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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Atomosk, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. AnonCynic Member

    Halfdark, you were close:

    I think that quote is very telling, too. I was thinking of using the other quote only because it's a little bit shorter, but this one definitely gets the point across too.

    [EDIT - haha, should've refreshed before I posted.'s a good quote, certainly, I'm just hoping it won't be too long for a picket sign.]
  2. anon312 Member

    Any suggestions for keeping picket signs safe from the rain?
  3. dawnanon Member

    I suggest laminating. I know FedEx Kinko's offers the service, but I'm not sure how big your "document" can be.
  4. I heard somewhere else that using clear plastic bags is also a good last second fix.
  5. redflagfan Member


    lamination is done at various copy centers that have wide format machines. check your local staples, office depot, office max, kinkos or other local print shop to see if they have wide format machines.

    i know at the place where i work, it is 49 cents per square foot. to print
    and 1.79 to laminate

    so a two foot by 3 foot laminated poster would cost about 13 bucks, and it would be very visible. waterproof, and rollable for easy carrying.

    bring what you need to be enlarged on an 8.5x11 piece of paper and they can do the rest to enlarge it to poster size.

    just a suggestion from someone who works in a print center. ;)
  6. superghoul Member

    Specific suggestions for signs about Operation Snow White?

    The best I can think of is:


    with a mention of the name of the operation stuck in somewhere.

  7. tamphex Member



    Not as small as the photos made out - large A2 paper, stuck onto hard cardboard, 2 sided sign. Will make for sore arms I'm sure but thats cool.
  8. halfdark Member

  9. its.an0nym0us Member

    Did I miss an 'embrace' reference?
  10. sabl3 Member

    I'm picketing in Miami, so I want a spanish message, something like "AMA SUS HIJOS" or "AMA SU FAMILIA" ("Love your kids," or "Love your family") with at the bottom. Thing is, xenu's in English. Any spanish sites I can use instead?
  11. Anonymous-KKJ Member

    Something we came up with at the Oslo meeting - need more signs mentioning the Suppressive Person and Fair Game doctrines. Here's a sketch

    Doctrines From The Dark Ages
    "This person is an enemy of the faith. You may kill him without sin."
    Scientology sanctions EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLING
  12. Since Scientology is all about saying anon is a bigoted, religion-hating terrorist group, how about:

    "Prosecution of Crimes, NOT Persecution of Religion." XENU.NET


    "Scientology: If you thought Watergate was bad, You'll love OPERATION: SNOW WHITE."

    "Scientology 'Handlers' are taking my picture right now. Find out why. XENU.NET"

    For shits and giggles:

    "Scientology: The only religion where 3D glasses play a pivotal roll."
  13. its.an0nym0us Member

    Some things I was thinking of recently (and a few interesting bits from clambake I hamburgerhelped myself to:

    COS: Corruption Of Scientology

    Step 1: Believe in Religious Freedom
    Step 2: Give Freedom to the Religious

    Billion Year Contract?
    Sounds Like Slavery To Me!

    COS: Belief in scientology
    should not impede
    basic in human rights

    "In addition to violating and abusing its own members' civil rights, the organization ... has harassed and abused those persons not in the church whom it perceives as enemies." -Superior Court Judge Paul Breckenridge

    "...capable of such danger that the public interest demands that people should know what is going on" - Lord Denning

    "The Court then held that the practice of Scientology was secular." -United States v. Article or Device, Etc., 333 F.Supp. 357 (D.D.C. 1971)

    "Evidentiary fact:
    The Church of Scientology is currently engaged in a nationwide conspiracy to impede and obstruct municipal, state and federal taxing authorities, by adopting a religious and charitable guise to avoid payment of taxes." -Commissioners of the City of Clearwater, Florida, public hearings, May 5-10, 1982
  14. We Miss You, Come Back

    Then in smaller print:
    Scientology destroys families

    Works for Scienos and Joe Public.

    This is a real area of doubt for many; and apparently, some Scientologists are already speculating that we're in fact former family and friends, as no doubt some of us are.
  15. captainslug Member

    After the 10th I can no longer be just a spectator so I will be working on some new signs and flyers. Here are a few sign ideas I've been working on

    And then have the flyer include the list of rights on one side and the violations that Scientology has committed on the other.

  16. AnonInMass Member

    As Boston now knows, FOAM BOARD for the win.
    No cheap, so have some good ideas for slogans first.
  17. captainslug Member

    A fairly inexpensive alternative would be to use 1/32" thickness polystyrene sheets. You can buy 72" x 40" pieces of it from (search for part# 8734K29) for only $13.52

    You can spray paint your message on using vinyl dye (Duplicolor Vinyl & Fabric spray you can buy at automotive part stores) or draw on it with permanent marker. Either solution will be highly visible, waterproof, and very sturdy. If you write on it using permanent marker you can later remove the permanent marker with rubbing alcohol.
    The sheets are thin enough to cut with heavy scissors but still much more durable than any paper based options.
  18. sci-fictology.jpg
    stolen from my own thread, lulz
  19. floridanon Member

    Picket Slogan

    The one I used in Clearwater on 2/10 read as follows:
    I used the L beforehand because most people know who L. Ron is.
    I got the phrase off Wise Beard Man's site @
    He orginally used it in his early Clearwater pickets in the late 90's.
    There is a clip with with me and my sign here: ... ology-turf

    It's a video of our raid set to AC/DC's "For Those About To Rock" and a
    quality clip I might add. My sign is at the 5:24 mark and I can be seen holding it at 5:33 trading fliers with another Anon.

    I plan on revising it for The Ides of March and replacing "con" with "lives".[/code]
  20. "Ask us why we wear masks"

    "Do you miss your family?"

    "Do you wonder where your old friends from the church went?"

    Alot of people in COS will prolly have doubts and questions about COS and its policies. But they might be hardpressed to accept the answer from a sign. So it might be an idea to present them the questions that they face themself. Maybe they will recognize themself in these questions and will start looking for the truth outside the church.

    Its important to understand your target audience. Do you want inform the masses, or open the minds of current scifags.
  21. floridanon Member

    OOPS my bad

    I meant to say I plan on replacing the "goes" with "lives" like this:


    Use that one on 3/15 for Operation Party Hard
    Their messiah's birthday bash.
    That'll drive the $ci-Fi's crazy.
  22. captainslug Member

  23. WMAnon Member

    I wrote to Paulette Cooper recently, I think she wants to be left out of this one. They really messed her up, and I can't blame her for wanting to give up the fight after that.

    Maybe change the sign to "Scientology ruined her life" and leave the rest as is?

    There's no Church like Co$
    Because it's not a Church!

    Maybe we can close down or redirect the other slogan threads to this one? The forums are getting seriously complicated.
  24. SmellDriver Member

    Sign: "You Can't Handle This"
  25. anonymal Member

    Church of
    Technique 88:
    "The only way
    you can control
    people is to
    lie to them."
  26. Uncle Anon Member

    A long post about short slogans

    Hi, everyone. Old anon here, with years of editing and graphic design work at ad agencies and magazines. I had some thoughts on signage for next run that I hope will be useful.

    Greater Visibility
    Short and snappy slogans mean larger letters and bigger impact and avoid tl;dr[/url:3vituev2] (unlike this post). One thing mentioned above was "Burma Shave"-ing signs - spreading a message across several signs, a few words a sign. And if you print one word a sign, you effectively have a cheap billboard-sized message. This will be extra useful in places where there's not much foot traffic and you want drivers to be able to read your message. Get together with a couple of Anons beforehand to pick a message, or come 3/15 bearing four signs of one word each and hand out the other three. For extra credit, have the signs two-sided with the slogan running the other direction on the back. Use the fact that your sign is one of many. Think halftime cards at football games.

    Oh, and one way of printing something huge on your home printer is - you can print tiles of a flyer at tremendous sizes.

    (Edited to add)

    I Agree and Want to Learn More
    I'd also suggest, as Mr. Lerma says, putting XENU.NET at the bottom of all signs. It's standard marketing - you get the viewer of the message riled up, and hand them the next step to learn more. Some people are curious but wouldn't walk up for a flyer, but might write down or remember the URL. That'd be what I would do.

    Wit and Humor
    Similar to my post here[/url:3vituev2], I think (at least trying for) wit and humor alongside the general information slogans might be a good way to bring in normal people. People remember funny ads. I think looking at normal people as the audience for these pickets is smart; mocking CoS with their own jargon means a much smaller audience with less reward (and fewer lulz).

    Anonymous is legion. Your sign is one of many. It's almost guaranteed most people will have smart necessary serious signs ("Scientology Destroys Families"); I think some can extend the message on those, leaving out the word "Scientology" for sign-real-estate reasons, for instance. Or go for out and out mockery, as long as it doesn't detract from the overall point of the picket. If has taught us anything, it's that anon is good at the mocking.

    Personally, this time I'd like to see/think it would be smart to have some representation of, alongside the good, smart general slogans:
    • - "Scientology Believes in Aliens": Very, very simply unveiling how absurd the lore is, without CoS jargon. (Ideally, with more disrespectful funny mockery than last time, but that's me.) A week ago I knew the name "Xenu," but not his role in the ridiculous CoS backstory. Wow. I could come up with a better story drunk. A lot of people don't know the lore, and if they did, would dismiss CoS (this also hits people on the fence about joining, ideally).
      - "You pay taxes, they don't." The only reason CoS is strong is because they're rich. Hit their pocketbook, work toward repealing their tax exemption.

    Here are some ideas for slogans. I'll be making sign PDFs and GIFs of these later, but wanted to throw them out there. Some of these might be reruns of those earlier in this thread; I've been compiling and writing for a couple of days and not all are mine. I left out the ALL CAPS for legibility here.

    Google "Dangerous Cult"
    Guess Who Shows Up?

    What Did
    Jesus Charge?

    Should Cults Be Tax-Exempt?
    Cult of Greed
    Scientologists Believe In Aliens
    Scientology Is a Cult
    Scientology Is Not a Religion
    Repeal Tax Exemption
    Scam <> Church
    They Think We Have Space Cooties (See, I think this is GENIUS. Passerby: "WTF does THAT mean?")

    CULT (after the girl in the big AU picture)-- at 4 letters, you can make this HUGE, size-wise, and it gets the point across.

    Scientologists Aren't Allowed To Read This Sign
    Scientologists Call You "Raw Meat"
    Scientology Sues Critics
    Scientology Brainwashes
    Scientology Is Absurd
    I Can Has Tax Exemption? (Pic Of Alien)
    You Pay Taxes. Scientology Doesn't. Also, They Believe In Aliens.
    Scientologists Believe In Aliens. Look It Up.

    Believe In
    Aliens. Really.

    "Make money. Make more money. Make others produce so as to make money ... However you get them in or why, just do it." - L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Scientology

    Brainwashed Crackpots? In _My_ "Religion"?
    It's More Likely Than You Think.
  27. seebs Member

    At least around here, criticizing the religion as such is worse (as in, could be a basis for complaints about "hate speech" -- sheesh) than criticizing the institution.

    Thus, for instance, I went with "CHURCH OF $CIENTOLOGY KILLS". No comments on the religion or its rationality -- me and my friends with the magical Jewish zombie don't want to get into that -- but rather, comments on the behaviors of the institution. A key distinction.
  28. its.an0nym0us Member

    While your points are very good ^^-- I would like to agree with the previous poster that our focus is mainly the acts of the head of the COS, not necessarily the beliefs of Scientology.

    Personally, I chose to work with longer quotes, because I wanted to share a full idea without abbreviations.

    I think that a lot of people give more thought to the purpose of the protest when they see that the government has ALREADY commented on the danger of this organization.
  29. Uncle Anon Member

    A fair point, really. Damn.

    You guys are no fun. ALIENS and VOLCANOES and oh my god want to mock so badly.

    You're right, though. I shall point my LulzFinder 9000<tm> in another direction.
  30. Uncle Anon Member

  31. AnonZombie Member

    I said this in another thread and I'm sure other people already said it, but I feel the need to say it again. Keep memes off of signs. While it may be funny as shit to see "So I heard u liek Mudkipz" on a picket sign, it's not going to help us any, and it might even do is harm in the sense that people will just be confused and take us less seriously. That being said, I'd say try to stick to a clear message, that someone who knows nothing about Co$ can understand. So while "Xenu is my homeboy" is funny and on-topic, it's still not going to help us any.
  32. Anonalyra Member

    Re: A long post about short slogans

    Uncle_Anon, you had some great advice, and some great slogans (I particularly liked "What Did Jesus Charge?" and "Scientologists Call You "Raw Meat")...but no memes. Memes are inside jokes and are not likely to get he point across, or likely to get us taken seriously("LOL XENU" and "LOL CULT"). Additionally, stuff like "Brainwashed Crackpots? In _My_ "Religion"? / It's More Likely Than You Think." is at once a meme and a nasty ad-hominem attack. Calling the scientologists "brainwashed crackpots", while probably true, just makes us look mean, and turns the general public off.
  33. Grey Anon Member

    I posted this in a thread that was kinda vague and fell back a few pages but this looks like the right place to put it now. I think a good sign would be:

    Behind these masks are Anonymous.
    Behind these masks are people.
    Your friends.
    Your family.
    We're doing this for you.

    Or something like that.
  34. A little preachy...kinda like we're trying to guilt them into supporting us. I say, stick with the message: CoS is a business, not a church.
  35. Grey Anon Member

    Yeah I felt that it was but I couldn't think of a better way to put it.
  36. You could always bring up freedom of speech. It's similar in nature, in that it's one of those 'We're protesting so you have the right to' kind of things, but it's not direct about it.
  37. ihcn Member

    You can't "handle" the truth!

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