pictures from iran

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by unforgiven, Jun 17, 2009.

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    i update pictures soon
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  4. unforgiven Member

    update every 1 hours

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  6. unforgiven Member

    using photoshop in newspaper
  7. publish the names

    Does anybody know the names of the basij-people on the pictures? If yes then plz publish them !!! So everybody in the world knows who they are, what they've done. Internet never forgets !!
  8. citizenslave Member

    Even in the real parts of this "rally"...where are the women? Who in this picture doesn't have Basij and IRGC written all over them? Just because they aren't in uniform doesn't mean they aren't military formations and doesn't mean that half of them aren't only there because they're under orders.
  9. Safe photography

    If you have a camera with any shiney bits make sure to cover them up with black electrical tape, don't want someone seeing your camera and coming after you.
  10. Chileans for Persia

    I am Chilean
    My family and friends suffered Pinochet's 17 year brutal dictratorship
    A lot of the people that defended him and ignored the world's plea to save Chileans now are horrified to learn what really went on in those dark years

    Let us not stop until civil rights are established back in Iran and perpetrators are prosecuted and punished by law.

    all my respect and sympathy to the Iranian People

    Allah is great, so is Confucius, Brahma, Jesus Christ, Maradona, or whoever you say... just leave the rest of us live in peace.
  11. fatherst Reraldine

    I've seen many woman in all the videos and pictures posted on the twitter accounts. There's one of a woman being beaten by the pigs

  12. The latest reports from a few minutes ago state that all cell phones are down as well as the internet. KEEP VIDEO TAPING AND PHOTOGRAPHING EVERYTHING! You may not be able to post it right away, but will be able to eventually.

    The whole world is watching!
  13. shervin Member

    Remove this post please.

    Some pics from yesterday.
    and also in here.
  14. GreenSe7en Member

    I would like to remind people that this thread is titled "Pictures of Iran" lets try to get more pictures in here and less talk. If you want to try to identify people or discuss pictures please lets do this in new threads. In fact the only page with pictures is page one.
  15. Post their name??? what you have a death wish for them??? Internet won't forget them?? Wow that just sounds crazy! I would've thought that it should be US PEOPLE won't forget, not the internet! If someone is not passed away, you should NEVER post any names, unless you have a death wish for them!
  16. Jaymax Moderator

    This please folks - post your pics here - if you want to discuss a picture indepth, consider starting another thread - if you want to talk about something unrelated to the pictures, take it to a different sub forum. Thanks.
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  18. nanatoon gayidas

    Deleted due to many nice farsi words
  19. My mom has traveled all over the world. She said if we can get photos of the Basiji out on the internet, they would be ashamed. She said their families and neighbors might turn on them too.

  20. large collection of photos

    Might be some Basij in here, don't know
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  22. JoeRodge Member

    Get that out of here! That is an innocent man with a toy. This is a picture from a website | ???? ???? ?????? ????? ???? that is trying to get names of the innocent! Take that down!

    Some of these people you are fingering are clearly innocents.
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  24. Junius Member

    If anybody knows any of the Basiji in the photos, send their names to me or post them on the blog in my signature.

    I'm out to shame the individuals, so please do not incite violence against them.
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  27. The Torrent Member

    It's a shock factor that the people dying are men in business suits, and women. I mean in American, you NEVER hit a woman, and it seems to be a commonthing there.
  28. And who wrote on this genius traitor's hand?

    And who wrote on this genius traitor's hand?
    Photo: Sajad Torab FARS NEWS AGENCY
  29. Thanks for uploading the photos to You're Involved
    Keep the images coming as events unfold. Spread the url.
  30. Thanks to everyone who posted photos, or links to photos.
  31. name the basijis

    Who cares why the basiji is there and under what orders??? The point is he is doing everthing against the natural human rights of all of us... NAME and SHAME them!!!!! Someone somewhere knows the guys in photos, I am talking about the guys who are beating on others (normal protestants). The Basiji guy should know that he won't get away scot-free. We must name them and deal with them (even through peaceful means). People who live near-by around the corner from these guys should know what kind of monster lives in their neighbourhood. Please name them!!!!!
  32. from-iran Member

    fu**ing russian government

    coolclipishere.blogspot.#com/2009/07/credit-card-finance.html (remove the sign #)
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