Polish Government secret tapes scandal

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by polandball, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Anonymous over the world, Poland needs your help!
    This week a series of recordings has been leaked where the polish politicians boast about their control over the General Prosecution and their attempts at tax fraud.
    Several demonstrations have been brutally broken up by the police and the office of the weekly newspaper that covered the leaks has been raided by the Internal Security Agency.
    Now everybody who's working towards finding out the truth is being branded as a traitor and a Russian collaborator by the government.
    We need your help, we won't make it on our own.
    We believe that Poland can be a normal country where the will of the people is what matters, and we hope you believe that too.

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    second graphics

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  3. Anonymous Member

    These a serious claims. Can you deliver documentation, in English?
  4. The Internet Member

    Ruh roh. I am having Ukraine deja vu, due to scandal over leaks of conversations between US diplomats and Ukrainian officials used to promote the idea the Ukrainian leaders are US puppets and therefore Russia must invade.

    People talk shit when they think they are having a private conversation. For example, every job I’ve had serving the public, we’ve indulged in grim humor making fun of the stupid public to blow of steam in the break room. So without context, and not being a native speaker of Polish I probably can’t interpret the context good, it is hard to know what to make of embarrassing statements.

    I hope Putin is not thinking he needs to fix Poland.

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