Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by dastootoo, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. dastootoo Member


    I will upload them all to demonoid. one every day, starting right now, for the next months until they all done. enjoy.
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  2. Chipshotz Member

    I hope you didn't have to buy them all.
  3. dastootoo Member

    stole every last one. prepare for the leak of a century.
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  4. Zhent Member

    DAAUMMM. That is one monster WALLOFHUBBARD.

    OP I suggest you check out my post here on the state of leaks -

    Will help you avoid double ups, but if you want to re-release everything as your own set please go right ahead :)

    Also, each set in a torrent is pretty crazy, I recommend doing it all in one torrent or use file-lockers like MediaFire.

    Edit: Also check out my post here - if you need any tips on how-to rip, tag, encode the audio.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    woohoooo very nice!!
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    LOL nice. It's worthless shit, but its good that it's all available for free.
  8. slarmerator Member

    How will they be titled? Searching Demonoid could be quite time consuming. Also, hope you post transcripts too. Awesome undertaking by the way.
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    Don't worry so much about the MP3's yet. Go for the transcripts first. Way more useful for doing text searches. Go, dog, go!
  11. dastootoo Member

    i have begun the ripping process. will take time. be patient my children. i will upload everything. torrents are most secure, most stable, dont tend to get removed or go dead. its worth the wait. i am the man. i just have one question. why am i the only one who could do this?
  12. Anonymous Member

    You weren't the first to rip, but you could be the first to encode them all to a lossless format. Be sure to use FLAC, not MP3
  13. Anonymous Member

    What's the difference between hearing a junkie's ramblings on mp3 or on FLAC?

    It was all done on shitty tapes originally, and it's not like music, just the boring mind-farts of a child abuser.

    Hell, if it rubs their faces in it, sure, but the text is the really important stuff, it can be searched and even more evidence gathered to prove Hubbard was a racist homophobic sociopath.
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  14. dastootoo Member

    believe it or not, golden era studios made these sound great.they take this shit pretty srsly. you cant ear any cars or traffic, all the noise was removed. the quality is almost that of a modern day recording. you would never think they came from tapes. i will only be mp3 them. the text will take eons so dont wait for that, it will b done eventually, but not right away.
  15. Paulius Member

    well that is nice.

    just leak that great shit
  16. dastootoo Member

    wel if your going to be an ingrate, maybey i wont. i obtained these at great personal risk. taking a post in an org, as an executive, and it took me almost 1 and a half years to get them all without being arrested for stealing 15,000 dollars worth of shit. it takes time to rip and upload this shit. my only point was that i dont need to double or triple the size of the uploads just to make it flac, when it will be fine as an mp3 cuz the quality is fine.
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  17. Paulius Member

    i am not ingrate.
  18. CarterUSP Member

    How do you walk with cojones that big? That's some awesome work!
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  19. slarmerator Member

    MP3 is fine. How high does the quality need to be to hear a lecture. I intend to merge them at voice quality anyways. Wow, 1 1/2 that's commitment. Not all of us are ingrates, upload them. Can you give us a title to search for at Demonoid?
  20. Anonymous Member

    Oh FFS, admit it. They're your mama's.
  21. Zhent Member

    You kidding? Torrents would be one of the least secure methods and a fast way for CoS to start slapping around lawsuits to downloaders (See: RIAA/MPAA sues tens of thousands of Americans). If you want security upload to Usenet, file-lockers are also fairly secure though these days not as stable.

    128kb/s, 44.1 KHz thanks.
  22. dastootoo Member

    you are right anon. i will usenet. by secure, i just meant they wont go anywhere cuz its decentralized, but you know more then i. i am just a humble servant of anonymous.
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  23. dastootoo Member

    thank you. it was really hard with all the sec checks and security stuff (those meters are scary, they def do something, cuz they picked up shit on me, but never spotted fully. they dont have a question on the list that says
    "are you here to steal our shit?" lol.
    my mom is a crack whore. she actually does suck penises for crack. she not a scilon. i really did do this, and what i say about how i got these is true. i dont appreciate being called a liar.
    again, if ppl are not going to have respect, i just wont post these. ill take all this shit back to the org so i dont go to jail for "1st degree stealin scilon shit", and get fairgamed and all that bullshit.
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  24. MOOG Member

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  25. Holy Toledo, this is epic. You took a post???? HAHAAHAHA! That is good. Also, I don't want flac. Who would ask for that?
    You're the only one that can. Now thanks to you, I can go up the bridge and get super powers and enhance my 50 or so perceptics. I've been worried that my temperature measurement abilities have been lacking precision of late and my perception of gravitation has been slipping as well. Thankyou.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    OK, maybe you are not a liar (though I doubt that since you claim to have spend a lot of time lying to Scilons). You are a self-admitted thief. I don't have respect for you so "take all this shit back to the org".
  27. slarmerator Member

    Yeah, none of the rest of us downloading stuff from this site are thieves. Just upload it to a torrent if you want, it'll get distributed to the other sites. Who cares where it came from and how it was obtained? I find it hard to believe that you'd play 007 for a year and a half, and then get discouraged by the hacks on this site.
  28. Anonymous Member


    Re your other point, I don't know about you but I make a distinction between my private enjoyment of intellectual property and stealing someone's lunch money when they are not looking. If he really stole those materials, which I doubt, then the underpaid staff of the org or mission will have to make it up out of their meager pay.

    But those pics are not of someone's stash in their house. They are pictures taken in the org bookstore. So they are not proof of stealing a damn thing. But OP is.not.a.liar.
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  29. dastootoo Member

    ok, i guess ill have to upload a video of the whole house, walking into the room with all the lectures. "cuz those are just pictures of the qual library or the bookstore" im the book store officer you dope. im the only one with keys to even get to the materials, and no one has to make up anything out of staff pay. dont be mad that im dedicated to a cause and you're too pussy and weak to do anything of value. just sit on the internet and TALK about taking them down. i WORK there, dont you think i would know how things operate? the bookstore account, have nothing to do with staff pay, as the pay is based on services delivered, materials sold, and income from reg cycles, and auditing hours delivered. and as far as being "discouraged" by the obvious moron here and there, im not. i was simply making the point that i did a pretty awesome thing, and i dont seek to admired for it, but i def wouldnt expect or want anyone to be a full retard. it needs to be leaked and so it will.
    anyhow, for those of you who understand and appreciate why i did what i did, and the magnitude of it for the future of this fight. thank you, this is all for you.
    i will have full tech vols, r&d vols, oec vols, and ALL the other materials scanned soon to a single archive, like the sermon book, the group processing book, the assists book, intro demo processes, EVERYTHING. i only dont have the OT materials, and im on my up the bridge so to speak, and i will delivar all that too. lets do this motherfuckers.
    i almost have the first couple congresses, and acc, and basics lect ripped. i will upload them to several places and post links soon :)
    as well as pics and video for the jelousfags of the materials, IN MY HOUSE ;). lol.

    up the stairs
    top of the stairs, looking down the hall
    in the room of hubbard


    just figured id prove i was telling the truth.
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  30. Zhent Member

    Interesting, but you might want to remove the pic of the girl in case they can be identified. Also consider whether if any scientologists may be familiar with the interior of your house.

    This will not end well if they find out who you are.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Yeah get rid of the pic of the girl.
  32. JustNoise Member

    Though implausible, it is possible. It would take serious dedication and a talent for double think. I have beaten the meter, so it is possible to do. I can say that the pics look legit. That is the packaging for the new releases. I applaud this operation. I would like to name it Operation Sexy Librarian after the girl in your pics.
  33. dastootoo Member

  34. Anonymous Member


    im gonna go sacrifice myself to xenu now......
    well played....... in another life, i may have called you.....friend.
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  35. dastootoo Member

    umad anon?
    all your base are belong to us.
  36. Anonymous Member

    FYI I also have took a post an an org... *shivers*. I can relate to OP's experiences.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    interesting how, in order for anything you said in this post to qualify as logical, we would have apply the idea that an emeter works. it has to work in order to "beat" it. wtf is going on here? either scn is all bullshit or its not? now your saying you "beat" a meter, and that its "implausible"? but it can be done? omfg. they won. the fuckin scilon shit have won....i give up. i really do. i cant fuckin believe what i am reading right now.
  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Anonymous Member

    Why not to move this thread to THUNDERDOME ?

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