Please take this site down!!!

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Tynex, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Tynex Member

    The goverment in IRAN is trying to pinpoint protesters on pictures through this site!
    Please who ever can, do what you can, to hack or destroy this evil site!!!

    گرداب |

    I think it has many mirror, sites!

    Only ONE thread is needed. I merged both thread posts into one.
  2. people is working on it
  3. Ray Murphy Member

    Phone numbers -- give us phone numbers, so that people all over the planet can ring 24/7 from public phone boxes.
  4. hide faces

    It is not this site that is evil, but the people using it to identify the protesters, if they are doing that to harm the innocent. It is good to be aware, it is possible with technique to hide the faces of protesters when they come too close to the camera.
  5. Ray Murphy Member

    Do any of them have phone numbers? If so, we need them here so we can "keep in touch" 24/7 from public phone boxes all over the planet.
  6. Alas, most of these pics are taken by basij scum
  7. Tynex Member

    Look who call us terrorist.... LOL

    Very good point

    +9821 33219370
    +9821 33219371
    +9821 33219372
    +9821 33219373
    +9821 33219374

    Mail info of this site:

    check this from gerdab site guys:
    حملات هکری تروریست های مجازی به سایت گرداب
    پس از انتشار عکس های برخی از آشوب طلبان در سایت گرداب و شناسایی تعدادی از انها بنظر می رسد گردانندگان و عوامل اصلی این جریانات از این موضوع هراسان شده اند و با اجیر کردن تعدادی از هکر های آمریکایی و کانادایی برای جلوگیری از انتشار سایر تصاویر اغتشاش طلبان حملاتی را به وب سایت و ایمیل گرداب آغاز نموده اند.

    Translation is:

    "virtual Terrorist Hackers attacking gerdab site
    After the publication of photos of some chaos seekers in the gerdab site and identifying a number of operators, it seems that main causes of this movement are afraid of this and have hired a number of American and Canadian hacker to prevent publication of pictures of other disturbance, they have now started attacks to email and website of gerdab."
    Look who call us terrorist.... LOL
    Good work all, continue the great job, for freedom of speech and demostration!
  8. Tynex Member

    this site claims that it is part of the Iranin centre for fighting aginst organised c

    Dear bro!
    Belive me this site, Domain is evil! its run by Sepahe pasdaran:
    Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guard!
    معرفي مركز بررسي جرايم سازمان يافته

    this site claims that it is part of the Iranian centre for fighting aginst organised crime!
  9. Tynex Member

    these are what I can find

    these are what I can find
    +9821 33219370
    +9821 33219371
    +9821 33219372
    +9821 33219373
    +9821 33219374

    Mail info of this site:
  10. Well heck, after reading what they say about us/me I want to know who to contact to get my paycheck. Jk
  11. brat Member

  12. Mehran Emami is the listed administrative contact from the Whois record, if you want another number to add to the list.

    +98 21 22461580
  13. Tynex Member

    our paycheck ... is getting close

    our paycheck is that when we see Theocracy defeated in Iran, those who do crime against humanity in the name of God!

    Did you know that they are accusing the death of neda to CIA!

    we most consider our self lucky not living there, but we should help the people there in any way we can!
  14. It was meant as a joke about the ridiculous propaganda the Iranian govt is putting out, so outlandish that almost no one believes it.
    I am not doing this for money or recognition. I am doing this because I want to help my brothers and sisters. I believe in freedom for everyone, I believe we should all come together and help.
    I am against the beating, torturing, and killing of anyone for any reason. I am against my own govt for what it has done in Gitmo and Bagram as well as other places. I want to help in anyway I can to protect the rights and freedoms inherent to every person of the world..

    I do this of my own free will without pay or recognition,

    Eat that you lying Iran Government.
  15. Srpska Member

  16. /bow

    ----- -----

    Host's addresses:
    ----------------- 600 IN A

    Name servers:
    ------------- 1967 IN A

    MX record:
    ----------- 600 IN A

    Trying Zonetransfers:

    trying zonetransfer for on ... 600 IN SOA (
    2009062701 ; Serial
    900 ; Refresh
    600 ; Retry
    3600 ; Expire
    600 ) ; Minimum TTL 600 IN NS 600 IN A 600 IN MX 10 600 IN A 600 IN A 600 IN A
    گرداب | 600 IN A
  17. Tools for Thought

    If you need any kind of tool to help mess with gerdab feel free to take a look at NetTools 5 at My AVG picked up two 'threats' which I strongly think are false alerts but allowed to remove anyways.
  18. Tynex Member

    Totally agree with you!

    I believe in freedom, as long as it doesn't jupertise others freedom, and right to exsists!
  19. Ralim Member

    It's still alive, huh? As prevalent as any malware...
  20. Ray Murphy Member

  21. Tynex Member

    Greate work guys!

    They are down now for a while, ;)

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