Picket Sign Messages

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Atomosk, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Atomosk Member

    Picket Sign Messages

    In this thread, we should share ideas for what to put on picket signs.

    Honk if you dislike Scientology
    -We can show the Church that even passerby in cars hate their guts

    No tax exemption for a cult
    -This is one of Anon's goals, to get rid of their tax exempt status

    Salvation should NOT cost money
    -nuff said

    Anyone else got things to contribute?

    EDIT: hate's a harsh word. i replaced it with dislike
  2. Ask me why I wear a mask.
    (Said before, but I'll repeat it so we have everything in one nice big thread about it)

    Why are they dead?
    (Maybe with pictures?)

    Scientology is a Cult

    I'm out for now. Will think of more after work.
  3. Commissar Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages

    I would argue that the first two suggestions are counter-productive and contrary to the overall message we are attempting to deliver.

    Remember this:

    1) I don't hate scientologists. I don't know any scientologists in real life. I'm sure many of them are very nice people who have been tricked into joinning an organization that promises them a way to better themselves. These protests aren't about hating scientologists. They're about bringing attention to the people who run the church and the illegal activites they have/are currently taking part in. Most importantly, this sign could be considered "hate propaganda" under the law depending on where you live.

    2) I would have using the word "cult" since the definition is shady. I suspect the average person will conclude that, really, every religion is a cult, since a cult can be defined as "a particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rites and ceremonies". You are right, however, in pointing out that revoking their tax exempt status is one of the goals of this movement. Why not have a sign that reads "No tax exemption for scientology"?

    3) This one seems fine.
  4. Mori Member

    I think the mask one would work better as "Ask me why we wear masks."
    Just seems to indicate what you'll tell them better.
  5. Atomosk Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages

    1) Okay, how about "Honk if you think Scientology is a scam." I didn't mean hate in it's truest sense, you have to consider that people that we want to read this sign are going to be driving; shorter message = better message.
    2) Good idea

    Yea, maintain the idea that we're a collective, not individuals. United we stand, united we fall.
  6. Protip: try to create witty signs but still have the same level of seriousness. Get creative with them. Creative signs = good publicity, etc.
  7. Anonymuse Member

    Instead of using white posterboard with black lettering, my group is using black posterboard with the letters stenciled in silver paint. I think the silver-on-black will probably be more visually striking the the usual white posterboard signage.

    And ours are going to read, "RELIGION SHOULD BE FREE"
  8. Anonymous128 Member

    Even shorter: "Honk if Scientology is a SCAM" or "Honk if Scientology is a CULT".
  9. IBoughtADog Member

    "Scam" is the best choice of words here in my opinion. Literally, "cult" has no negative meaning by definition and is just a cohesive group of people with shared ideals. And we already threw out "hate" because of it's hostile nature and potential "hate propaganda" association.
  10. googoomuck Member

    I don't think encouraging honking is a good idea. It could be construed as a noise nuisance- and if religious activity is taking place during the protest, they can claim that you're fucking with their right to worship.

    Better idea= tell passersby something that would get a reaction off the average person. Something like freedom of speech, which CoS squelches whenever they sue (or threaten suit against) their critics.

    scientology suppresses free speech

    failing that, if it bleeds, it leads.

    18 dead- google Fort Harrison Hotel
  11. how about: SCIENTOLOGY KILLS
    google Fort Harrison Hotel

    but if you have masks, make sure someone has a "Ask Us Why We Wear Masks" sign.
  12. AB Member

    I still like
    "honk if you hate the Corporation of Scientology"

    having Church crossed out and corporation handwritenish in.
  13. and why not something like this:

    Scientologie church:
    an alternative to medecin:
    Josephus A. Havenith
  14. Anonymous8513 Member

    Yes, that is definitely an accidental drowning right there.
  15. Only problem is we want people to approach us, not run away.
  16. It is not scienttology fault if some people like hot bath!!
  17. This one might need to be broken up into two signs, or might work better as a flyer if you guys like it:

    "Jesus Christ..................$0
    Prophet Muhammad........$0
    Hare Krishna..................$0
    Moses and Abraham........$0

    Getting rid of body thetans: $365,000

    There are some things money can't buy.
    Shouldn't faith be one of them?"
  18. OR
    Jesus Christ..................$0
    Prophet Muhammad........$0
    Hare Krishna..................$0
    Moses and Abraham........$0

    Getting rid of body thetans: $365,000

    There are some things money can't buy.
    But if you really have the monay scientology can do the rest
  19. Atomosk Member

    If that happens, we stop flashing that sign; problem solved.
  20. There was a great flyer with a similar message. If we could dig it out from our archives and post it, maybe we could enlarge it and use that?
  21. Atomosk Member

    Nah, making good signs yourself is probably better for image. If you can't write good, get someone to help. Anonymous is legion, no man/woman left behind.
  22. One I saw on some other forum said "Ron is Gone but the Con Goes on" and I liked it, but maybe it would be best as a chant? I may put it on a board but thank xenu I found this thread because I was struggling for good ideas.
  23. Atomosk Member

    That would be a good chant, but I'd get tonguetied after awhile. Con is ron but the on goes gone...crap!
  24. natianon Member

    i would agree to stay away from the word hate. We as anon, have already been fingered in the media as a "hate" group aka "hackers on steroids" we do not necessarily hate them. we just want freedom of speech and information for everyone especially their members who cannot even access info about the church. i'd go with honk if you think Co$ is a scam etc etc. Because remember if this thing blows wide open with the media, we want to look like a group who is bringing national attention to a religion that is being run improperly.
  25. Who is Ron?

    no, not me asking, I am aware of Ron.

    Gladys and Hank are asking while driving by on their way to the buffet.

    Decide who is your target audience, and craft your message to reach them.
  26. Atomosk Member

    Who is Ron?

    no, not me asking, I am aware of Ron.

    Gladys and Hank are asking while driving by on their way to the buffet.

    Decide who is your target audience, and craft your message to reach them.[/quote:30te52be]
    Well, if passerby ask, then we have the perfect hook.
  27. Emma Member

    Well, if passerby ask, then we have the perfect hook.[/quote:2bfgua0f]

    I LOVE that as a chant. You'll be hearing it in Melbourne!
  28. ihasapancake Member

    Obviously! 8)
  29. nonanon2 Member

    I'm going to suggest something that might be a bit obvious- for the events of feb 10th, if anyone uses the 'we are Anonymous. we are legion' lines, a couple change suggetions:

    Nix do not forgive. We do not forget the crimes of CoS, but to the average passerby, a sign or chant or comment 'we do not forgive' is a bit thuggish sounding.

    'expect us' is kinda pointless if we're demonstrating. 'this is the beginning' works better.
  30. Lilanon Member

    Along the lines of honk signs, we are going to be using

    Honk if you believe salvation is free!

    We figure it is Sunday, just after church, and we are going to be in the Bible Belt, so this will be a good way to get the message across.
  31. Atomosk Member

    Just throwing this out here, but maybe we could have a sign that talks about L Ron's credibility.

    George Lucas wrote science fiction, should we believe in the Force?

    This might be a crappy idea, but I figure you guys could be the judge of that.
  32. From my other thread (that should be closed by now)

    if free

    Hopefully no other Vancouver anons use my slogan :p
  33. religion is free
    scientology isn't
  34. haha. oh wow.

    i just posted after reading page 1.

    how about "i spent $80'000 and all i got was this lousy story" and have the OT3 page in the middle
  35. Atomosk Member

    Haha, that's a good one. maybe instead of the OT3 page, we just have a big picture of Xenu? Be easier to recognize.
  36. bass Member

    Maybe Buddha would be better than Hare Krishna? Around where I'm from, Buddhism has fewer negative connotations than Hare Krishna.
  37. Atomosk Member

    Actually, I sorta see the benefit of having Hare Krishna. They've also had a colorful history, but they're still free.
  38. sudopod Member

    Cmon, gais.

    No one has mentioned Admiral Ackbar yet.

    Put a big ol picture of trout face up there screaming IT'S A TRAP!!!!

    Everyone who is inclined to listen to Anonymous will get it. :D
  39. even a passerby unfamiliar with the meme will "get it"
  40. donotstalk Member

    For the love of Xenu, give a girl some warning if you're gonna flash corpse pictures.

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