Poons: Gullible councillor supporting scilon "drug awareness" [Wanstead, Essex]

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Sponge Member

    Scientologists in Wanstead to explain path to happiness
    Ilford Recorder
    Sunday, January 29, 2012
    Councillor Thomas Chan is a Member for Wanstead ward.
    He was first elected to Redbridge council in 1990 and then for Wanstead ward in 2006 and 2010. Thomas can be contacted directly at or
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  2. Thanks, Sponge...something to 'poon, yay!
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    What a fucking moron.
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    And what help would that be? A few photo-ops of a VM with a broom as I recall.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    How on earth can Councillor Thomas Chan Member for Wanstead ward be so naive as to associate with scientologists without looking behind their motives? He's being charmed and used and doesn't realise it. Foolish man. Scientologists lie to non-scientologists - it's what they are trained to do.

    Scientology is an extremist group that radicalises people it recruits.

    Ilford Enquirer publishing promotion for a dangerous cult that destroys families. No risk of good journalism there - no enquiries made before publishing something that could lead to the harm of young people in the area.

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    If you would like to raise an issue with your Conservative Councillors like to join Wanstead Conservatives please email or call us on 020 8551 4333.
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  11. Gullibility works and it helps Scientology..........
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  12. DeathHamster Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    poo poo pooned
  14. Anonymous Member

    Pooned the ilford recorder with quote from Justice Latey and references to the "fair game" policy and how narconon causes liver damage!
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  15. Sponge Member

    The councillor might not even know who Narconon is and how it relates to the cult's agenda.
    The cult pushing out "Way to Happiness" and "Drugfreeworld" bullshit won't automatically make him aware of this.

    Some more recent related Narconon factoids for poons:

    The Advertising Standards Authority ruled against Narconon London on 21st Sept 2011 regarding 2 complaints made about several false or misleading statements on their website.
    Basically, the cult has been asked to amend or remove the following...

    Narconon: turned down on property tax relief (Hastings Borough Council)
    Dox from the council meeting on 11th July:
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  16. xenubarb Member

    No, they reportedly brought tea and kept people away from the Ebil Psychiatrists. One BBC Panorama program featured a reporter with hidden camera, recording while they chortled about interfering with legitimate mental health help from, you know, professionals in the field.

    Tony Ortega's New Year's piece, 'What Is Scientology?' is one of the best I've read on the topic.

    Councillor needs a bit of educating.
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  17. Sponge Member

    It was BBC Radio Five Live and it was the cult's CCHR front that was caught admitting their interference during the 7/7/2005 London bombings aftermath. Top class reporting.

    Transcript of the BBC Radio 5 program on Volunteer Ministers, 2 July 2006:
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  18. Anonymous Member

    TWEET - The Stupid has rubbed off onTory Councillor Thomas Chan
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Tory Minister for Education Micheal Gove's eloquent views on scientology - written in 1997.

    A sect fit for the starry-eyed

    Michael Gove on Helmut Kohl and the Scientologists

    The Times, 10 January 1997
    Holocaust denial is a perversion of history. Holocaust hyperbole is becoming almost as disreputable. Holocaust hyperbole is the casual exaggeration of a current injustice which ranks it with the genocide of Nazi Germany. The latest and most egregious example is an "Open Letter to Helmut Kohl" from a B-list of Hollywood names, comparing the treatment of Scientologists in Kohl's republic to the persecution of Jews in Hitler's Reich.
    The Nazis' systematic deployment of all the tools of state terror, and the complicity of a people in the attempted extermination of an entire race the culmination of centuries of prejudice and pogrom was a crime of unequalled barbarity. It is an insult to the suffering of its victims and the dignity of its survivors to use the memory of the Holocaust to manufacture outrage. To equate it with any abuse of power in Germany today is grotesquely inappropriate. And to compare the organised murder of the Jewish race to the difficulties faced by a "Church" of hustlers stretches the limits of tolerance.
    One might have thought that even in Hollywood, the home of mangled history, muddled liberalism and gullibility, it would be hard to find 34 holy fools prepared to put their name on a billboard advertising their own insensitivity. Yet actors as distinguished as Dustin Hoffman and producers as powerful as Aaron Spelling have allowed their reputations to be demeaned by endorsing the unequal equation of anti-Semitism and opposition to Scientology.
    It would be bad enough if those who wrote to Herr Kohl had made their maladroit intervention out of misguided sentiment, but the ruffle of dollars and the whiff of the agent's cigar can be discerned in the background. As Giles Whittell reports on our foreign pages, the links between Scientology and the signatories are not all ties of the purest principle.
    Hollywood has long been home not only to the mixed motive and the hired hand, but also to a residual anti-German feeling. Many of its finest names have known something of the real horrors of Middle-European intolerance. Modern Germany may have its faults, as the shameful treatment of asylum-seekers in the eastern Lnder shows, but it also has its virtues. One of those is its robust recognition of the ways a determined sect can exploit the tolerance of liberal society.
    Our Home Office has recognised Scientology as a "bona fide religion" and opened the way to its application for charitable status. The Germans have seen it for what it is in the words of a 1995 court ruling, in Cassel, Hesse a "business organisation". But Scientology is no Sainsbury's it is a vast exercise in self-promotion and networking which robs the vulnerable of their dignity and more, peddling in return a pseudo-science that would look ludicrous in a Star Trek script. If Scientology is a Church, then Elmer Gantry is its patron saint. Its founder, the hack turned quack L. Ron Hubbard, established the sect as lucrative proof that there are, indeed, several born every minute.
    Scientologists believe that Ron somehow visited Venus, although how he survived the concentrated suphuric acid rain or the surface temperature of 460 degrees Celsius remains, like so much about the cult, obscure. Hubbard believed that human beings are receptacles for immortal forces called, with all the imagination of a man who started his career in comic books, Thetans. The Thetans, according to a Scientology textbook, were brought to Earth by an evil lord called Xenn. Scientologists do not respond warmly when asked about his relation to the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
    It is easy, and healthy, to laugh, but ridicule is not enough. Scientology is, if anything, more pernicious than preposterous. Like many cults it offers structure, coherence and companionship for bruised souls. The quasi-induction process of "auditing" mimics some of the soothing effects of psychotherapy and has proved much more addictive. Sessions are expensive and recruits who wish to persevere with auditing until they reach a state in which they are "clear" have to earn their treatment by pavement proselytising. They become pyramid-salesmen for salvation.
    Scientology has also made money from other business involvements, not least property speculation in East Germany. Money that is handed over by converts is invested in concrete. The organisation is estimated to have made around 60 million profit in Germany alone last year from "education" material.
    The young in ordered societies such as Germany and Japan are particularly susceptible to the call of closed cultures, as the terrifying success of Japan's Aum sect showed. Germany, where the Constitution is a model of rationalist legalism, erected to guarantee civil liberties in the shadow of the Holocaust, is particularly vulnerable. Liberal democracy's weakness is its willingness to extend to its enemies rights which they will not scruple to abuse.
    In refusing to take Scientology at its own estimation and recognising the soi disant saviours as hucksters, Germany has done democracy a service. Herr Kohl should also be saluted for yesterday dismissing the Hollywood letter as "rubbish". His common sense suggests that 60 years after Weimar failed to stand up to intimidation, Germany is at last beginning to feel at ease with itself.

    Is Tory Party HQ concerned that one of their Tory councillor's, Thomas Chan is allowing himself to be puppeteered by scientologists for their agenda?

    You can contact Conservative Campaign Headquarters at:
    +44 (0) 20 7222 9000
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Some information about Scientology and L Ron Hubbard that all politicians should be aware of:

    Scientology's policy on Infiltration into Power:
    (Councillor Thomas Chan is only a local politician in Wanstead - but he's a start!)

    Key Hubbard Quotes:

    The vital targets on which we must invest most of our time are:
    T1. Depopularizing the enemy to a point of total obliteration.
    T2. Taking over the control or allegiance of the heads or proprietors of all news media.
    T3. Taking over the control or allegiance of key political figure.
    T4. Taking over the control or allegiance of those who monitor international finance and shifting them to a less precarious finance standard.
    «Somebody some day will say 'this is illegal.' By then be sure the orgs [Scientology organizations] say what is legal or not.»L. Ron Hubbard, HCO Policy Letter of 4 January 1966, "LRH Relationship to Orgs" [ref]
    «Once the world is Clear - a nation, a state, a city or a village - the Scientology organization in the area becomes its government! And once this has taken place the only policy accepted as valid is Scientology policy.»L. Ron Hubbard, from a lecture entitled "Future Org Trends" given January 9th, 1962
    «The goal of the Department is to bring the government and hostile philosophies or societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology. This is done by high level ability to control and in its absence by low level ability to overwhelm. Introvert such agencies. Control such agencies. Scientology is the only game on Earth where everybody wins.» — L. Ron Hubbard, HCO Policy Letter of 15 August 1960, "DEPT OF GOVT AFFAIRS"

    More information here:
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Information for the staff at the Ilford Recorder on what Hubbard thought of journalists:

    "Reporters are a kiss of death unless one really is an expert PR man himself. Reporters have to be handled and well. If truly friendly, they have to be wooed. If not they have to be handled. "
    More quotes in this thread
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Looks like the link is now dead...have they pulled the article?
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  23. Sponge Member

    Ooo it certainly looks like it it got pulled. Good job I copypasted it in full. I had a feeling that there might have been a very slight chance that it would get edited after the councillor was pooned but I didn't think they'd spike it.
    I wonder why. Ashamed of their own journalism? The scilons wouldn't complain as it was completely fluffy.
    So, if anyone else poons then quote the article rather than just the link.
    Was this just a web article or did it appear in print too, I wonder?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Hello Ilford Recorder.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Because Anonymous works and it helps people ;-)
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  26. Anonymous Member

    No sign of it in print - hopefully councillor Thomas Chan and staff at the Ilford Record have woken up and realised they are being used by scientology.

    Scientology has had some presence in that part of East London for a number of years.

    It would be good if Ilford Record writers looked at what journalists have done elsewhere in the world to uncover what scientology is really up to. Google "Paulette Cooper" - "operation freakout" to start. St Petersburg Times in Clearwater have won awards for standing up to what the cult has done to their town.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    I meant Ilford Recorder! Ilford Recorder not Ilford Record. The Ilford Recorder who's editor is Chris Carter. That one.

    Also, hopefully Conservative Councillor for Wansted Thomas Chan will do some research and find out why the scientologists want to befriend him.

    Behind his back they will be calling him and the staff at the Ilford Recorder 'Wogs'. That is the term scientologists use for non-scientologists (Hubbard was a racist so he adopted the word for use in his Cult language - non-scientologists are refered to as 'Stupid Wogs who just don't get it').
  28. Anonymous Member

    Scientology is difficult to really understand until you fully grasp that
    Scientologists Lie to Non Scientologists

    It's what they are trained to do.
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    The page you asked for either doesn't exist or has moved.

    You will be automatically redirected to the site homepage in a few seconds.

    = Lovely
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    The comments were hit hard on Sunday night and the piece was pulled Monday.
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    But has Thomas Chan changed his position?
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  34. Anonymous Member


    Councillor Thomas Chan on the right.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Are you sure he hasn't cloned himself?!
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  36. Sponge Member

    That is a very good question. With the article gone, he'll feel less compelled to admit whether he even had a position (or has a new and more enlightened position).
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  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. DeathHamster said:
    Sadly, No, Mr. Thomas Chan has been frozen in this exact position^^^^^^^ for months now.......

    The IAS is holding a fund-raiser to keep him uptone and theta like this for a billion years.........
  39. Herro Member

    Oh this is gonna be a good one.

    Not saying poons aren't in order, but idiots like you take this shit way past reality and straight into the realm of the fucktarded.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    0/10 you've pulled this one too many times now Herro. Make those claims about Jews and it's a matter of minutes to be able to dismiss all the claims as nonsense. When it's done about Scientology, it can all be backed up with facts and dox.

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