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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Atomosk, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. I laughed, but I don't think the average joe knows about their handlers. Not yet, anyway.

    Edit: would work awesomely with a second sign. Like a twofer.

    "Scientology 'handlers' are investigating everyone here to stop us from speaking out. What are they hiding?"

    "You can't 'Handle' the truth.'
  2. captainslug Member

    Actually I did e-mail her as well asking her permission to use the image and her name and she replied saying it was fine but she gave me a long list of other things she would prefer to see on signs so I've been slowly working to fill that list if I wasn't able to find one that already covered it well enough. I will make the edit you suggested though.

    More signs meant to be printed on 17x22 paper.
    I will be making a bunch of signs for the Washington, DC area protest and may even make a write-up on how to make a very cheap sign board sometime soon.
    imprisoned_t.jpg [/url:36b40mq9] pastor_t.jpg [/url:36b40mq9] cake_t.jpg [/url:36b40mq9] families_t.jpg [/url:36b40mq9] audit_t.jpg [/url:36b40mq9] irs_t.jpg [/url:36b40mq9]
    For areas that are going to have a rather large protest I think it might be a good idea to have one or two people at the outer edges of the protest taking care of handing out fliers, so they can carry a sign similar to this and maybe a shoulder bag full of fliers.
    information_t.jpg [/url:36b40mq9]
  3. LadyLomia Member

    I'd like to make a sign that talks about the young children involved in Scientology. Something sort of like "Scientology isolates children from their parents" or "Scientology states breast-feeding is bad (It's not)." Anyone have any other ideas along those lines?
  4. musketeerwang Member

    At the risk of posting this in too many places, please consider that the number of scientologists we "reach" by not ridiculing their beliefs may be much smaller than the number of potential recruits we turn away with our "isn't Scientology silly?" messages.

    Also don't forget that even if you avoid volcanoes and BTs, simply by protesting the abuses you are attacking their church and by extension their beliefs. Everything happening now that we are against comes direct from Hubbard himself, who is their de facto prophet. So if I protest their hatred of psychiatry, or even criticise their hounding of SPs, I'm going directly against Hubbard's doctrine, and therefore their beliefs.

    Now, I think there's room for both approaches, and without descending into meme-ridden, childish fun-poking. All my material in the first protest was serious and very much on-message as far as Co$ bad practices. But a lot of attention, and I think, a lot of powerful turn-offs to Scn, came from the signs pertaining to Hubbard's crazy writings. Think South Park. You don't have to call them idiots, you don't have to be nasty about it, but you can make factual signs and flyers that simply state what Scientology does teach/preach. This will have the effect of preventing people from taking that first stress test or buying that copy of Dianetics, without being needlessly harsh to sincere believers or coming across as just a big joke.
  5. phillyanon9 Member

  6. evey Member


    also, everything on captinlug's posters - awesome effort, thankyou! i will be using some of those for sure.
  7. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages

    My February 10 sign said GOOGLE LISA MCPHERSON.

    My March 15 sign will say $CIENTOLOGY HATES PSYCHIATRY.

    Also, I am keeping each sign I make so in future demonstrations I can choose one from the 'ole closet if I am too lazy to invent a new one.
  8. Re: Picket Sign Messages

    Variations on prior themes. The later ones lack concision.

    L. Ron Hubbard - Propheteer

    ?ult, ¢on, ©orporation

    What Would Jesus Charge?


    Operating Cretans

    Anonymous for safety

    I need Cruise control

    You would be happier as a Jedi

    There's a sucker reborn every minute

    Friends don’t let friends die in cults

    If you can read this,
    You don’t need $cientology

    Self reflection and positive thinking make you happier
    I just saved you $365,000

    okay, lol
    religion is silly.
    Ron's prank is over

    We should also have a few highly repetitive images to force a rebranding of the Co$. on every sign as Uncle Anon said, but we should also always spell $cientology with the dollar sign. If we get that dollar sign in enough places, Co$ will be linked in the public mind not with religion but with money.
  9. phantompinky Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages

    3/15 my sign will say:
    Here is some excellent advice on picket signs from our friends at, including simple stuff like writing on both front and back of sign, etc. Let us gain knowledge from experienced protesters (even if they do tend to be dirty hippies).
  10. stardust rain Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages

    HONK FOR HUMAN RIGHTS will be mine on 15/3

    Oh, and:

    Some salvation money can't buy. For everything else, there's Scientology.

    ('Honk if you hate Scientology' from 10/2 can be a bit misleading about us.)
  11. Re:

    This is why Arnie suggested 2-sided signs, one facing the street, the other facing the windows of the Org. (If you are allowed by police to be on the same side of the street and you keep moving up and down the block so as not blocking the door)

    For people with low-cost access to poster-sized full color printing, this b3ta contest has some gr8 material:
  12. Uncle Anon Member


    This was what I was going after with "Scientologists believe in aliens"-- that's a flatly stated truth, albeit one that I'd hope would get a person thinking "WTF? They're nuts." I bet if more people knew that the harmless Stress Test at the mall eventually led to Xenu etc., they wouldn't take it in the first place.

    See also Wise Beard Man's criticism of "bait and switch." Just another way of letting people know that yeah, for the first while it's all "be a better person, make a better world," but later, hoo boy.
  13. Re: Picket Sign Messages

    I think one of the signs I'll take to 3/15 will just be a giant picture of a wolf in sheep's clothing.
  14. Nikanon Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages

    I went to see Avenue Q yesterday. Anyone else who's been will know the two Bad Bears convert to Scientology at the end.
    I am very tempted to make a picket with photoshopped pictures on the bears so that the Blue Bear has Hubbard's face, and at Pink one has Cruise's XD
  15. Unanimous3 Member


    If you want to go this angle, just say "Your friends miss you." Or "Your family misses you." You don't need to do preachy, just go straight for the heart. This would be really effective mixed in with the signs about the misdeeds of the church- it will really make the scilons question themselves. You could also add information about the freezone onto it- they don't do disconnection or any of that rubbish, right?

    Also, this came up in another thread, but try and make sure you've had someone who's read Dianetics and has talking points about it at the protest. We've done great on the OT materials, the "Church's" crimes, etc... but we need to be able to talk to scilons on their terms if we're gonna try to get them to blow. If we haven't read their "bible", we look just like a hate group to the public even if we're bringing up legitimate concerns- we can't give them that kind of ammo in future protests. I recommend you library the book and copy out the bits you need to quote or think you can refute. You don't want to put extra money into the CoS's hands.

    Signs need to be very clear what they're saying and they need to say it effectively and fast, which is why it's so difficult to come up with good ones. I like the one above about your pastor making a commission in Scientology, and the photoshopping is excellent- best Co$ I've seen yet. You should post the image alone for that in case people want to put in their own wording :D

    Other than that: If you're in the USA, you can point out that Scientology education is tax-free but nobody else's religious education is. ("Why is only Scientology religious education tax-free?" would be a quick sentence, maybe not so catchy) This is just the tip of the iceberg, but it will get other religions involved in repealing their tax exemption, with any luck, even if they don't support us in a wider sense.

    Suspicious deaths are always a good focus. This was the area I think the protests really did good at with their signs.
  16. AnonP1ZZ4 Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages

    Apologies if this has been mentioned, but I saw this around and it's useful:


    But we cannot stand an organisation that readily:
    -Steals from its' own members
    -Destroys families
  17. AlabamaAnon Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages

    I'll admit, my troublemaker tendencies are telling me to make a sign that says "I FUCKING DARE YOU TO FOLLOW ME!", but I wouldn't do that. Much as I'd enjoy leading a handler into a blind alley and slapping 'em around some... :twisted:
  18. incognita Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages

    A great one from SA:




  19. Eurospike Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages


    Either pointing at the CoS or a nice drawing will do. ^^


    I suppose thetans are technically souls, so it might provoke some interesting questions from passer-bys.
  20. Anon21 Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages


    and somehow WE
  21. blackeyes Member

    Re: Picket Sign Messages

    One thing I remember from my marketing classes: billboards are most effective when the main idea can be delivered in six words or less, the idea behind this being that you're already distracted while driving a car and the amount of information you can absorb is limited. I'm guessing the same thing is in effect when someone tries to read a protest sign from a moving car.
  22. captainslug Member

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