Please help her / Indian democracy is a lie!!!!

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Sep 28, 2011.

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    Hi, I'm new to the group and would like to congratulate you all for some of the great things you have done. I would like you ask you guys reading this for your help in whatever way you can.

    Many of you may have heard about the recent hungerstrike by a man who forced the indian government to bring a law against corruption to parlaiment in 11 days but you havent heard about the Iron Lady who is almost on her death bed after 11 years of hungerstrike fighting for the removal of a law that is the biggest sign of a hypocritical Indian democracy. please read this wikipedia article,_1958

    The law allows any personal of the Indian armed forces to shoot any person just on suspicion that he or she is a militant. I myself had seen some of the brutality by the Indian Army, they rape women and then shoot them later claiming that the woman was shot on suspicion of being a militant.

    Its Time that the world needs to know about her, she is now 35kg and kept under arrest and forced feed. India claims itself to be the largest democracy but its all a big lie..

    I request everyone at anonymous to do something for her, please let the world know about her.
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    This sounds like a case that is fit for Amnesty International, an organization much better suited and equipped to handle such a problem.
    Anonymous has it's hands a bit full, what with Scientology, the Arab spring, and wikileaks, but there may be some here willing to help if you have specific recommendations.
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    We have been protesting with marches, candle light vigils for her but so far it has been of no use..if the Anonymous community can make it known to the world that such a lady exist than there can be some hope for our movements..Our problem is that we are not well heard. Our protest are all in vain as the Indian government just silences us. If there can be a campaign such as the Green Persian bay on Pirate bay many more people would come to know of her and the AFSPA law , it would be great, the newspapers can't ignore her. Anything that helps the world to know about her is welcome.

    In my opinion groups like Amnesty Internationals are successful only in the developed world. THey are yet to make a considerable effect in this part of the world.
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    What's that?
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    OP. If you feel Freedom of Information initiatives will help, then that is right up Anonymous's alley. If the Indian gov't is censoring information on these criticisms, then you have come to the right place for that specifically.
  9. Anonymous Member

    OP, can you provide more details on what the Indian government is doing to suppress information?
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    Thread bumped for interest, relevance and need.

    OP, tell us more?
  11. lillylou Member

    have u also tried to contact ail the oline news - paper ?
    (am I clear , english is not my language, write me if no)

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