Pittsburgh, Pa, December

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by SARJ, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. SARJ Member

    Pittsburgh, Pa, December

    lol, I was the only one there as far as I could see. I hung out from around 11:30 to 1:00.

    I only planned to stay until 2 cuz I had a take home final exam to work on, but damn... not one person besides me. If you know who I am, you know how sad it is that I was the only one representing the cause.

    Yeah anyway its kind of hard to be enthusiastic when youre the only one there, but I hung out across the street, held up my sign, and handed out fliers to a few people. One of the guys who works in the CoS bookstore tried to talk some shit to me, but he just walked away when I offered him a flier.

    I was expecting CharlemagneAltimara to show up, and maybe he did later, but damn it totally sucked, even for me, even though I find it funny that nobody else showed up
  2. Re: Pittsburgh, Pa

    It is pretty hard to do solo enturbulatan, but big kudos to your balls of steel. Still a fucking win IMO.
  3. Re: Pittsburgh, Pa

    Yea, I share in Hubbardy's kudos... you deserve many hugs.
  4. Happy Cat Member

    Re: Pittsburgh, Pa

    Also adding kudos to you and Alt. I've done soloing before and it can be pretty lame (unless you bring a boom box :3 ).

  5. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Pittsburgh, Pa

    Still Alive - Marcab

    If folks would be so kind as to throw together some quick, one paragraph summaries of what's been going on in their local cells here, the hope is to get a nice website up compiling everything (kinda like Anonymous Resources, only with some more information about the groups). We could even *gasp* KEEP IT UP TO DATE!
  6. tazor Member

    Re: Pittsburgh, Pa

    Well one anon is better then none! Way to go! And for shame you other Pittsburg anons leaving your bro out there alone!
  7. Re: Pittsburgh, Pa

    Sorry to leave you alone in the cold, Sarj -- I was out of town. I hope you wore a shirt. :-P

    Right now I can say I'll probably be able to protest on the 10th, but I can't say for sure, since I'll have some important personal stuff to deal with in the near future.

    This. Pittsburgh needs /b/lackup.
  8. SARJ Member

    Re: Pittsburgh, Pa

    Well its good to hear from you charlemagne, at least youre not disappeared. Ill be there tomorrow, maybe a bit after 11 though

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