Plymouth - February Raid

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Anon1990.572, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Anon1990.572 Member

    Plymouth - February Raid

    Location: 42 Ebrington Street, Plymouth
    Date: 14th Feb - Provisional (dependent on what people think)
    Time 11am

    Bring: Caek, Lulz and Anons

    Directions from Plymouth Train Station to the Org:
    How to get from the train station to the Org
  2. IamAnonTruro Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    sounds good to me
  3. spud Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    I'll try not to miss this one, fucking missed the last few :/
  4. Anonewb Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    should be there, should be bringing caek aswell.
  5. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    I'm afraid my protest days are over (I'm keeping my head down for obvious reasons), but I have a shit load of protest signs in my hallway cupboard gathering dust. If anyone wishes to take them off my hands, please get in contact.

    Good luck at the protest guys! I might be able to meet up with you after the event for a coffee...
  6. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    So we going with the 7th or 14th then? London seem to be angling for the 7th as their running day.
  7. Namenlos Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    Damn, 14th would give me time to get the day off, but it's Valentine's day, dude. The other half would be PISSED if I skipped out on it :/
  8. spud Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    I'm cool whenever, no plans \o/

    so ronery ;_;
  9. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    7th or nothing for me - Valentines Day means I'm otherwise occupied. :grin:
  10. spud Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    Looks like 7th then, 4-6 guaranteed people? I miss the hueg numbers ;/
  11. Anon-E-Mouse Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    so guess that means the 7th then? :)
  12. IamAnonTruro Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    damn thats me out then
  13. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    I'm unable to be there again this month due to finance problems - damn the Government for keeping us unemployed people down.

    Rooting from the sidelines.
  14. spud Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    Had massive hangover this morning, was walking past the org at 2:30ish, no anons in sight, none on the cart in town either. Was hungry so got lunch and went home, had no signs or flyers or bravado today ;|
  15. Namenlos Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

  16. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    Hey guys, I'm not in Plymouth at the moment and may not be returning. I will miss the raids in Plymouth but am by no means done with the cult.

    We hit the cult hard in 2008 reducing their takings and stifling their recruitment in Plymouth with our pickets; just one picketer effectively shuts them down and kudos to those who were prepared to solo picket.
  17. The Shadow Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid


  18. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    Saddo, surely that's a shoop job? But I agree with the sentiment.

    I am unable to get back to Plymouth for the foreseeable future due to lack of money (damn unemployment benefits and rail fare hikes). I'm down to hitting the cult online and viral marketing here at home but nothing more really.

    It sucks that it looks like both Bristol and Plymouth have folded - we've had no protesters on the streets in Bristol since November and Plymouth since December. Is this classed as fail or have we already done our work?

    Also, 1312, where are you (answer by PM if necessary) and we might be able to hook you up with a local cell - if such a thing exists still.

    Suggest new strategy: Fuck the raids - hit 'em from the shadows. Grey-ops (PM for details) like banners on bridges, masks on statues in the middle of the night, flyers hung from trees with little pieces of string and an LED throwie - YTFC everywhere.

    Rationale for this: I spend £15-18 each time on railfare getting too and from Plymouth which can be much better spent on paper and LEDS for doing crazy shit that will probably get more attention since due to Turtle Tech (tm) means the $ciloons hide everytime we show up and deprive us of lulz.

    Just spewing shit here to get it out of my system.
  19. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    Something is better than nothing.
    The work isn't done but nor is it fail. We protest as and when we can and when we want to, unlike the scilons this is our freedom of choice. Stu is holding back for obvious reasons and you and I have had to stop owing to changes of circumstances unrelated to scilon action. This was bound to happen at some point, one year of solid protests monthly + assorted flash raids is one hell of an achievement.
    PM'd you. :)
    This makes a lot of sense.
  20. mickturate Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    SRS: we've had wins & we've had a little fail IMHO,

    I couldn't do this Sat. & I can't do next sat: one due to hoarding nazi gold & t'other due to big pharma convention overseas, (you shud see the invites = written on viagra tabs)

    but i can be bringing back sum drug monies from pfizer to help with teh travel costs (FAO brownie bringer) & for sum caek...& sum T shirts....

    I'm wundrin if we can bring back the ex org staffer/s for a march raid 'we're still here, but nao we is srs' 'just cos you can't see us, don't mean we not here'

    TBH I have been smarting ova Stu's 'dead agenting' & while a moral fag = I do not need this, a big ass party in march is relevant to my interests...

    can we has boom box = nao got

    loudhailer = in process of got

    All i needs to know nao is whether we still got the lulz???
  21. weeblejj Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    Hi Guys
    Sadly my health has been shite. Two months in hospital with renal failure and heart attack. This coupled with my arthritis really wreaking my body at the moment and severe mental health issues means that i just cant protest. Believe me when i say that i enjoyed everyone i was one, who knows one day i might be back but for now i must take a back seat sorry about that. If it helps in any way i am happy to print any leaflets etc just pm me or something as long as you have something to print i can offer a ream or two of paper and ink. Take care all hopefully see you soon.

  22. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    Yeah I heard you were in a bad way JJ, sorry to hear it. Wishing you better times ahead dude.
  23. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    Re: Shadow's shoop, I couldn't agree more. However, it should be on record that I was not the only person who picketed solo. anonymous1312 and Anon-e-mouse did many solo pickets as well, and they did a hell of a lot of damage to the orgs stats... and Steve also protested solo outside the org on more than one occasion.

    Its a shame last Saturday didn't work out well, but there will be other days.

    Mick> Regarding megaphone, I have one that you guys can use - so there is no need to purchase one yourself - however, the local police have stopped us using it every time we have tried (quoting 'breach of the peace')... but its here if you want it ;)

    JJ> I bumped into your mum the other day in town, and she told me about your health. I hope things improve for you mate, and if you are up for visitors, I'd love to meet up with you. If there is anything I can do mate, just ask!

    I still have a load of signs too, and I'll keep hold of them until I can pass them to one of you guys....
  24. 4n0nym0us Member

  25. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    Just to clarify for those who don't know I have moved away from Plymouth for the time being and may or may not be returning depending on a number of factor; I am currently located in the North East which makes it awkward to attend Plymouth protests and I will miss those I have gotten to know over last year. I do expect to visit sometime though and will try to catch up with people then; might to a shock solo picket or something. I am by no means finished with the cult.
  26. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: Plymouth - February Raid

    Hmm... Shit needs doing and we need lulz. Any chance of a repeat of the caek delivery or other such win?

    Sorry to hear about your health JJ, get well soon dude - you could try 41 Ebrington St I hear they have some very good remedies - for a price. :grin: Xenu speed.

    For my part, I'm regrouping and re-arming. Taunton cell has fractured due to uni though I know a couple are still active both on campus and at random $ciloon events. I think I might give the old home town a bit of make over with the cell's remenants at 4am one day but I need re-supply from Hong Kong for that (lousy air mail). If you're interested in a few grey-op ideas then drop me a PM. I'm getting fairly creative if I don't say so myself (LEDs FTW!).

    tl;dr - Morale's sagging and we need some win!
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