aiming for run of the mill in modern cruise ships.)
  34. OTBT Member

    A local resident of Bonaire commented on a local discussion group that scientologists don't disembark from the Freewinds to visit the island.

    So I'm guess that besides having very few passengers on board the Freewinds, the few paying passengers are probably being pressured heavily to be study OT Hatting courses non-stop, no time for vacation or sightseeing.

    Imagine going on an expensive "vacation" in the Caribbean on a "cruise ship", but not even having free time to get off the damn boat to visit the islands.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Very recent photo of deserted Freewinds


    Monday, August 13, 2012

    ".. a three hour tour, a three hour tour..."

    You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave...

    Having a lot of time on your hands has made Tom and I nosy neighbors - otherwise known as observant. For the last two weekends we have noticed a large cruise ship pull into port - the only cruise ship that we have seen here in Bonaire. Generally the arrival of a cruise ship in any other port means a 1000% increase in the number of pasty, confused looking white people walking through town. Not here - not a single conga line in sight.

    We were back at Norca's Cafe and mentioned this to Norca, as she is now our source for all insider island info.

    Us: "Hey Norca, what is up with the cruise ship that comes each Sunday but doesn't seem to have any passengers?"

    Norca: "Oh, you mean the Scientology cruise ship?" I try not to choke on my Nasi Goreng (delicious, by the way - you have to love a restaurant that can do South American and Indonesian cuisine).

    Us: "The Scientologists have a cruise ship?"

    Norca: "Oh yes, and I've been on it."

    Scientology, you may recall, is best known as the church of celebrities - Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley (OK - the "A" list falls off fast). It turns out that the mystery boat is called Freewinds - part public relations outreach, part graduate school for Scientologists. The boat cruises this part of the world and invites the locals to come on the boat for an evening to attend concerts. According to Norca it also sails to Columbia and tries to convince former paramilitary fighters and the homeless that Scientology is the solution for their every problem. The graduate school part is that the highest level Scientology "course" that the devout can take is only given on this boat - nowhere else in the world. Paying for taking the course might make this one of the priciest cruises in the world too.

    I grew up Lutheran in Wisconsin. I don't know about your experiences of religious "excursions" but can assure you that Lutherans do not own cruise ships in the Caribbean. Rather for me it was Camp Philip in the North woods. Wood cabins, outhouses and hot dogs over the fire. That was it. As we looked up at the boat yesterday and saw the lounge chairs, pool, volleyball courts and the handful of people walking around the boat I thought - these Scientologists might be on to something. In any case it proves that the weirdness here in Bonaire is on land... and definitely at sea too.
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    ^^ please post in the Tracking the Freewinds thread!
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  39. John P. Member


    Yeah, I know I'm responding to a two year old post, but I am still relatively new to WWP and am getting caught up on a bunch of threads.

    Turns out that the dock in Aruba where the FleaWinds is docked is one pier away from the main cruise ship terminal and is part of the same complex. It doesn't appear that the Aruba cruise ship terminal is all that appealing. Here's the Google Maps reference:,2.117615&oq=aruba&hnear=Aruba&t=h&z=17

    In the photo I left in the quote, note the rippling on the hull, which is particularly evident in the bow area. This is called "panting stress" and arises over years as the plates are slammed in due to waves hitting the sides of the ship and then popping out again. Over time, this stretches the metal and weakens it. That's why most commercial ships have a useful life of about 15-20 years, while the FleaWinds is now pushing 50. I shudder to think just how thin the plating is on this rust bucket at this point.

    That suggests why they don't sail this thing any further than Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, which are only 20-30 miles apart -- one good storm and they're toast. I bet they only make the 350 mile run to Cartagena, Colombia when they aren't expecting even a single raindrop. Any real wave action and this thing crumples like a beer can against John Belushi's forehead.
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  40. John P. Member


    Sorry to go back and wake up a two year old discussion but I was just catching up and saw an opportunity to comment.


    One of the reasons that the FleaWinds rarely strays from the 20-30 mile legs between Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao is that it may only be permitted for "short international voyages" under its class and insurance certificates. Many older cruise ships even newer than the FleaWinds could not be refitted for International Convention on Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations that came into effect in 2010, which were a significant upgrade to the regulations, and they ended up being scrapped.

    SOLAS Rule 21 says that "Passenger ships on short international voyages must carry partially or totally enclosed lifeboats for at least 30% of persons on board, plus inflatable or rigid liferafts to make total capacity of 100% with the lifeboats. In addition, they must carry inflatable or rigid liferafts for 25% of total number of persons on board." Although I don't have time to slog through the regulations in detail, it appears that ships certified for long voyages must carry fully or partially enclosed lifeboats, instead of the open style shown in the above picture on the Freewinds.

    The very upper left of this picture, to the upper left of the square Jacuzzi, shows what appears to be a horizontally mounted canister for an inflatable life raft; there's one on the other side as shown in other photos. These can often carry 50-100 people depending on configuration, so it is possible that the lifeboats on the ship plus the two inflatables have coverage for more than 100% of the passengers and crew. That said, I can't say that I would be all that excited about abandoning ship in a hurricane (or even a moderate tropical storm) to await rescue in an open lifeboat or life raft. So even if this lifeboat setup is legal under the more stringent rules, I certainly wouldn't feel that comfortable sailing in it. Note that all "real" cruise ships today have fully enclosed lifeboats.
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