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Discussion in 'Pictures' started by bl4ck.sc0rpi0n, Jun 17, 2009.

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    tnx guys for ur support

  4. New001

    Good luck to those striving for their freedom in Iran from Australia.
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    tnx guys for ur support

  6. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

  7. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

  8. from-iran Member

    look wat they r doing to us

  9. skollie-IRAN Member


    None of your links are working for me.
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    tnx guys for ur support
  11. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    are they blocked or what?
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    tnx guys for ur support

    remove the sign #
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    tnx guys for ur support

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    tnx guys for ur support

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  16. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support
    they broke into a member of Iranian parliament ,nobody is safe here
  17. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    plz go to this website which ask google to change its logo for one day for us
    Where is our vote
  18. Tony C Member

    Every single person in the world needs to see these pictures and see the actual violence against humanity being carried out by a corrupt Iranian government.

    The people of Iran do not deserve this. They deserve respect and freedom!
  19. Iran is a beautiful country and the people are one of the best in the world, don't believe what you see in movies or other media.

    Whats messed up is the government, I cant believe in the 21st century this kind of crap is still allowed to go on.
  20. son of a bitch republicrats
    i am expert economist
    do you want mercantilist?
    Do you want centralist?
    Tyranny is pig disgusting
  21. Fight

    If you don't have control over the people you elect to work FOR YOU! Then you need to fire them. Sometimes you can ask them nicely to leave and they comply. However it looks as though fighting may become the answer, and if you feel no matter who wins you still lose...maybe it's time for a complete change of how things are done.

    Dont give up your FREEDOM! It's the only thing that you MUST not let them have.
  22. chick_tabu Member

    What does this mean, "Dear Visitor, This website has reached the data transfer limit and is not available." ? This is what I get when I hit the link to the photos in first post. Is it to far or does it mean just at this moment it's not available? (and my sig is replacing the word p o s t i n g s with the word "signatures. Weird)

    My comments are not law, they are only my opinions
  23. Lets live and Strive together as ONE.

    WTH is wrong wit these people...
    the only answer to this for all the people behave themselves to be human, act like human and live like human with dignity respect to others and knowing the rights and the wrongs..
    if they can just think of every person as their fathers mothers brothers and sisters disregarding who the person is or where she is from; living everywhere in the world will be much easier and more peaceful..
    I Dunno if this messages will reach the eyes of the ones with the power to put out this matter to the world...
    Im just here to show my little biggest concern about what happenin to the advancing world...
    peace out everyone...
  24. Ouais, vive le rsistance! Vive l'iran libre! Et mort au rgime...!
  25. Its time Iranians have to prove that they can ...!!!

    Its time iranians have to prove themself that they can side with justice,peace and honesty.if they love humankind they must protest in non violent way.An eye for an eye will make whole world blind.So protest in non violent nad peqacefull manner and they should non cooperate government in all walks of life,how so ever painful it may be.It is time they have to secrifice themself for the humankind and future generation.SO AWAKE AND PROTEST NONVIOLENTLY ,PEACEFULLY AND WITHOUT AND ANY COOPERATION TO THE GOVERNMENT.BRING THE GOVERNMENT TO GRINDING HALT.
  26. Come on Iranians! you can do this! overthrow your government! become what you really want! march on, and be strong.
  27. I support you

    and hope to see more freedom in Iran so i can go there sometime in the future and visit your beautiful country.
  28. No you dont know everything what was going on here (i dont know for your contry to, same is for you for mine).. That is problem whit world, you beleve everything you hear from nacionalists. Anyway, i am against killing and terror.. If you think i am your enemy for the reasons you hear then i cant help you.. I hope you will solve your problem.

    PS. American "frend" i know there are good americans, but Bill Klinton and Bush made your contry look bad. Obama is on other hand good improve. I dont wanna fight any of you here, it is retarded and of no use.
  29. This is so fucked..

    Well.. so this is what the collapse of Fundamentalism looks like. I wish you all the best in trying to fight for what is right, and does it make me feel like I've kinda taken for granted the system over here in America.. I mean, I'm a totally jaded Liberal, but seeing these photos really makes me thankful for the government I have here.

    Give em hell, guys.. and by give em hell I mean be so passive that it drives them insane :p
  30. Yeah!

    Yeah.. you're great.. Freedom for Iran!

    I hope you cah reach freedom soon...
    Go ahead!
  31. From San Diego, Iranians are in our hearts. I hope that you can be free.

    I love you.
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  33. from-iran Member

    to u my sister

    her name was Neda
  34. my friend, we all saw the video today, the world is watching. she did not die in vain.

    solidarity from chile!
  35. and the world was also watching when the Burmese leaders were killing protesters !!!!
    after the dusts had settled, some remaining protesters will get to know that theres nothing in it for them; they are fighting somebody's battle. is it fair?
  36. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    i heard she was killed by snippers !
  37. i think difference with burma is that iran is not a hermit kingdom, it is a largely cohesive, educated culture, notwithstanding the negative aspects known to everyone (repression of dissidents, women's rights, etc). unlike burma, iran has accomodated reformists for some time, and there are ideological rifts among hardliners and reformists about what an islamic state should look like. as i write this the respect for the basij militia and khamenei is ebbing away, and while i don't rule out a brutal crushing of this uprising i think iranians are better prepared to fight back now that the floddgates of mass rebellion have opened. they have woken up.
  38. what struck me was a quote i read, something like 'for the first time i feel like i am in a police state'. this is waking up, the state has revealed it's true colours by going against the people and the people have begun to lose their fear. this realisation is something no amount of involvement and condemnation from other countries can achieve.

    greetings from chile!

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