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  1. I know a Jew who was from Iran. He got out when he was a little kid, but he said they treated him like shit. Beat him, made him stand in his classes and wouldn't give him a chair, etc. He hated to even talk about it, because even here in the states, his father and grandfather would start having flashbacks and become irrationally fearful that the government would somehow know they were talking about them, and come busting down their door. He was really crazy from the abuse, and his father and grandfather were even worse. You don't get that way from living a normal, peaceful life, like the Jews the Iranian government parades in front of the TV always say they are living.

    It is easier for most people to say "yeah, things are great" a few times when you know it is bullshit, than it is to die for one minute of wasted defiance.
  2. LOL, I was in the gulf war, and when we were leaving Kuwait City, we waited until all the returning refugees were past us, then all of our battalions stopped on the side of the freeway and took a leak. There were thousands of marines lined along the side of the freeway standing and peeing, and thousands of wet spots afterwards. They must have really thought we were animals when they drove by later and saw it, or if any drove by going the other way while we were doing it.

    When you gotta go, you gotta go.

    Kuwait is Sunni anyway, isn't it? Never really paid attention.
  3. Sorry, I have to run, so a consolidated response:

    - Axed man. yes I have seen that picture as well. The picture is unconfirmed for date and location. The basij certainly would not be afraid to use axes, especially in outer provinces. But no such things happened at Baharestan. People were arrested or batoned. No one was axed, thrown off bridges, or mowed down by machine guns as was being asserted in tweets and by people calling into CNN live and saying they just eye-witnessed it

    - Crackdown: Why? Because they are paranoid freaks.

    - Gozinesh does NOT keep track of your attendance at rallies! They track your political and religious affiliations, anything you print or publicise (especially relevant to journalists an bloggers), etc. I should know because I was denied a teaching post for my unofficial Tudeh affiliations.

    - Islamic law recommends sitting to pee

    - There was no water dropped dropped from helicopters at all that day. there were some water cannons used. It was plain water.

    Thanks for the good discussion.
  4. realized 1001/2

    then there is
    the dreaded Sisters of Zeynab Female Islamic Police of IRI....
  5. It's becoming political.
    Not pro Ahmadi Nejad or against him
    Not pro Green movement or against it
    Only pro USA pro Israel pro their fake democracy
    pro liberals

    this forum is badly frequented
  6. JohnDoe Moderator


    I can confirm having spent the last 1/2 hour studying the first 2 photos in photoshop, that at least one of them has been cloned - very badly!

    The other thing I can confirm is that the quality of them is very different. The one with more people than cars is very clear, the other when enlarged is very poor.

    I've just studied them again, and actually the number of people there is actually very small. At least on the streets. I need to study the actual rally more closely.
  7. Visionary Member

    Ha ha ha! Good one.
    Not that it makes any sense.
  8. JohnDoe Moderator

    Having looked at one of the photos from Amamadman's address in Mashad, When enlaraged you can see loads of green head bands.

    I am surprised at the huge difference in the quality of the photographs, all supposedly by the same photographer on the same day. The resolution is very very different. That to me doesn't make sense.

    Also the rally was held at Imam Reza shrine. The roads and the shrine are always packed. It is the most important shrine in Iran.
  9. Going back to the discussion on the images: Yes, Ahmadi does have supporters. In every part of the world, even in countries like North Korea, where death from starvation is an everyday event, leaders do have supporters. Most of them do in the hope of gaining (often petty) advantages over others. These "pragmatic ones" are the career-islamists in our case, similar to career-communists, career-fascists (who sometimes betrayed their own nation) and other career-seekers well known from history. They are simply the easily corruptible ones - and unfortunately, plenty of this type of immoral persons exists in literally every corner of the world (even in America and Europe). So they do all this as a natural act of a I-give-if-I-get game, and then simply close their eyes when it comes to the regime's sins against people.

    A smaller minority of supporters (let us call them "faithfuls" with some ironical tone) are those who are actually convinced of the leader's absolute credibility. These are either supporters of ultra-radical movements out of personal conviction or - in a much rarer case - converts to the cause (often from other, likely no less radically thinking movements). While these dangerously fanatical people are literally ready to spill their blood (and others blood) for the movement, they are also the ones the system can actually rely on less. Because they solely act out of conviction, once they become disillusioned (this come quickly if they learn the truth about the events happening behind closed doors), they might become the most bitter enemies of the system. But radicalists are rather an exception than the rule in societies. Those leaders who claim that they have a lot of fanatic supporters, are just adding the numbers of carreerist ones to the list... They would be surprised to see how many of the masses love them just because of his power, and how little "natural support" do they enjoy.

    Last, but not least, I would like to share a little anecdote with you. In those olden day, when the Iron Courtain was still standing (and we were behind it), one of my friends has often grown vary of how people were constantly bitching about how evil dictator Ceaucescu (the allmighty ruler of Romania) was, and how many crimes he did commit against his own nation and people. He just said: "He is a good and respectable man" - and added - "As long as the people do not disembowel him and wind his entrails on a coil, he is absolutely a good man". It did not took 2 years, and the once-allmighty dictator ended up dead with a bullet in his skull, along with her wife, the revolution being victorious, sentencing the dictator to death due to treason.
    The conclusion: the more powerful a self-made dictator seems, the higher the chance that his life will be ended by "unnatural causes" prematurely. At least this is what history suggests - and facts are hard to ignore...
  10. The first and last pictures say it all. A bunch of paid plain cloth basiji's are escorting him on bike and running around his car while waving falgs and pretending to be fans in the first picture. In Imam Reza's masjid, in the last picture, they had the stooges sit up front. The rest are mainly women and old men (visiting or poor people from villages who have been paid and fed and brought).
  11. ooh. is this the ghost of hussain mehdi?

    i like how urinating habits somehow worked its way into the discussion. wut's the thread about again?
  12. Would you please give me your pusher address?
  13. Visionary Member

    Senator Sessions, is that you?

    [SPOILER](sorry...inside joke from the US news today, I don't expect anyone else to get it, lol)[/SPOILER]

    Why don't you go ask Ahmadi for some money to get some drugs.
    I'm sure you only have to beat a couple people and break some car windows for it.
  14. You know, when they say you pee sitting down around here, that means they are calling you a woman. Just saying...
  15. Sunshine-IRAN Member

    This might be getting a little off topic...but I had to go where the discussion went.

    As far as they lies from the green movement, there is bound to be a certain amount of un-true facts being shown as true, since much of the info from the green movement is coming through facebook, twitter, etc. which isn't exactly the most reliable source. However, given the circumstances, what's necessary is necessary.

    Secondly, I wanted to respond to this
    North Korea is a terrible example for your point. Rather OT, but there is a movie where a reporter actually got into North Korea with a group of people performing free surgeries on I believe cataracts. Very powerful movie... It shows all the people who are able to see completely convinced that anything good that occurs is because their dictator willed it, even pushing aside the doctors who performed the operations to get to the dictator's picture. North Korea is another world, and shouldn't be lumped with other countries...
  16. From the Green Brief #30

    12. The crowd gathered at Imam Reza Shrine [in Mashad] was mostly composed of government employees, security forces personnel and people who’d been brought to Mashhad by buses from the countryside. It has been confirmed the number of clerics who attended the speech was extremely low. Ayatollah Va’ez Tabasi – one of the senior-most clerics of Mashhad – didn’t even greet Ahmadinejad into the city. It is worth mentioning that he had come out to greet every president before Ahmadinejad who had come to Mashhad after their reelection.
  17. I don't think they pay them to go , I think it is a little bit different.
    Majority of people in Tehran and in bid cities do work in governmental offices. The government is the biggest employer over there. So, for example, your manager tells you to go and you know that if he won't see you there you will loose your premium, or will get worse jobs to do, or perhaps you will get booted out of job. Or perhaps your mullah in your mosque where you usually pray told you to go, so you go. Because some people from your mosque support Ahmadinejad so they will know if you were not there and will tell your preacher and he will tell someone in authority (your boss, your teacher, your co-worker, your neighbor policeman) and you will have trouble, if not now then later. As for basiji the leader of your group of basiji told you - "hey, you have to go there" so even if you don't support Ahmadinejad you go because otherwise you are in trouble.
    It is not that simple,it is not just money, it is more insidious.

    as for that video from ShiaTV net - I do think it is from 4 years ago. That melody and these words are from Ahmadinejad campaign 4 years ago, like in this video which is 4 years old.
    [ame=]YouTube - Song about Ahmadinejad - Eng Sub[/ame]
  18. How do they keep track of whether so-and-so showed up or not in a crowd of a few hundred thousand?

  19. Visionary Member

  20. yes, because it was part of a series of exchanges.

    mention of photoshopping of Ahmadinejad rally --> someone saying complaining about photoshopping is silly when clearly hundreds of thousands show --> someone posting video of victory rally --> someone doubting whether its is from victory rally --> to my posting
  21. Visionary Member

    I see. I thought everyone was talking about the speech/rally in Mashad. I didn't realize that the video he posted earlier was of the June 14th victory rally.
  22. No problem. Sorry, I had just read the thread so I responded assuming everyone was following as well.

    Here are videos from Mashhad.

  23. I thought Ahmedinejad had no supporters?

    Or did the mullahs and basij take roll call at the beginning to make sure everyone from their schools, neighborhoods, mosques, was in attendance?
  24. It seems then that apparently you don't live in Iran, nor are you even Iranian or have any relatives and/or friends living there whatsoever. I know about several occasions (told by several of my own cousins, from both my father's and mother's side), where Basij members force students from different universities to attend rallies and other political gatherings which the government needs to stage for propaganda purposes (both domestically and for the outside world).

    Oh, and don't worry about the flags and placards... the government has shitloads of them prepared beforehand, so that the students don't show up empty handed.
  25. Well said. I went to high school in Iran, and on certain days they would shut down classes and take us all to the rallies. The people who cast doubt on this are either government supporters or those who have no clue how this regime operates.
  26. Momaroloki Member

    Just more government propagandists, pretending to be Americans and Europeans and spreading disinformation.

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