Podesta, Pedophile ring, Comet Pizza, Ping Pong, Washington DC, Heavy Breathing, Ultimate Disgust

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Enturbulette, Nov 9, 2016.

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    If in the wrong place, please correct. Sorry.
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  4. White Tara Global Moderator

    As it is in UK, so it is in USA, and so it is in the rest of the world it would seem :(
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  6. The problem is the links also refer to his Satan worship and Hillary Clinton wearing a eagle pin and illuminati.
    Does anyone have a link to his art collection being his actual art collection because that is disturbing.
  7. Idk, it could also be that they really like pizza.

    /insert JimmyMcMillan.jpg/
    "The innuendo is too damn high"

    At least the Trump pedophile case got to court and had 2 credible witnesses - the victim and the party organizer.

    Are there any witnesses or victim statements to any kind of illegal behavior here? Or just some guys who like pizza? Maybe one of their friends has weird taste in art. Maybe some of their friends do some construction work, which would be fairly common for a property owner - restaurants renovate all the time.

    I don't know, it seems like there isn't even smoke here. Just some reddit folks who see fog and shout, "Smoke! Fire!"
  8. tinfoilhatter Member

    The Washington post had a huge article on his art collection, that they pulled after the first wave of leaks hit. I lost my archive link, otherwise i would be posting it here.
  9. The Internet Member

    I thought it was Podesta's brother who collected modern art.

    It is a mistake to think that art evoking fear or disgust is a celebration of those emotions.

    A while back people noticed that nice and inoffensive art is often curiously awful. So lots of artists explore representations of bad feelings, sometimes to create something similar to the weirdness of inoffensive art. It is a tricky, self-reflective business, this art making. You cannot take it at face value.
  10. Yeah but painting depicting children in bondage and sexy clothes are not something ordinary people who chose to hang on the walls.
    The code words in emails- that's just silly. That stuff gets done on the dark web.
    Podesta may or not be a pedophile, but it's true that high ranking pedophiles are enabled by those around them, including law enforcement.
    So smoke, maybe fire.
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    They are meticulous researchers.
    Here's what they document so far:
    Jeff Epstein pled the 5th on Clinton, Trump and Prince Andrew
    This is about the child's case against Trump. She says he raped her at Jeff Epsteins party.
    This describes Trumps threats about the girl's lawsuit

    This is about Bill Clinton.
    The flight logs of Epsteins plane shows Bill Clinton flew with him several times. The Sectet Service has to be with him, at times he traveled with 10 of them. Clinton had to file a report if he dismissed his SS detail. Fox News has filed multiple FOIA requests for any dismissal report. The Secret Service didn't respond.
    The Secret Service did respond to a FOIA request about the Secret Service and Epsteins island, there were no reports of Secret Service ever being on Epstein's island.
  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Both Trump and Bill Clinton are implicated, the recent flurry of comments about the Clintons are from people who do not include any evidence about Trump.
  13. The Internet Member

    All I heard about was Podesta's brother being friends with a performance artist who wrote a fictional cookbook with goofy stuff in it. There is more?
  14. The Internet Member

    This link shows Clinton traveling with 4 Secret Service agents. I do not think Clinton would do illegal stuff with 4 witnesses watching.

    Clinton seems to have a taste for curvy womanly women, not so much the Twiggy type that pedos go for.
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