Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Anonymous, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    "All Plymouth staff coming" to the event?

    That'll be, what, a table for four then?

    Unless they're all coming together, in which case, as Jethro would say, "I'd like to have seen that".
  2. pooks Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Emails from Plymouth Org posted on ESMB

    Ex Scientologist Message Board - View Single Post - Plymouth, UK Org Email Leaks

    I got these two emails - the first on 28 May

    "On the eve of COMPLETION, all eyes turn to PLYMOUTH!

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the United Kingdom, one last charge over the ramparts is what we will be needing from you!

    We need your financial stretch to pull off a big win for our country. All the 5 million men, women and children of the South West will, for the first time in many long years, be able to step onto the Bridge to Total Freedom.

    Religious Recognition in the United Kingdom depends on our Ideal Orgs being put there as a true representation of Scientology and Dianetics - your contributions are needed now.

    Please give your savings, send in all those things you have held back and give up your final pennies to help us with the last £72,000 needed to complete our Plymouth Ideal Org Building Purchase!

    Thank you!"

    And the second one today

    "June 6, 2010
    UK Ideal Org News Flash!

    Plymouth Ideal Org is Purchased!

    Staff and public from Plymouth came to celebrate with staff and public at Saint Hill after their historic group win. Last week they became the first UK org to fully fundraise and purchase their own Ideal Org building! Literally hundreds contributed to this over the final frantic days and it was a huge team effort.The Executive Director of Plymouth and her staff were earlier presented with the UK's largest commend and knighted by the Captain AOSH UK.

    So, for all those of you who contributed to this:
    Thank you once again, and well done!

    Manchester & Birmingham Renovations are Next!

    The designs are done, the next step is getting the final "construction documents". These are the detailed plans and instructions that get handed over to those that are actually going to do the work i.e. Once these documents are ready, the renovations are ready to roll!

    Needed right now for both Manchester and Birmingham is £120,000 to complete the process of getting the construction documents. For more information contact the UK Landlord at:

    Upcoming Events:

    Saint Hill:
    A Talk on Power and Finance from Bob Duggan
    Tuesday, 22 June 2010
    Saint Hill Great Hall

    A unique and unmissable presentation on power and finance from the biggest supporter of Scientology in history.
    Our Quest to Eternity
    Friday, 11 June 2010
    7:00pm Birmingham's next event in the Ideal Org Completion Crusade.
    Our Quest to Eternity
    Sunday, 13 June 2010
    Trafford Suite, Old Trafford Manchester's next event in the Ideal Org Completion Crusade held at Old Trafford - with an exciting surprise.
    Confirm your attendance, contact us at
    "Your donation is supporting the greatest hope that Man has ever had and the Churches and people vital to its survival and increase. Your donation does what it takes to get the job done.
    "Thank you." - L. Ron Hubbard"

    I wonder where they got the money from??
  3. PodPeople Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    So now Moar "last pennies" for construction documents, and then for "renovations", and then furnishings?

    Now I know how to bulk up our retirement nest egg. I'll invent the "End of Endless Donations Rundown". Take a number now; bound to be a long line. Due to expected large quantity of customers, I can sell it cheap. Very fast too; only 2 questions. We'll retire in luxury And get thousands Out at the same time.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Sources inside London Org have unwittingly confirmed what we already know: since moving into their brand new fancy-smancy IDEAL building in the City of London (and ever since all the major Saint Hill and London execs were busted by Miscavige in 2006 for "failing" to get that building done "on time"), London Org is still as puny and pathetic as ever. Great handling fuckwits! That's what Plymouth has to look forward to: the same old brainwashed die-hards tucked away in a much bigger building they can't even begin to afford. A putrid rotten pig with lipstick on it is still a putrid rotten pig.
  5. kernowanon Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    And here is the "great guy" who found the property for them!

    I give you Ifan Rhys-Jones 01752 202121


    Perhaps he should be asked if he knew anything of whom he was representing!!!
  6. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Is there any chance of getting the email list from the Plymouth emails? The cult don't ever seem to understand Bcc tech.

    The various council planning and protected building departments are slowly becoming made aware of the cult's recent purchase. The hotel is not currently listed, but seeing as how it is such a prominent building, and is in an area that was mostly destroyed during the 2nd world war, there could be a chance to get it grade 2 listed (which would protect the exterior). There doesn't appear to be anything architecturally special within the interior of the building.
  7. Sponge Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Another article of "meh" from The Herald today....
    Scientologists to spend £2.5million turning hotel into church for 'tens of thousands'

  8. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Maybe a little elRong babbling about Xenu/Xemu is in order to help poor Ms. Rowell come up to present time? I think so.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I am so glad the comments are open:)
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Harpoons fired!

    The comments section is a hoot!
    Just an idea- how about commenting on other issues and relating it to the cult- eg. the canabis factory story and Narconon etc..
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I love the comments :)

    It was great waking up to find the article already harpooned. I've been harpooning like mad since waking too:

  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Shameless bump for late comments.
  13. Random guy Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Yeah, good comments are good!

    Would it be an idea to give the journalist who wrote that little fluff-piece and give him/her some examples of how the cult treats other historical buildings they own in the UK? If I remember correctly, there is a very instructive example in Manchester.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    To be honest as far as he is concerned it's just business and their money is as good as anyone's.
  15. AnonyVix Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Interesting. The charitable trust that ran the building up to 2008 had to sell it because donations dried up AND there were legal guidelines preventing refurbishment.

    I gather from Stuwyatt they will be watching planning, it would be good to acquaint oneself with said legal guidelines.
  16. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    The legal guidelines preventing refurbishment is something that we definitely need to look into, and yes, we will be keeping a close eye on planning applications. :)

    One comment from a local person on the article (not an anon or a protester) really stood out:

    tl;dr Someone writes to council complaining about cult, then gets visited by two policeman and 4 psych workers looking to section him under the mental health act.

    I think I've found a way to contact the person (he freely gives his name) and hope to make contact within the next day or two.
  17. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    It'd be nice to hear that person's story. If true and Scientology was responsible, then they're really escalating their efforts to private army the authorities. (Shades of Paulette Cooper.)
  18. getbeckyout Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    We have added our comments, as below.

    We are parents from the UK , We are fighting to get our daughter and her future husband out of this CULT,
    The church continues to attract controversy over claims that it separates members from their families and indoctrinates followers.

    We have had a Death threat and recently our Dog was about to be stolen, these are only a few to mention, is this FAIRGAME ?


    Our daughter Rebecca says she will never disconnect from the family as she would tell them where to go, but we know its only a matter of time

    We have always been a close loving family with no secrets.
    Rebecca has a boy friend David been 29 years of age and he RECRUITED Becky into the Church of Scientology, about 6 years ago.

    We were not made clear at the time that she had joined a Cult, I undertook massive research on the Church of Scientology and to our horror we did not like what we found.

    We sat down and gave Rebecca our views in a very calm manor but to no avail.
    Last year she went on the Freewinds this been the second trip in a period of Six Months, where she got engaged.

    Rebecca has paid over 7k to the COS for services since her involvement they call it Donations.
    In October 07 Rebecca agreed to leave the org at Manchester and not to set foot in the place again, this was promised for the love of the family and even though her boy friend remains in it we had to believe in her.

    We asked her to hand write to the org in Manchester and St hill and a copy to Clearwater, I took photo copies of the letters and I personally posted them,
    The content as follows the same for each address.

    Dear -
    I have decided not to do any more courses and will not be renewing my membership.
    Please make sure that all future mail to me is stopped.
    I would like to thank the staff at Manchester for the help I have received over the past years.
    Yours sincerely

    We thought this would be her last involvement; even knowing her boyfriend (MENTOR) is a massive member and still dependent on Scientology.

    To date we have written over 10 letters to the COS and still no reply. We have done a number of interviews with Anonymous at Manchester and recently an independent freelace journalist, most of the interviews are available on youtube . We have also been on the BBC Radio 2 program with Jeremy Vine in 2008

    We have never had one reply from any of there staff, or even an assurance from there Mr. Brinkman or even there head of communications Graeme Wilson that they will leave her alone, we have bank documentation that in Feb o8 they still took her money for there services.
    Her Boy friend is her Scientology mentor and soon to be her future husband. The COS rules are if she cant handle us, i.e. get us to accept Scientology then she will have to Disconnect or her boyfriend has to end there relationship,

    Rebecca has been hypnotized in the very early stages by the COS she has a mindset not to accept any negative / critical information, if we attempt then Becky closes down like a closed book, this is the COS training.

    Please note we are in contact with our daughter at all times. Becky was only with her mum the other day, I inform people of this due to some people have stated in the past that she has been Kidnapped by the Cos.

    Tony and Sue
  19. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    TRAFFIC, anti-social behaviour and visible policing were the hot topics when a panel of senior policing figures answered questions live online on www.thisisplymouth

    I just had a look at the questions and answers re: Scientology:

    Both of the comments were left by local people who have (to my knowledge) not been active in protesting the cult so far. The news is spreading fast :)
  20. RightOn Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    wow! really nice to read that, thanks Stu!
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I was wondering about this when I read it the other day. I would be interested in this persons story too.
  22. AnonyVix Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Need to contact the Devonport community groups too, according to the article they are woo'ing them. Just advise them to beware of cults bearing gifts.
  23. getbeckyout Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Manchester likes holiday breaks in Plymouth
  24. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Heh :)

    Lets hope that the cult manages to extort the £2.5m out of its parishioners so that they are able to open their Idle Morgue... It would be good to have you guys down for another protest :)

    Its a shame that it isn't really possible to protest their current org any more what with the new development on the other side of the road.

    I hope all is well with you Tony! And please give my regards to Sue and the rest of the mancanons! x
  25. Triumph Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"


    Plans to turn a former sailors’ refuge into Scientology, Peaches Geldof's religion, heaquarters have

    Sunday June 20,2010
    181960_1.jpg - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Fury as church buys up refuge
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    It is great that this is making national news!

    In other news, the Plymouth Ideal Org website came online today - Scientology Plymouth Ideal Org
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Samefag here. It is a work in progress, and will be stuffed full of juicy links and information before too long ;)
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Rear Admiral Mike Thomas, chair of the trust, said they had held out for the "right buyer", to ensure the history and tradition of the building would not be damaged – and would continue to be on hand to help with any future problems.

    'I'll make Royal Fleet Club city's best hotel'

    From Commit Section about Suri:
    • Be wary if you have any dealings with this man.

    He promises the earth, but they are promises based upon massive borrowings from other people.

    He was never a director of our football club - he just liked to be thought of as being one. "Love of the game"? He was only ever seen at one of our matches.

    Reckoned he was going to build a 6,000 seater stadium - it was a fairy tale.
    Shepshed Man, Shepshed
  29. charlie Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Pooned The Herald with some classy pic's of the northumbria idle org.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I just saw those. Thanks :)

    Someone seems to be working hard with the new Plymouth Ideal org website:


    I hear they are giving away free OT3 as an celebratory promotion. One on every page.
  31. Medicate Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    About time I got back into this. Seems I've missed a lot over the past 18 months. Someone catch me up?
  32. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    tl;dr Sci's have just purchased a big empty building.... thats about it from a local level. Hit me up with a PM & welcome back.
  33. Sponge Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Ooo smart. I like it.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Untitled Document

    RIP Royal Fleet Club. It closed its doors today for the last time as a hotel for the public.

  35. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Nice generality there, Mr. KSW.
  36. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I just checked out the building with JJ. There was not a clam in sight, and the place was completely locked up. It appeared from the bottles we could see at the reception that the hotel staff had a good party before they left (leaving the cult to clean up). It is a shame that they are now unemployed....

    The place is huge. When I say huge, I mean massive. It is not until you get up close that you realise what an insanely huge behemoth it is. It is also in poor repair. Reviews of the hotel often commented that the place was riddled with damp. There are plants growing out of one wall, and the guttering on that side looks blocked. There is also a flat-roofed area that is no doubt causing problems.

    I can see why they got such a huge building for £1m..... It is going to cost an absolute fortune to fix this up.

    Pics coming as soon as JJ is able to upload them.

    [Edit] JJ also went past the Plymouth Org earlier today too, and the place was locked up and deserted. Where are they hiding?
  37. BigBeard Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Anyone have any idea how the COSRECI revelations and investigation by HMRC, as reported by 'Today, Tonight' in Australia, will impact the UK "Next Ideal Orgs"???

  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Of COSRECI loses their tax-free status in Aus, then the UK Scientology will also lose its tax-free status (Same would go to any Commonwealth country too. i.e. Canada). This is huge.

    I hastily put up a page at Tax Free to get the message out to the Plymouth people. For this news to break on UK budget day is perfect timing. The people will be very upset when they realise that CoS has been avoiding taxes for 30 years.
  39. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Bzzzt, wrong!

    1. Scientology had their application for charity status turned down by Revenue Canada back in 1999. They have no tax-free status to lose.
    2. COSRECI never had tax-free status in Australia. They lied to Company House in the UK about that, probably to a lot of other UK officials. That's going to hurt.
    3. Okay, it is huge.
  40. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I've just uploaded a video of the visit to the Idle Morgue yesterday:

    [ame=]YouTube - Plymouth Scientology Ideal Org visit - Royal Fleet Club[/ame]

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