Pinellas charter school reaches out to Scientology for help

Discussion in 'Media' started by Triumph, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member

    Pinellas charter school reaches out to Scientology for help

    By Demorris A. Lee, Times Staff Writer
  2. HellRazor Member

    Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
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  3. Triumph Member

    Hanan Islam ..isn't calling herself Doctor?
    Art of Managment is her latest Scam...Managing Alfreddie Johnson and Tony Muhammad of the NOI

    the list of Shady non-profit businesses she and Alfrauddie have been involved in in the last 2 decades is LONG

    "She says her organization dosen't promote any religion" LIAR LIAR WIG ON FIRE
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  4. hansanon Member

    did they turn to her to get cash, or to pay her for management advise?

    so either the kids get a introductory into scientology or the taxpayer will pay a shady for outdated, illegal and or crazy micromanagement advise.

    or both
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  5. Sponge Member

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  6. xenubarb Member

    It's Clearwater. Don't bother. This is fucked up.
  7. Triumph Member

    Shes using her newest Hustle..."The Art of Management" it was registered 8 months ago according to SunBiz

    the links are elsewhere... its a speakers .Management firm..
    Her Clients are Alfrauddie and Min Tony Muhammad
    heres their shady book deal

    the Artist Management scam was the hook she used to hustle her way into this charter performance school...I guess Dr Islam is now a patron of the arts...

    now Hanan and Alfreddie can start Regging funds... from their fellow buy/infiltrate their way into the school

    "we do this all the time its what we do!" oh we don't promote religion honest ..hur..dur..
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  10. Budd Member

    I don't care what color they are or how old they are, every child is precious and deserves a chance to grow up with a functioning brain, free from Scientology.

    Email the Superintendant of Pinellas Charter Schools
    Julie M. Janssen, Ed.D
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Jim Robinson the Pinellas County school district attorney, needs to be told about the dangers of study tech

    Pinellas County Schools
    301 Fourth St. Sw
    Largo, Florida 33770
    United States

    Robinson’’s salary for the 2007-2008 school year was $162,750, plus benefits.

    and good to poon

    Florida PTA State Office
    1747 Orlando Central Parkway
    Orlando FL 32809
    Telephone: 407-855-7604
    Fax: 407-240-9577
    Toll Free: 800-373-5782
    Web Site:

    Jean Hovey
    Eileen Segal

    V.P. for Leadership
    Charles Derexson

    V.P. for Regions and Councils
    Mindy Haas

    V.P. for Organization
    Cindy Gerhardt

    V.P. for Education
    Dawn Steward

    Ginger Flynn

    Curtis Moreau

    Immediate Past President
    Karin Brown

    NPTA Representative/Youth Involvement Committee Chair
    Nicholaus J. Nelson-Goedert
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