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Discussion in 'Pictures' started by bl4ck.sc0rpi0n, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. What the??!!

    What is the reason for these pictures. Give some background please. Why are these people so pleased about death and violence.
  2. Troll somewhere else idiot.
  3. Really...

    These people are not pleased with death. Their government wants complete control...I saw a protesters sign that said "this is not an Election it is Selection". These people are protesting and wanting a change in the Government and yet they can not win when they are being killed/ injured in the streets, by their own government...they fear for their lives yet work and protest against a more and more despotic government.
  4. Sensei Member

    A Way

    God will make a way,
    Where there seems to be no way
    He works in ways we cannot see
    He will make a way for me
    He will be my guide
    Hold me closely to His side
    With love and strength for each new day
    He will make a way, He will make a way.
    By a roadway in the wilderness, He'll lead me
    And rivers in the desert will I see
    Heaven and earth will fade
    But His Word will still remain
    He will do something new today.

    God will make a way,
    Where there seems to be no way
    He works in ways we cannot see
    He will make a way for me
    He will be my guide
    Hold me closely to His side
    With love and strength for each new day
    He will make a way, He will make a way

    QUOTE=bl4ck.sc0rpi0n;1867]hi all , im irani

    please look to this pictures !!!!! :(

    [MODEDIT -- these are all graphic photos of dead & wounded you've seen them posted other places]
  5. untitled

    there is such gravity in the faces of those carrying the dead and wounded. rage, surprise, disbelief. the potential ceased within the dead is chilling, but the urgency of the witnesses' cries to stand tall enough to make up for sudden absence left by death and oppression is hopeful. i appreciate the internet for making me aware of what happens to the people on this earth that are outside of my immediate circumstances. i feel a duty to see and comprehend (to whatever degree is possible) the extent of human brutality, to understand our capabilities, to mourn the deaths of those i never knew; it is required of us that we witness the destruction of life to appreciate its fragility and to learn compassion. i greatly respect these dead and wounded men for their peaceful and active engagement in shaping their lives and the lives of their families, their children. a human passes away and the world continues to revolve unaware. the world is so large, yet each person's scope so minute. it feels impossible to remain aware, truly cognizant of and engaged in the countless communities on earth. i thank this technology for helping to connect people. thank you to everyone, regardless of the extent of your involvement, for caring (in whichever way that you do) about people that you do not now, and may never, know. good luck to every person who continues to stand (in every imaginable way) for their beliefs, may you always remain aware and appreciative of your neighbors'.

  6. New World Order

    What we see happening in Iran can just as easily happen in the USA and other countries as the push by the elitists for a "New World Order" unfolds around the globe. People have allowed governments to gain way too much power over the years and, as a result, the individual freedoms of all people around the globe have been supressed to varying degrees. It is time for all citizens of all countries to take back personal liberties and take control of their governments instead of the other way around. The USA will soon be no different than the old USSR or Nazi Germany if we continue to allow more government control of private companies and private lives. The elitists love using and creating fear and chaos to gain control of us "common" people. The so-called "Patriot Act" in the USA is nothing more than another tool to arrest anyone if they don't happen to agree with the people in power. I hope and pray the people in Iran can win against their oppressive government and show the rest of the world it can be done!
  7. to the unregistered person who typed that wonderful paragraph, i completely agree with everything you have said. my life is in no way immediately connected to iran and yet i am able to mourn wtih them and silently give them my encouragement. mostly I am upset at the american media for not covering this democratic revolution in greater depth, because what american wants and what sells magazines is, unfortunetaly, celebrity gossip and other trivial matters. as for you chanting "fuck iran", not everyone cries "death to america", it is much more complex than that. and they never asked for our help, this is, and rightlyfully should be, their own issue to deal with. if we were to intervene it would only cause further american resentment. best of luck to all involved
  8. brosen Member


    The purpose of the photos is not to show blood for blood sake, but rather to show the world about the repression and ugliness of the theocratic state.

    Iranians are not enjoying this. Don't be naieve.
  9. These are the kinds of pictures the news doesn't report, this issue should be bought to light. I hope some day Iran will be freed. Peace from the UK.
  10. its so sad! I'm with the courageous people of Iran!
  11. History Lesson

    Dear all;

    Please be aware that the people of Iran are no enemy of people of U.S. As a matter of fact, they were holding candles to sympathy with Americans over 911 tragedy. As it was said, it is the minority hard liners that are killing iranians and they were and are the group shouting Death to America. Please don't confuse those criminals with people of Iran who are in streets for first time after 30 years.

    God Speed,
  12. wow

    dude that...... pictures just...........
    damm.............. wtf is happeing there....................................
    Respect really Hope you win the revolution
  13. They dont even know who shot them. Could have been anyone. They are all burning buses and raiding police stations. They should know better than to riot and cause disruption and instigate violence. This is what happens.

    As for the idiot american dude. Your real tough saying that shit behind a computer. YOu ignorant fuck...U.S.A. is faggot land.
  14. Rise up

    What more can i say. Take the contry back. Keep going! Dont give up. Or those who have died, will be in vain!
  15. some of the posts... what the fuck...

    Some of you people make me ashamed to be american! I put my life on them being ignorant right wing repulicans. Keep making us look stupid... Go on. The worlds watching. Show how all the republicas come from the trailor park in the south, next door to bush. Stupid. Wheres the moderator? .. heh.
  16. تمام جهان است که با رعایت
  17. تمام جهان است که با رعایت

    "the whole world is watching"

    and I am wearing green tomorrow. Magh bah Basiji.

    Mos Def
  18. We can settle our differences later, support the Iranian People

    Whether these are extreme Americans, Iranian Intelligence (Iranian CIA) Officers, or people who want to generate anger for their personal amusement, it seems clear that some of these insulting posts attempt to alienate the Iranian people from the friends that they have around the world.

    Whoever these people are, I find it very sad that they oppose democracy.

    Whatever differences we have can be settled later. No matter what gets said, I want to let everyone know that my heart stands in support of the Iranian people and their Right to elect their own President.
  19. I wish you all the best and take care. You are fighting for a better future without pressure and dictatorship. The world IS watching all of you and crossing their fingers that somedays freedom will be in your country.
  20. Hope u win your cause for freedom and Democratic with out to much blood shade.

    Keep up the moral and hope!!
  21. Maertyrer

    Diese Bilder zeigen die wahren Meartyrer Irans. Diese Menschen sterben nicht nur fuer die Freiheit Irans sondern auch fuer das Leben von Zivilisten, die (derzeit noch) Opfter von von der (noch) iranischen Regierung unterstuetzten Terrorgruppen werden. Hoffentlich geht es den Iranern laengst nicht mehr um Wahlbetrug, sondern um die Beseitigung von Chamenei und seinem Waechterrat, damit dann die Macht an die wirklich vom Volk legitimierten Leute geht.
    Diejenigen, die sich in Isreal oder sonst wo auf der Welt als Selbstmordbomer vor Kinden in die Luft sprengen und von den Herren Ahmedineschad und Chamenei als Maertyrer gefeiert werden, sind meiner Meinung nach keine Meartyrer, sondern feige Verbrecher.
  22. Adding my show of support!

    I wish you the best in your fight for democratic representation!!
  23. وأنا أشعر الأيرلندية لجميع الايرانيين لكم. آسف لسوء العربية -- أنا استخدام مترجم جوجل. شنق في البقاء هناك ، وآمن. ايران لا تزال تعاني في الوقت الذي لا يزال محمود احمدینژاد رئيسكم.
  24. To the people of Iran-
    The fight for freedom is worth it. You may not get it right away, but continue to plan and fight when and where it will do the most good. As to the "FUCK IRAN" idiot, know that he he one of our (U.S.) 1% and doesn't represent the people of America. We are standing with you in your struggle, and hoping for the best for all of you.
  25. Hello people, I just want to tell you all to try and fight but try to live and survive... Dont think that USA is your frend, they all want their share of money (maybe some people of USA realy care about justice but they are not in politic). I am from Serbia and we know how is it to fight agenst dictatorship and for your rights and land.

    Never surender, media is powerfull frend, it can present black as white... Spreed the word.

  26. viva la Resistance! we shall fight!
  27. skollie-IRAN Member

    I am in the USA and support the Iranian people 100%. Please don't tell us what we think and feel as it makes you look ignorant. I support the people fighting for their votes to be counted. - It's called being human.
  28. Iranians read

    Ok Iranians. KEEP FIGHTING. A lot of America, at least conservative America, is with you, and just because Obama has no spine and no courage doesn't mean you should be discouraged. Fight, and win, you guys can do this. Americans are cheering you on, believe it or not.
  29. The reason for these pictures is obvious to any one with atleast half a brain cell. They are being shown to the world to reveal the brutality that the protestors have been met with.

    They are showing us what the Iranian people are fighting and protesting against. They show us just how bad the current regime is and why the people want change there.

    If you actually looked at the OP you would have noticed that this person was clearly saddened by the events and by the heart breaking photos of murders commited by the regime.

    However you did not look at the OP and you made yourself look like an ass. Try reading the whole thread before jumping to conclusions and making assumptions.

    There is a saying where I am from. " to assume is to make an ass out of you and me" well in this case your assumption only made an ass out of YOU.
  30. Keep fighting Iran. Do not back down. I know you won't back down but sometimes in times of adversity it is good to hear words of encouragment.

    You can do it. Fight for the freedom you long for!
  31. anonymous612 Member

    Please don't feed trolls, in the future.
  32. I just want to correct you;Obama is keeping his mouth shut because he dont want to provoke Mahmud Ahmadinedjad and cause international incident;and then there would be really big problem;not just for Iran and America but also for whole Middle-East.
  33. anonymous612 Member

    This is a photos thread, not a thread in Political.
  34. Kiram dahane musanvi o un zane jendash

    کیرم تو دهن موسوی تروریست عقده ای با اون زن جندش
  35. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    hi guys tnx alot for everything u ve been doing,
    to that person from serbia , we kno wat to do so if u wanna say something else ,jst keep it forself n we saw what ur government did to ur people
    the links are dead can u sent them to another location ,tnx
    plz guys go to other sites like facebook ,twitter , yahoo 360 , orkut, hi5 , others n say ur supporting comments there ,cuz lots of them dont kno about this site , i ve benn spreading the site link to my friends ,
    lots of people are connected to these 2 n u can tell them ur comments
    tnx alot
  36. Yeah, I am sorry, i shouldn't have turned it into a political thing... sorry about that.... i wont spurt my believes unless there to encourage the Iranians!!!

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