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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Atomosk, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. How about:

    ____ scientology:
    ________ or

    or something with the idea, that they promise for their members a bridge to total freedom, but will eventually lose all freedom.
  2. This is being made into a stencil.
    Black spraypaint for text, the gray is going to be silver sprayed lightly over the black.
  3. Here's a another good one to put on a picket sign.


    " not a religion."

    - L. Ron Hubbard,
  4. here is an argument to leave out the word "church"

    Good point. I am replacing Church with Cult. Cult of Scientology and it stills works with Co$.
  5. As you wish

    I'll go with "Corporation"
  6. widecat Member

    I'm kicking these around and looking for more: I'm planning to bring several to swap out and share.

    "Scientology blocks free speech"
    "Free Katie Holmes" on front for the lulz, with "Scientology destroys families - ask Katie's dad" on back
    "Tom Cruise has space cooties" - thanks, Arnie!
    "Jesus was not an implant" - for the after-church crowd
    "Your space opera is a flop"
    "I am not a WOG"
    "I will not be 'handled'"
    "Scientology can't handle the truth"
    "Scientology always attacks"
    "Scientology, the $400/hour 'religion'"
  7. Tuesday Member

    I don't like the WOG one, that means nothing to Average JoeOnTheStreet. Neither does the "handle" ones. The rest are good (though I'm iffy on Free Katie Holmes).
  8. Consensus Member

    "Scientology Divides us.
    Leave it.
    We Love You."
  9. MarkSherman Member

    What Did Jesus Charge For Your Salvation?

    I wouldn't use that, but it's something to work off of.
  10. Atomosk Member

    Use that as a quote to try to get Christians on our side. We're trying to keep the religious beliefs themselves out of it.
  11. A good one that I heard somewhere was:

    "RON is GONE but the CON goes ON"
    accompanied with a chant of:
    "No OTs or I wouldn't be here"

    A few veterans at Clearwater use this and swear by it - the scilons usually try to drain it out with powertools there because it gets under their members' skin.
  12. xenuftagn Member

    How about "L. Ron Hubbard: prophet or profiteer?"
  13. MarkSherman Member

    I personally like the idea of signs that display some of LRon's famous quotes.

  14. anon2 Member

    My Ideas

    I'll be protesting in Clearwater. I'm looking for an effective poster that will piss off the Scientologists, but mostly to encourage the public to learn about the issue. A few ideas that I've been toying around with...

    1. What if you had to pay $100,000+ to read the bible? (does anyone know the basic cost to get to OT III?)
    2. Don't "drink the punch"... There is still hope!
    3. Freedom is Free! (or) Faith is Free! (maybe with an OTIII page)
    4. Google "Fair Game Policy"
    5. Scientologists fear their own church!

    Please let me know how you interpret these messages, and any ideas.
  15. L. Ron Hubbard: Prophet for Profit

    How much do YOU pay at confession?

    Jesus died for your sins, scientology is dying for your money

    Taxless, Pitiless, Senseless.

    Just a few for the signs. Feel free to copy.
  16. Bananon Member

    I would avoid directly connecting yourself to another religion, for instance Christianity. It muddies the message. Is this the public against CoS, or religious infighting? Best to avoid it entirely.
  17. It's a comparison, not an attack. Although I can see your point.
  18. Dubber Member

    Gays don't need to be "cured"

    Confront your church's crimes

    Help a scientologist: (redirects to "how to talk to a scientologist")

    As of 2006, the basic cost was 146000 USD if you had the discount plan. That doesn't include repair, routine auditing, reading materials, lectures, repeats, etc.

    The basic cost to get to OT VIII was $277000, but the average case was estimated at $360,000. (Although Steve Fishman mentions in his deposition that he was told to pay $500,000 for OTVIII alone.)

    PS: All figures except the Fishman figure are cumulative from the moment you join the church. And apparently they are calculated from the 1994 price list, not the 2006 pricelist. Clambake's analysis is here[/url:bkhnnwlo].
  19. Atomosk Member

    Why do good deeds when you can buy salvation?"
  20. AnonCynic Member

  21. CMU Professor David (Anonymous?) Touretzky suggests
    I would apply this with one of Arnie's suggestions re: 2 sided signs. This side would be facing the Org because John Q Passerby will have no idea what it means, but all scientologists will.
  22. "Scientology Free Zone" (has double meaning)
  23. dawnanon Member

    Is that cumulative? Jw, for the sake of clarity.
  24. "RTC: who crashed gross income?" This apparently drives them insane. ... Tom_Cruise
  25. Anon883 Member

    I'd like to write 'L. Ron Hubbard was a big fat faggot' on my sign but I'll refrain myself and write something like 'Scientology is Dangerous' with a skull & crossbones and some dollar signs.
  26. AnonInMass Member

    Triple meaning! LOVE THIS ONE!
  27. SmellDriver Member

    How about:

    "C of S: WE ARE HERE" or

    "C of S: EXPECT MORE"

    Then again, perhaps it is advantageous for the enemy to think our resolve is weak?

    I also want to (but will not) hold a sign that says "SQUIRREL THIS".
  29. Atomosk Member

    Scientology: Where does the money go?
  31. Boycott Coke, Dell, and whoever else was named in the latest leaded video. That'll get the media's attention.
  32. Dubber Member

    (never mind)
  33. UTANON Member

    My sign I got from one of the XenuTv protests with a little tweaking on my part.

    "Scientology Has BLOOD on their hands" with red hand prints on it and a few smeared prints at the bottom.
  34. wootanon Member

    I had an idea involving the whole youtube censorship thing.

    The sign would read:
    "Scientology = censorship" (In really large letter with the following in a smaller font)
    [This comment has been removed due to legal action by the Church of Scientology.]
  35. Really? I thought Voiceless was affiliated with it.

    Oh well, I'll go with the usual links instead.
  36. Dubber Member


    User lmafo is dropping hints about being associated with the site, but doesn't say so outright, which makes it difficult to say "it's a scam" or "it's not a scam." So, use your discretion.

    To the site's credit, it does have the prospect of drawing server load away from XenuTV to Youtube, who can handle it. Really, Mark ought to be embedding Youtube/Google videos on his own site.
  37. "Psychiatry Helps Lives

    The Church of Scientology
    Destroys Them"
  38. Anon883 Member


    Simple, and it will get people thinking.
  39. SmellDriver Member

    I think on my t-shirt I will have an arrow pointing up to my face, above the words, "CAN'T BE HANDLED".

    Signs could read, "We will not be handled", or "Handle This" (I don't know why I think that's so funny).
  40. halfdark Member

    I heard a better one - I think it was "One day, somebody will say 'this is illegal'... By then Scientology will say what's right and wrong." Can I get the exact quote for that one? And perhaps we'd add something about how we're stopping it before it ever gets to that level.

    Personally I'm thinking of having just that quote on my picket

    EDIT: found it! L. Ron Hubbard, 4 January 1966- "Somebody some day will say 'this is illegal'. By then be sure the [Scientology] orgs say what is legal or not."
    What say you? good matterial for a sign, or too cryptic?

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